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  2. Interesting picture(buddy). Break is approx 15' in air.No signs of lighting damage.Any ideas?
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  4. Humans are Apes......and evidently some of us are dumber than others
  5. Well, one of us is mistaken. Your habit is to be disagreeable while disagreeing. Then when you get frustrated - you just can't let something go. We'll just chalk that up to "enthusiastic discussion" techniques, just for the pure **** of it. If like you've stated, this is an ape - then it's just a dumb animal and really should have been taken long ago. If I'm correct in that it's a form of primitive man - then they have tactical excellence, they have "family" groups, they hunt together, they've adapted to us by conceding the daylight world to us, and dominating the night time world to them. they're intelligent enough to avoid swollen headed hunters, they'll carry off and bury their dead (maybe a bit of cannibalism here and there - but so do humans) they have their own means of communicating warnings, intrusions, and coordinate hunting movements they're smart enough to note human behavior and reside in what would be difficult terrain for humans, they're smart enough to raid gardens, orchards, and feed for farm animals, and almost clean them out, they'll have one surrounded without him knowing it, especially at night, using misdirection and they'll take to the ground more often than not - enabling them to hide from the same swole-headed hunters who can only say, "none around here." I would never, ever go out with someone like you. When your opponent is clever, just one person on your own team who exhibits myopic, impetuous, reckless, and frankly, a too limited mindset - that's a working disaster.
  6. WAIT. WAIT. Pick me! I'm a legend in my own mind..... coolest of the cool.......does that count?
  7. From that last angle I would have to agree.
  8. The only person on this website who is a legend in their own mind? Is you dude.......
  9. Thank you for a very nice post and for clarifying things for me. I understand better now the BFRO's position as well as other folks in the field as well so I do indeed appreciate you taking the time. Of course I am of the opinion that more resources coming to bear in a focused effort to disclose this phenomenon will be much more effective. There are some knowers here who don't care about proof in the public/scientific realm. They are satisfied with their own knowledge of the creature's existence. And even though they see others who have not had the experience, like me, struggle to pry that knowledge out. Other knowers are working to expose the mystery. I am a proponent but I also have my suspicions and doubts about methodology when it comes the apparent pattern of purposely NOT solving the riddle. It's a glaring issue in my book.
  10. Hiflier, Wanted to add more clarification to my original post, since it appears that you got a different message that what I intended. My view is that folks going to the field and collecting more casts, audio, and video are doing it more to experience the reality of phenomena and not trying to solve the mystery. Moreover, most of these BFRO expeditions are about experiencing the mystery and if lucky getting audio/video/casts. It does not mean that we are not interested in solving the mystery. Obviously, what we have been doing for ~60 years is not solving the mystery because it is not focused on solving the mystery. To solve the mystery, you need serious organizations that are well focused on getting a specimen and are using established scientific methods and forensic protocols (NAWAC comes to mind, even with its flaws). And, I thought that is what you were proposing and trying to get energy/support around; which I agree with.
  11. No, I never crawled on my hands and knees in a thicket after a wounded Kodiak brown bear a client shot. I have entered enemy occupied caves and tunnel complexes armed with a .45 - and a flashlight I screened and used intermittently - does that count? Some of them were wounded, had AK's, grenades, and some of the underground complexes were booby-trapped - and you think I rather do that than face a wounded bear? I was going to let this go - but your now-recognized as rhetorical question was, " . . . doesn't mean you're willing to get on your hands and knees and crawl into an Alder thicket after a wounded Kodiak brown bear your client shot." SO many things just wrong with this question. It IMPLIES 1. you are a guide on Kodiak Island. 2. You've had clients shoot but not kill a Kodiak bear. 3. That retreated into an Alder thicket, 4. You client was unwilling to finish his kill, and 3. You had to go after the bear on your hands and knees. First, a Kodiak, Grizzly, and Coastal Brown - they're all brown bears. It's just that Kodiaks are brown bears limited to Kodiak Island. A grizzly is basically a brown bear found in the Lower 48. All other brown bears, especially the big Coastals in Alaska - are also brown bears - just not found in the Lower 48 or on Kodiak Island. It's understood among the hunting family that the Kodiak is a brown bear within hunting circles - and needs not be repeated. To use the term Kodiak brown bear is duplicative mis-terminology, normally one who isn't all that familiar with the proper terminology, common terminology usage, and common terminology understanding. Fine. You're the baddest of the bad. You're a wounded Bigfoot Kamikaze. A fearless great hunter among hunters. It's all yours. That better?
  12. You misquoted me. I did not say that most of us don't care about mystery getting solved. I said most of us just want to experience the mystery and are not pursuing a scientifically driven way of solving the mystery. I agree with what you are saying, just stating that what people are doing is not trying to solve the mystery (even if some believe they are doing it).
  13. Oh good. Then we can be here forever . And they are doing it wrong. And I can say that because there is nothing. Physical evidence gathering has been done for 60+years and where in science has that been enough where this creature is concerned? So for those people that are serious about solving the mystery? They have to realize that something needs to change and why they cannot seem to figure out what that something is? Is beyond me. And I completely disagree that everything that can be done has been done. No, it hasn't. How do I know this? Because I'm composing this post. Sure, maybe most of "us" don't care about this mystery getting solved which to me makes no sense whatsoever. And that's because I don't think it's being truthful. Safe yes, but not truthful.
  14. Hiflier, When people say they are going on a BF "expedition", all they mean is that they are going camping or backpacking with maybe the potential to capture another footprint cast or blob-squatch photo/video or neat audio recording. A lot of it is thrill seeking and fun adventure (another hobby). My guess is that that is the majority (and it includes all BFRO expeditions). BTW, I see nothing wrong with that approach, since most of us are not out there to solve the mystery but to experience the mystery. Very few organizations and individual/independent researchers are truly seriously looking for a specimen or to solve the mystery using scientific protocols.
  15. Everyone is doing their "own expeditions". Fracture city. The way I've always thought about it is this: If this is such a big whoop-tee-doo, upsetting established Human constructs, Turning anthropology on it's ear, shutting down logging, striking fear in the public and all that- PLUS dealing with a creature that no one can seem to flush out of the forest enough to get anything beyond a blobsquatch photo? Then someone's "own expedition" isn't going to cut it. It just isn't. History has proved that. Don't Humans ever learn their lessons? Example: What makes Cliff Barackman any better than anyone else on their "own expedition"? We have members doing that now. Nope. The lesson says it doesn't work. So a little deductive reasoning is all it takes to determine what would. If individual little pockets of individuals doing their "own expeditions" have failed then the opposite method must be true. Big mystery= big team, pooled resources, pooled finances, pooled technology, pooled time, pooled effort. IMHO there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that approach. In truth it's the ONLY proper approach to even be considering right now, especially since we are coming out of the winter real, real soon. Now would be the time to get that different approach off the ground.
  16. I was able to view those thanks! I think it looks pretty good compared to the PGF.
  17. Very true but that cuts both ways. Just because your a Green Beret does not mean your willing to get on your hands and knees and crawl into a Alder thicket after a wounded Kodiak brown bear your client shot.
  18. Got out again to the location of the Jan. 20th sighting near Sasquatch Park, with Thomas, Bill, and Jason, to have another look now that most of the snow has melted. We were able to locate the spot from where the witnesses saw the animal standing, and with Bill and Jason on the roadway in that spot , Thomas and I hiked up the hill to where they claimed the creature was located when they spotted it. Thomas had left a stake with a red survey tape at the creature's location when he did the initial investigation, so we knew we were back at the right point. Bill and Jason could see us quite clearly from the road, through the moss covered tree trunks, even though Thomas and I were both wearing camo outfits, but we only had to step a pace or 2 to either side to disappear from their view. We could still see very faint track impressions in the leafy understory, and found a bit of plaster debris from the cast making, but all definition was gone from the tracks after having 18" of snow fall on them and then melt away over the last few weeks. On Tuesday, Bill heard that one of his 4 wheeling buddies was up the East Harrison FSR at the same time we were at the nearby sighting location, and rolled his 4x4 down a steep embankment while manouvering around a bad mudhole. (See my picks a couple of posts above) Fortunately, his truck had a full rollcage, and stopped against a tree, so didn't go further down the mountain, and he escaped with nothing but a few bruises, though the truck is a write-off. I did take a dozen or so pics with my old Canon Powershot, but my new Windows 10 computer doesn't seem to want to communicate with the camera, so I can't post them till I get that sorted out, sorry.
  19. And I thank you for your service. No. I cannot afford a brown bear tag. I've hunted black bears in Alaska and have had grizzly encounters in Washington/ Idaho. Nothing more. But I've been in harm's way often enough as a firefighter.
  20. FarArcher and Yuchi You are both right I have never been combat tested but have been Bigfoot tested if you can call it that way. There is no way that i would have walked away from it no matter how bad it was. I would have not froze like other people would have. I can see how people might have to have help gain composer during some event of this sort. Since this type of event would be an event of a dramatic event beyond what we consider normal. I believe I would be like Norseman and pursue after waiting for the creature to die. By pursuing the creature right away you are pushing the creature further and furthering it to expire. It is just like big game , if you know that you did not make a good shot on the animal then you know not to pursue it. Now I just do not fear them and if I am with my son and he has a pellet gun and i see something dark behind a tree I just shoot at it. I really do not care. I do it cause I want to know if it is them or not. If I have my rifle I am going to shoot at it , but again no one will never know if i ever killed one since it will be my secret with my maker. I can tell you one thing Yuchi that freaked me out and that is my incident with the peanut butter jar that was returned to us. That blew my mind and had me in tears since I felt like this or should I say these things read us like a book. I thought that they were some type of monkeys ro some thing like them. We were totally wrong and were out played . We were left speechless while at the same time out smarted. You cannot compete with some thing that can out smart you.
  21. SSRID: 2222 Report Score: 6 Sighting Date: 12/22/2016 Sighting Time: 17:00 Moonphase: Duration (mm:ss): 00:10 Season: 4 - Winter (Dec 20 - Mar 19) State: FL County: Hernando Latitude: 28.552738 Longitude: -82.636379 Altitude: 2 ft BFRO Class: B - Class B Sighting Type: S - Single Creature Witness: 2 - Multiple, no evidence Witness Activity: D - Driving (road) Witness Gender: Female Witness Age: Witness Feeling: 0 - Unknown Witness Occupation: Terrain: S - Swamp Zoning: P - Park Land / Refuge Photo Evidence: N - None Footprint Evidence: N - None Footprint Length: 0 - 0" Stride Length: 0 ft 0 in Height (ft): 9 Height (in): 0 Hair/fur Color: N - Brown Skin: U - Unknown Organization: BFRO Researcher: B.G. Martin Confidence: Somewhat Report URL: http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=56165 Biological Evidence Animal Activity Z - Other Animal Disposition Animal Locomotion Weather S - Sunny / Clear Other
  22. Cliff had his own website where he posted videos of his own expeditions. Don't know if he's still doing it though.
  23. And Yuchi - I'd bet a cup of good coffee that when he went in that night - he didn't expect to be traumatized. Not in his wildest guess. That's the thing. Talk is talk. No one for certain knows how they'll truly react in a serious, serious situation - until it's done. I was the opposite - my greatest fear was choking with fear and my hesitation getting someone else hurt. I had a hope I wouldn't choke, but until events rolled me into a shooting situation - no one, including me, knew how I would react. Expectation never seems to match up with reaction. Sounds like this M. K. Davis is someone to ride the river with.
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