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Werewolves Then Bf Now?

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#61 GoodToGoGuy



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Posted 02 July 2012 - 12:15 PM

If it was 5 feet away why is the image so blurry? And can we see the HD footage please?

The footage of the "dogman" from five feet away IS the HD footage. He said that he is waiting for the Bigfoot DNA findings to be released, and then he would release the "money shot". The images above are simply anomalies that he has captured that he believes are also dogmen.
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#62 squatting squatch

squatting squatch


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Posted 02 July 2012 - 12:43 PM

The footage of the "dogman" from five feet away IS the HD footage. He said that he is waiting for the Bigfoot DNA findings to be released, and then he would release the "money shot". The images above are simply anomalies that he has captured that he believes are also dogmen.

If he's waiting for the dna, I think we have a long wait until we see the "money shot".
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#63 AaronD



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Posted 02 July 2012 - 12:47 PM

Maybe this a dumb question to everyone else but me: Why not show the money shot then come back with DNA to back it up. If anything like the Ketchum report, that HD pic will be degraded by time before it could be paired with the lab results for convenient presentation IMEO
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#64 Coonbo



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Posted 04 July 2012 - 02:48 AM

I first heard about werewolves still running around when two women who worked for me came in to work absolutely terrified one morning in 1984. They were very visibly shaken up and didn't want to talk about it to their co-workers who kept asking them what was wrong. One lady was even crying. I called them into my office and shut the door and the essence of what they told me is that they had seen a werewolf on the side of the road on their way to work that morning. It had stared at them through the windshield and windows as they passed it. The lady that was crying said that it felt like the thing was deeply, malevolently evil and trying to steal her soul. These were mature women in their 40's or early 50's that were electronics technicians, were not jokers, and held Secret level security clearances. They didn't know about my interest in bigfoot. I talked them into taking me to where they saw the creature that afternoon after work. Where they saw it, I found trampled grass on the shoulder, some indistinct tracks where it had scaled a high bank on the other side of the highway and a faint trail coming up to where they had seen it. There was also a road sign there indicating a curve in the road. They both perfectly agreed with how tall the creature was on the road sign. When I measured it, it was almost 9 ft tall. They insisted that that was the correct height. I started researching that area and quickly gathered a half dozen or so sighting reports, but although some of them were quite frightening, all the descriptions of what was seen were typical BF in nature. Never any mention of anything werewolf-like.

Fast forward 18 years, and we are on a BF research outing near Hitchcock, Oklahoma. The wife of the landowner where we are researching tells us that there are werewolves that live in the area. A whole family of them. And some folks that live down the road change into werewolves on full moons and some of them can change anytime they want. OOOoookay....... And this is just a few hours after she's told each of us what colors our auras are and what that means...... Needless to say I totally wrote off that werewolf report.

But about then I start hearing reports from multiple sources of "long snouted" bigfoot that are really belligerent and even "evil" in northeast Texas.

However, for the previous four years, I had been living in Mississippi in an area where a lot of Choctaw Indians live. My nearest neighbor was a Choctaw. I had heard stories of the "Nalusa Falaya". Several of the Choctaw were adamant about it being a real creature. I listened intently to their description of it, and what it did and how it crept around. Many of the descriptions sound to me just like what the juvenile BF do when they sneak up on us to count coup or mess with us. I had decided that what they called Nalusa Falaya was just a mischievous juvenile booger. However, when I mentioned that to some Choctaw that also believe in BF, they insist that it is a different creature. And it is a werewolf-like creature. And related to another creature I've heard reports about that some of the locals call the "Devil Monkey".

Then about that time, another researcher and I are helping a fellow researcher go through some pics he had taken in the wild direction of something that had scared the bejeebers outta him in SE Ohio, and we found something in the brush that made my hair literally stand on end. It appears to be a werewolf looking out, right at the camera. I'll post that pic as soon as I can find it. It's on the harddrive of my old computer that had the mother board go belly up in it. That pic still makes my hair stand and I get goose bumps today when I look into its eyes.

A few months later I'm taking a report from a couple living near Oologah Lake in Okahoma. They are being terrorized periodically by a bigfoot-like creature that both of them are reluctant to describe. The description is that it's big like a BF, covered with hair like a BF, but not a BF, They really are reluctant to describe it further. Finally it dawns on me that it might be one of these long-snouted, or werewolf like one. So I flat-out ask them. The wife starts crying and the husband gets really quiet. I show them the Ohio picture. The wife breaks down totally and becomes almost hysterical. The husband says "Yeah, that's it."

And then I came across the reports of the "Beast of LBL" another werewolf-like creature. Google it.

And more recently, the "Beast of Seven Chutes": http://www.haveyouse...iscreature.com/ and http://bigfooteviden...heck-is-it.html and other sites.

Personally, I believe there's something else out there besides the usual bigfoot that we all know and love. "Werewolf" is a good descriptive term for it, but I think it's a flesh-and-blood creature, not a shape shifter, not a human that changes during the full moon or at will, but rather a distict species, or possibly a sub-species of BF. And from most descriptions, it ain't too nice a creature.

Good post Caesar.
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"Those catamounts sit up in that tree right there and watch us, and whenever I come back here they jump down and run off down in that hollow there." - My grandfather to me, 1958.

"There's things in these woods that only God-Almighty Himself knows what they are." - O'neal Sockwell to me, October 1978.

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