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  1. It's the newest gopro yes, it is using Linear instead of the silly wide angle fishbowl nonsense they offer though, what Sassy is talking about is over 100 feet away off the top of my head
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaIkFcMtLRk&t=139s Here is the video, this laptop has a garbage onboard graphics card so it doesn't render that video well at all, if there is something there it is a ways away on the other side of the water, I may move discussion of this over to the Psychic thread to carry on from here though, just a headsup.
  3. The area is still definitely banging with activity, I would doubt that thing gets much attention, it certainly won't get any during the winter as the gates to the area are all shut and locked and will stay that way until about april or may. Regardless I am moving to the east coast and will be finding more areas in the swamps! That is the only explanation I can figure too, but shouldn't there be more to those plastic "fins" than just...plastic fins?
  4. Nope, I have kept the area private, as far as anyone needs to know there isn't a soul that knows about it or the fact that someone even goes there at all, and that especially goes for any rangers, they don't give a good researcher hardly anything but trouble if you ask me. Secrecy is the only reasonable way to keep a decent research area going tbh if you ask me. I figure it is just some mundane thing, but there was definitely some curiosity about it and where it was at so I figured I might as well ask!
  5. It was just a pipe sticking out about 1.5-2 feet with a screw on cap on it and what looked like grease around the threads of the screw part, never did undo it. The thing ontop is plastic and is just bolted/screwed into the wood with nothing else up in those fins/plates besides that, the whole thing is clean and the paint is obviously to good on it to have been out in that area for long, trees are hanging overtop of it.
  6. Yes I checked that thing in and out, there is nothing electronic or special about it! I've never seen any cameras up there, no reason for them really I guess, there are just so many critters to blow away they practically come to you! I have found where ages ago people had baited bears and things, like rusted barrels and such, but that's it!
  7. Yup! No wires or anything, those fins felt like plastic too, I could see up under them all and they are just bolted onto the post for no reason I can figure, just like plates upside down, and there was like grease or food around the cap where the pipe is sticking out, never did take the cap off though. That is not private property but that doesn't stop people from messing around in the woods for hunting season, I find stands sometimes in those mountains just sitting up lol
  8. So first question is what is this post? There is nothing techy about it, no wires or anything, just those plastic beehive things on top with nothing in them bolted to a wooden post and a metal pipe coming out of it with grease or food on it and a cap screwed on the end to close it up. I think it's some sort of feeder, it is in a national forest where I have researched for 3+ years with tremendous success, that is right where I usually rendezvous with my foots. I had left gifts up there and they were all gone, the foots apparently took it all once they figured I wasn't coming back there for a long time... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ME6xS2IdNA And here is some of the latest big blessings... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdKXyfU3wtE&t=411s The best knock I have ever recorded in my area https://soundcloud.com/dustin-ryan-templeton/kiamichi-knocks-amplify2?in=dustin-ryan-templeton/sets/kiamichi-mountains-trip-2-nighter And I finally was able to make that trip to the Kiamichis, spent 2 nights up there and came out with this beauty! Woke me right the heck up.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-azUazmLAoM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpjiWs2dNDU It's my understand that all of it was quite real, every clip they showed and the project itself, and that there were significantly better and longer clips in that one project even at that time. Over time there have been many more clips accumulated by some people involved but those aren't necessarily a part of the "Erickson Project" at all, it is still very much so alive and there is talk of just pushing it all out to the public out of frustration. They are running into the hard fact that video is worthless, the better it is the better the supposed hoax is the conclusion people jump to. Add onto that the problems that alot of the Bigfoot just look like a overgrown chewbacca in the first place and that people suck at analyzing things in general and you realize the whole thing isn't really going to amount to much at all even if it does get dumped out. I have realized a odd point in the Bigfoot phenomena, there are tons of video of the Bigfoot floating around or being held in private, tons of evidence that just doesn't "go viral". God only knows how much of it is just floating around within the billions of videos on the net already. Skeptics ask why the Sasquatch are so rarely seen, why they aren't shot more often, why there aren't videos or pictures, and why there aren't hardly ever any other sorts of evidence popping up and the real answer is that it is all there actually, tons of it even. They get shot, evidence gets collected very regularly, they pop up on videos, and they get seen and heard all the time, people just aren't looking in the right places/recognizing what they see or even looking hard enough for the info.
  10. Podcasts are your best friend, MNBRT, Bigfoot Outlaw Radio, The AARF show with Robert Morgan, Nite Callers, there are several others but that is just off the top of my head.
  11. Everything he has experienced I have also experienced first hand and what is in that video has all of the weird details some Bigfoot do, such as the one I saw in person, so naturally I completely vouch for him because if I didn't I wouldn't be vouching for myself! I would say he is essential watching for a new researcher really looking to get down in the dirt with this subject. It wasn't so much a gunfire sound, although it did sound alot like it, but just a really really loud knock. I am not so sure they deliberately made it sound like a very big rifle lol, the instance this happened there were 3 doing the knocks all around me, this was after they were down in the area imitating small engines(Like ATVs or something). They can certainly put on a good show.
  12. Ill Give you the best answers I can anyway! I don't recommend talking to others about it, it can endanger your job opportunities, your reputation, your relationships with your friends and family, everything. My first recommendation is to keep it to yourself. The general public couldn't give a crap about Bigfoot, that is part of why there is so little really known. The best reason I can think of for there being no body is that they are rarely ever alone, they do tend to stick in groups, not always very close but you can count on them sticking together in a area and watching out for trouble. You can also count on you not being aware of this when you are out and around them. I have heard of a few instances of them being shot but the body abandoned due to them being so human, but only a couple of times. Typically how those stories go is idiot shoots one, idiot dies, it gets covered up as a accident or a bear attack. Something to keep in mind. I have little doubt the government at some levels knows all about them and takes steps to protect them, some researchers I know have had areas and caves they know the Bigfoot frequent shut off by the government for things like endangered salamanders and birds that are not actually in the area. If you pick a area to research keep it sacred, NEVER tell ANYONE about it except maybe one very very close family member in case you take a bad fall or something while out, or best yet leave a map in your car in a envelope for rescuers to find, and seal another very detailed map that tells exactly where you plan to be and your route with that family member(s) never to be opened until you are missing for a amount of time you should pick yourself, mine is 24 hours. Never post about it, never leave anything at all that could lead someone to figure out where you go and what you do there, people = trouble. I drive 1.5 hours out of my way just to get to my area, and it isn't because that is the only place that there are Bigfoot around here, it is because that is the most remote area I could find, it guarantees I will not have human interference, and there is not a soul on this earth that knows where that exact spot is. I go alone, I have done so for 2 years as just myself, a pair of Knee-High Danner snake boots, and a smith and Wesson .44 magnum. Some other researchers have close trusted partners they take to the field, if you are more comfortable doing that and can find someone like that do it. Numbers don't put the Bigfoot off. I prefer to go alone however and will likely never take anyone with me, ever. Yes they whoop, I hear that most often as far as vocalizations go but it is the knocks that are easily the most frequent sound they make. I always think of the whoop as a real short crisp owl call or like a monkey. They almost always either moan and howl or do a animal imitation, such as a coyote or a owl. It is imperative that you spend hours on hours listening to these animals in person and on the internet if you can't get close to them in person. I was taught the animals can botch their own calls up sometimes, but they can never sound louder than their lungs allow for, a owl has little owl lungs and a Bigfoot has 900lbs Bigfoot lungs. You will miss ALOT if you do not study animal sounds like a madman I guarantee you that, it will blow your mind how good they are at doing them! They knock, they throw things, they stomp and run, they talk. The knocks can be louder than gunfire or similar to a woodpecker and it seems they either use two rocks or are hitting trees with something, the two sound very different, they can do it just once or very fast, faster than a typical person can even clap. There are some in my area that when they take a step the ground rattles enough that I feel it in my hammock, when they run you can feel it in the ground and hear it, it's pretty neat! The talk sounds just like the sierra sounds, sometimes a quiet grumbling cursing sort of thing(Heard 2x very recently) and sometimes plain as day language(Heard that twice). The sierra sounds are a good listen for the aspiring researcher, I vouch for them 100%! The biggest print I have seen was half of one, it was the heel part of it and was 5-6 inches wide and very deep in the hard ground compared to what I could do. The most common tracks I have found so far are 13 inches long roughly and about 3.5 inches wide. They are very good at getting around and not leaving tracks, so don't let tracks be a indication to you they are or are not in a area. If you come across a line of potential tracks, in my experience, they step one foot directly in front of the other whereas ours are typically off to the side. I have never seen the face in person, I have seen the eyes glowing back at me and seen one from behind. They can be red, orange, blonde, white, black, brown, reddish brown, you name it. My best sighting was blood red, it was so wide in the shoulders I thought it was 2 of them at first, I stopped to look for it at the top of a hill when I heard another one approaching with a feminine voice, yelling. I figure she was trying to warn him I was coming up over the hill. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-sCl4nBWxFv8/UAhgOK5POAI/AAAAAAAA1ko/IbI9lRlI6Bk/s1600/chicks2.jpg It was similar to that, I saw the top left of it, seeing it's left shoulder and left side of it's head. It was definitely taller than me but I have never been able to get a exact measurement, never could find where I was standing exactly :/ As far as appearance goes they tend to be real tall, going from 7-12 feet tall even, hair varies alot. Some look basically like big ugly gorillas, some look alot more like us(Patty), and some as Timberghost put it like a dang ugly monster. They are all the same exact thing. As far as locomotion goes they can go on 2 legs or on all 4s on a whim, I would bet a large snickers bar they might just be in the top 5 most explosive and fast "creatures" on land, I had one get out of my sight literally in the blink of a eye, covering 30 feet to get to cover. Some researchers have clocked them at about 40 mph. Yet another reason they don't get blown away, they are either as smart or only very slightly smarter than we are and have that sort of physical capability. Oh and trees, they are pretty incredible at climbing and moving through trees I hear, I have never experienced this personally though. As far as numbers go I will guarantee there are a ton more than most would figure, to the extent it is frightening to the ignorant. You don't have to go far man, they are all over the place, they are just really really REALLY good at staying unnoticed for one, and for two people notice them all the time and noone ever pays attention or realizes what it is even. I have had people swear it was a ghost and others a bear. I would say they rarely RARELY ever get mistaken for bears, but it is the other way around rather, they don't look all that different from a massive black or brown bear when on all 4s, depending on their color, and those colors are fairly common for them it seems to me. I say in the upper 10s of thousands, or the lower end of the 100 thousand spectrum even. They often stick around abandoned buildings and areas that are grown over. Had a few people around here bump into them in some houses abandoned before. And on to the attitude, are they aggressive? Sure they can be, just like us you are going to have some bad apples. I have been bluff charged and tricked before but I didn't consider it aggressive. Alot of what people call "Aggressive behavior" is really just that person being a wuss when you break it down. If they really wanted to get someone, that person would be dead before they ever knew what hit them, period. Fact of the matter is that people don't really go missing that often in the woods, and people don't get eaten by wild animals real often either, in fact it is remarkably rare albeit very terrifying when it does happen. I have exchanged gifts with them, had huge huge success with pictures I bring to the woods, been around 2 babies, had them take crystals, necklaces, and other odd items from me, had them mess with my camping gear, had them throw rocks at me being careful not to hit me but getting oh so close, and knocked back and forth with them before with the most remarkable occasion being one knocking what sounded like a plastic container down below me in a rhythm, just as though it was knocking the melody of a song, and I would try to clap that pattern back, it would wait a moment and do it again with a new pattern, I would repeat. Went on 3 or 4 times before thunder started up(Bad storms rolling in that morning) and I started to move, when I did ZIP a rock slammed into the tarp I had hung over my hammock, just missing my head by about a foot or so, it was a fist sized rock it threw from maybe 40 or so feet away, up over a 9 or so foot tall cliff, with stunning accuracy. My recommendation? Go to walmart and pick up your favorite chewbacca toy, go out if you got the money and get you a Scotch laminating machine with 5' mil pouches, I put 2 pouches to a picture, I put one pouch on and run it through the machine,then I put another ontop of that and run that twice, that is how I do it and it saves money in the long run because they don't get destroyed by the weather. Get some photo paper and just go crazy. Print off your favorite pictures and everything! I will give you a sample of what I have taken up there here! Take that stuff up to a area you are pretty sure they are, especially good if it is one that has good fresh water year round that is not bothered or visited by humans and if it is a area that has alot of deer, and a area you are very sure people will not bother you, you MUST keep the things you bring up there well hidden and keep any food you leave out far away from any gifts you bring(And away from you!), never let the two touch, never underestimate the nose of a mouse or a bear! Always assume the Bigfoot will always be watching you. And always follow that safety protocol with the map at the least, safety safety safety! You must be as comfortable as possible when you are out there, make that your first priority, bringing a gun is what I recommend but atleast bring a big freaking knife and some bear spray, I say one or the other. Sheesh is this post long enough yet? You don't have to stay the night with them, very very few researchers do, most are afraid of them and don't ever actually want to see one in fact. Try to build confidence and play with the gifts until you get sure they are there and that they recognize you, I say if you go to a area and start working around and don't get any activity stay there for about 2 weeks, don't get discouraged to fast! You will NEVER know when they are there unless they LET YOU know, freaking PERIOD. Leave the gifts atleast, if you feel safe feel free to stay they night as often as you like, they aren't going to kill you. I never build fires to avoid being detected by people and to keep everything dark to keep from irritating their eyes at night. Are the woods a dangerous place? You bet, there are bees, spiders, snakes, cougars, bears, wild dogs, hogs, falling trees, chaotic weather, slippery rocks, hidden holes in the ground, and worst of all people. Watch your back out there and most of all have a good time! Sample Pictures http://postimg.org/gallery/16lxqwwla/ Chewbacca toy, the one I got though wasn't this, it was much smaller but the same price as this, it roared when you shook it, I think they took it because it reminded them of themselves though. http://www.walmart.com/ip/2-Halloween-Greeter-Star-Wars-Chewbacca-Holding-Pumpkin/35921189 This is the laminator I use, I figure they all must be about the same though! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CLV8ZIU?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00 I bring them food too, peanut butter and apples, salted peanuts, chocolate, just whatever you think they might like really. Try putting it in tough plastic containers and see if the containers vanish! Get them a mirror too and leave it up there, I know a few researchers who have good sized ones, maybe a little over 12' diameter, who will leave them face down and come back to find them face up and such things. Little details like that you gotta watch out for. This is the best video I have ever seen of one, what I saw looked just like this but more a red color whereas this is reddish brown, and mine was alot broader in the shoulder. Notice the point on the top of it's head, it doesn't have a crest, and they don't as far as I have always been told, their hair just sticks up.
  13. Big cats are the fiercest predators on the land imho, glad we don't have any tigers in the states is all I can say! Totally agreed about the brown bears though, totally different ballpark from the "little" black bears we got over here in the east. When you are talking about a 8-1200lbs critter it stops being a animal and turns into a force of nature!
  14. I cannot locate the report I was looking for at the moment but it was by a hunter who allegedly witnessed an encounter between Sasquatch and bear. In a brief tussle a terrified hunter says the Sasquatch twisted the bear’s head like a rubber band, in his words. Considering the size of some of the ones in my area(Leaving 5-6 inch wide heel prints) and the unreal power behind some of the knocks I have heard. I can say with confidence that as far as dangerousness goes a mountain lion is like a housecat and a big black bear is like a small dog to them. Just no hope for something like that in a fight with one of these big dudes.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM_oVOg3hBk Uhmmm. Probably more High res video and pictures floating around the net, only thing it would ever prove is that video is worthless, only a dead body(or 10) will please the careless public.