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  1. Do you Live Near Myakka River State Park? Serious Hot Spot, with regard to evidence I've seen. Best Thermal I've seen of a Squatch. JMO.
  2. I have never layed my eyes on a Bigfoot, but what myself and gigantor experienced, could have been nothing But, a Bigfoot. I have tried to dismiss it, but, I heard what I heard, very distinctly and very clearly. Loud, measured, and Smooth Foot Falls, in soaking wet conditions. You could hear the water in the ground make a Squishing sound with every footfall. One step for every two we took. Followed for over a Mile out of a Canyon, and it stopped when we stopped, and started again along with us. Whatever it was, was Huge, I mean Very Heavy. My mind is still open for explanations as to what it may have been, but my deduction points to Bigfoot.
  3. Finding Bigfoot Cancelled, Say it isn't so? I see on Social Media that the show has been cancelled. I know nothing was ever found, but the stories told by people all over the country, were very interesting.
  4. Those Yahoo's have investigated 2 separate Monsters in my immediate area, (The Grafton Monster, and The Bloodless Howler), Now I have never heard of these creatures in my life.
  5. For those who have had a face to face and feel that your Bigfoot looked different than my example, I would be very interested in seeing an image you may have which more closely resembles what you saw. I understand this is a touchy area with some witnesses, but I, for one, appreciate all who are sharing their experiences.
  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's safe to say Bigfoot has decidedly more human features than an ape. Very Interesting.
  7. This Topic is for all who have had a Face to Face encounter with a Bigfoot. Did what you see resemble this Creation? If not exact, is there a close resemblance. Thanks for all who share their experience.
  8. The thermal doesn't show anything like a conical shape head, large brow ridge, just is an ape. A thermal of Bigfoot face with the same clarity would surely be a great comparison. Maybe someday.
  9. Although I was influenced by your initial heads up that it was a Mountain Gorilla, upon first seeing the thermal, I wasn't seeing the image in my mind that would look like a Bigfoot. http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=26460 This is a Link to a BFRO Report that shows the facial features of a Bigfoot. This is more similar to a Bigfoot than the thermal of the Mountain Gorilla, of my expectations at least JMO.
  10. Thank you Cliff. I am looking forward to next season. I am curious how many non believers may sway after this season's episodes? Always a pleasure seeing you on the Worlds Greatest Bigfoot Forum.
  11. I have been in our research area at night. Not a sound, and I mean no crickets, or other loud bug noises in August. Total silence for the entire 4 hours I was there. No stirring about by deer, total silence. Couldn't even get any response from coyotes. It was like this when I arrived. Pretty Odd. A crystal clear summer night.
  12. This is getting quite a bit of attention throughout pertinent social media outlets. I have watched this video many times and I'm not seeing a Bigfoot. I believe a Squatch could move much faster than the subject in the video. I say that due to reported eyewitnesses observing a Bigfoot run down and dispatch a Whitetail Deer.
  13. Thanks for sharing Steenburg. Sounds credible, they saw something out of the ordinary, and the possibilities of what it could have been are very limited.
  14. Same here. I myself have a question of Bigfoot ' existence. Gotta see it to believe it. With that being said, what was it we heard last summer gigantor?