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Top Five Sighting States

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#21 coffee2go



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Posted 23 November 2012 - 01:08 PM

Has anyone found anything resembling a Sasquatch on Google Earth? The latest update in an area of northern MN where our cabin is shows our boat in our parking lot and quite a bit of detail. Something that large should eventually show up.
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#22 AaronD



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Posted 24 November 2012 - 07:48 AM

You would think so huh? I was creeped out when I saw my truck in the driveway, the pool cover still on, makes you wonder what all can be seen on there ;)
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#23 madison5716



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Posted 24 November 2012 - 09:53 AM

Can someone post that google map for Oregon online here? That's really cool and I can't do that.

It's really hard to look at something like that map and say "Oh, it's all your imagination, nothings' going on". It boggles my mind. Before August I would have said that BF must be a few dozen running around California near wherever the PGF was filmed. I had no idea, none at all, that it was this prevalent. It's just mind-blowing. No wonder "they" want this information only known to people who like cryptids and other fringe, paranormal things that the vast majority consider woo woo and fairly wacko.

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#24 DWA



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Posted 24 November 2012 - 10:28 AM

I think California should be up at the top;after all,that's not only where the Jerry Crew incident occurred,but it's also where the Patterson-Gimlin film was shot and there have been hundreds of other sightings in the state,too.I think I agree with 12345dvf about the rest of the list.The Pacific Northwest has so many sightings,does anybody have a guess as to a possible population number in that region?

Well, there's better habitat for a large omnivore in OH. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more there. Number of sightings reported depends significantly on the attitude toward people reporting in that area. In the PNW both Native and Anglo cultures are very receptive to the idea, not only for cultural reasons but also because most people believe that if they're real, they're there.
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Let’s get this business about belief straight. The believers are the scientists, they’re the ones who are clinging to a belief. The people who think that there are Sasquatches are the ones who are investigating – the ones who have become convinced on evidence. The scientists are the ones going on pure faith and don’t actually know much about it and make darn sure they don’t know anything about it. – John Green


For me, I find the congruency of all the available data to be the most compelling thing to support the reality of the species. The inferred structure of the foot based on footprint evidence is congruent with what can be observed in the PGF. The anatomy and behavior noted in historical newspaper accounts coincides perfectly with what people continue to report to the present day. The hand and foot impressions on record seem to be morphologically similar whether from WA, KY, MI, or elsewhere. Congruencies abound, and in fact seem to be the norm. If this was all made up, there should be some notable discrepancies, but there really aren't. I find that impressive. - Cliff Barackman