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  1. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iLsDvGlIDh0
  2. Didn't someone manipulate photos of the Jacobs creature to "prove" it was a bear and get busted? That goes beyond interest in the subject and is ponderous.
  3. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_20th-century_lunar_eclipses
  4. So you take the shot. You shoot. You score. You approach your quarry and confirm that its dead. As you're wondering what to do with a half ton of smelly dead sasqautch you hear a tree knock followed by agitated chatter from the slope at your two o'clock. Answering whoops are heard from the ridgeline. From the treeknocker's general direction comes a softball sized rock that hits the ground between you and the body and caroms into the woods. A branch snaps somewhere behind you. The whoops off the ridge are getting closer and they carry a sense of urgency. You are alone and at least a mile from your vehicle. They're getting closer and they don't sound happy. Things are about to get harsh.
  5. http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=859 Gets called "loopgaroo" in this report
  6. Chewie take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive.
  7. An average sasquatch, a taxonomist, and William Hurt in character as Professor Edward Jessup all walk into a bar.........
  8. Dr Evil and myself think it will reach one THOUSAND pages at which point the alternate thread title will be "The Millenium Ketchum" It's Thursday who is prepared to make the jump to light speed?
  9. http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/report_detail.php?id=01510 I'll speculate the BF in this report might've wanted the frogs on the stringer or to move the human out of the frog rich area...or both. If I recall correctly I read a pretty spectacular report about a younger guy and older guy out frogging at night who get approached by a BF. They hide from it and it finds the younger guy, leans towards him and lets out a roar about a foot from his face -- couldn't find that one though.
  10. Prepare to make the jump to light speed!
  11. From this post --- http://bigfootforums.com/index.php?/topic/8586-impossible-visits-thermal-footage/page__view__findpost__p__99304 According to this quote they apparently tried to activate dummy cameras. No IR, no flash, etc just a fake cam mounted to a house.
  12. Bag a couple deer/elk/pronghorn or whatever and gut them and mount them on a rack at your "hunting campsite" while someone "deals with tent gear" <<sets up camera(s). Then have everyone leave in a hurry with camera(s) aimed at fresh kills and see if the wood folk leave the kills alone because of the cameras. That's how I'd take a shot at it if I could.
  13. Guard hairs? I've read that gathered hair samples have matched guard hair hollow structure and guard hairs have sheen.
  14. http://www.bigfootencounters.com/articles/spiritlake.htm "Dr. Otto Trott, Lee Stark and I finally came to the conclusion that the mountain devils got him," said Lee seriously.
  15. I see a hoaxer in a suit getting tragically shot and killed with all the potential poaching. "Pledge Prank Fools Hunter, Youth Gets Eye Shot Out By Red Ryder BB Gun, film at 11." I think there will be a pretty good storm if this DNA is as good as they're making it out to be. I also see no upside or sense in hoaxing something like this.