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  1. Do you Live Near Myakka River State Park? Serious Hot Spot, with regard to evidence I've seen. Best Thermal I've seen of a Squatch. JMO.
  2. I have never layed my eyes on a Bigfoot, but what myself and gigantor experienced, could have been nothing But, a Bigfoot. I have tried to dismiss it, but, I heard what I heard, very distinctly and very clearly. Loud, measured, and Smooth Foot Falls, in soaking wet conditions. You could hear the water in the ground make a Squishing sound with every footfall. One step for every two we took. Followed for over a Mile out of a Canyon, and it stopped when we stopped, and started again along with us. Whatever it was, was Huge, I mean Very Heavy. My mind is still open for explanations as to what it may have been, but my deduction points to Bigfoot.
  3. This Topic is for all who have had a Face to Face encounter with a Bigfoot. Did what you see resemble this Creation? If not exact, is there a close resemblance. Thanks for all who share their experience.
  4. For those who have had a face to face and feel that your Bigfoot looked different than my example, I would be very interested in seeing an image you may have which more closely resembles what you saw. I understand this is a touchy area with some witnesses, but I, for one, appreciate all who are sharing their experiences.
  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's safe to say Bigfoot has decidedly more human features than an ape. Very Interesting.
  6. I have been in our research area at night. Not a sound, and I mean no crickets, or other loud bug noises in August. Total silence for the entire 4 hours I was there. No stirring about by deer, total silence. Couldn't even get any response from coyotes. It was like this when I arrived. Pretty Odd. A crystal clear summer night.
  7. Same here. I myself have a question of Bigfoot ' existence. Gotta see it to believe it. With that being said, what was it we heard last summer gigantor?
  8. Very interesting indeed.
  9. I think he shot a Bear, maybe the cubs as well, then rolled the Bones with his so called Squatch Steak. Pretty Naive. DNA doesn't lie. Just FWIW, From all of the encounter reports that I have read, The meer sight of a Bigfoot strikes a fear in humans that has never been tapped before. I just dont see a person, taking aim and shooting one Bigfoot, let alone small ones too. Just doesnt make sense to me.
  10. I agree with your post. His so called "Steak" was Bear flesh. Too many red flags, to be credible. He was scientifically proven to be untruthful with his story.
  11. Shake it off, your not alone. All I know is what I experienced in July of 2014 was not animal or human.
  12. I only wish I could convey to each and every one of you what I heard last July. Then let me hear your explanation as to what is it. Escorting intruders is real.
  13. Any sign of aggression would include a positive visual sighting, IMO. Tree shaking, loud vocalizations, and rock throwing would be signs of an aggressive squatch.
  14. Beautiful Shot!
  15. I will share anything that you may find of interest.
  16. Our encounter was in WV, in Tucker County. It is in an area of reported sightings. BFRO Reports. The Williams River area is some wild country, and a great place for a Squatch. There have been reported sightings in this region as well. I am a believer that Bigfoot travel to areas of opportunity to obtain food. Traveling throughout the Allegheny Mountains, the surroundings look like a Squatch could appear at anytime.I am unwaivered by funny looks and giggles, by sharing our encounter with local people, because I know what I heard, and it was huge. To hear footfalls, heavy footfalls, in the wet conditions still baffles me to this day.
  17. FWIW, The encounter that gigantor and myself had was not reported, and I have no other explanation of what was following us. It wasn't an animal or human. If I were to get a visual, I wouldn't report it, just self satisfaction that " They are Real!"
  18. Seems Like this mystery has been Solved, although it was a Non Human Arm(Leg).
  19. Personally, I discount anything that sends up a Red Flag, from my perspective. I have learned to trust my own judgement, vs. Someone who thinks that every tree break or deer bone was the result of a Bigfoot. My interest in the subject requires me to read as much as I can get a Hold of. But, if there is any doubt in my mind regarding the validity of a Story, I usually cut the cord and move on.
  20. Although I have hunted with Dogs, I am not a real Big fan of the Practice. But the Dogo is a Breed of Dog that I believe would be a very good candidate to track down and possibly, at the least, injure a Squatch pretty bad.
  21. That was what I was thinking when I wrote that...LOL
  22. I agree on all points Norseman. +1 to your post. I know all about the bond... and if my dogs were hurt by whatever, I'm going to take it personally, and there will be accountability.
  23. I can't get those Dogo's out of my mind. They just showed no fear whatsoever, and that Boar had no chance. I just wonder how they would react face to face with a Squatch? They are impressive, to say the least, but the size of a Bigfoot, and the strength it has, might give it a slight advantage. Consider this, Some stick structures are made with trees that weigh more than a Dogo. With that said, I would have to consider the fact that if a Bigfoot gets a grasp on one of those it would just tear it apart or crush it's skull, or even beat it up against a tree. Pure speculation of course. Also, while a Bigfoot was giving it's attention to one of the dogs, the remaining dogs attacked. If there was a Dog who could give as much as it gets, it would be a Dogo. I Digress....