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  1. Every ten years, or so, a black bear is reported on the NW border of Nebraska/Wyoming. Some love-crazed stud bear out wandering around, looking for a confused sow. We have far more moose reported, across the wide breadth of our state, but they get a brain worm that causes them to wander. That being said, the upcoming total solar eclipse will traverse more miles across my state than any other of the 50. C'mon out to witness, I'll provide a helluva couple days entertainment!
  2. And knew my response to your posting, too. Eh, my Maine associate? BTW, ME and NE, not too far off, eh? ;-)
  3. Some claim their mental pen-pals.
  4. While researching yesterday, to find the speed of the moon's shadow across the path of totality, found this: Eclipse shadows travel at 1,100 miles per hour at the equator and up to 5,000 miles per hour near the poles. Also found this: Local animals and birds often prepare for sleep or behave confusedly during totality.
  5. I've made the point, previously, that an animal or animals weighing several hundreds of pounds would necessarily leave distinct sign of their existence in a given area. There must be an impact on the local flora / fauna.
  6. I approve this thread. It meshes nicely with my main reason for being here: Cruising for bigfoot groupie chicks. I must admit, the pickins' have been pretty slim, so far.
  7. Pity they didn't enjoy a good Maker's Mark on the rocks. Oh, and let me mention a big, blue pill for the old guys. ;-)
  8. Count me in.
  9. Ash: Don't touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn't understand alloys and compositions and things with... molecular structures.
  10. Oops, never mind!
  11. I found this to be an interesting article. I doubt the BFF most-dangerous poster approves, but from the standpoint of actual scientists, you might enjoy, too: In Memoriam: All Members of the Human Family Tree That Were Bested by Evolution A glance at the evolutionary family tree of humans reveals that the three earliest-known branches are full of species that appear far more ape-like than the "caveman" stereotype associated with the Homo branch. Some of these strange-looking guys and gals are evolutionary ancestors of humans, but others might be hominids that just co-existed with the ancestors of modern humans, meaning we're related, but we didn't necessarily evolve from them. Thanks to the efforts of talented sculptors and scientists, we can look at models of these early hominids in museums and online, but the truth is that most of what we know about these species is from a few scattered bone fragments. The fossil record has been filled in tremendously since the first findings in the 1920s, so we're learning an extraordinary amount about the history of human evolution each year. Read on for a brief tour of the major hominids that predated the branch that eventually lead to Homo sapiens (that's you!).
  12. Geez, this has gotten silly of late. "More control." Heh!
  13. MIB, I tend to concur. Doesn't lend credence to sightings, reports. YMMV
  14. Unless the reason NSS is spreading is due to bigfoot spreading the infection. Inadvertently, but bat fatal, nevertheless.
  15. I want the power to cloud women's minds.
  16. Soooo many claims, so little actual providing of facts. Tough guys and telepaths of the bigfoot world, might be time to pony up.
  17. Welcome to BFF, Busker, from a Husker!
  18. I saw Dr. Bryan Sykes on Nat Geo channel, yesterday. Bigfoot: The New Evidence. In it, he made an aside comment to Mark Evans, wondering if sometimes bigfoot enthusiasts don't hear other enthusiasts responding to tree knocks.
  19. More CAPS, DWA. That should sway the issue!
  20. Well described, FA. Uncanny speed could answer many instances of perceived unexplained behavior.
  21. Once a body is produced, they'll come right along. Ain't up to them to supply said carcass.
  22. Bigfoot also knows when you're awake He knows if you've been bad or good I think Waggles is limited on responses, for a time, so I just wanted to add to the seasonal nature!
  23. ::looks down, doesn't feel need to prove size::
  24. Perhaps your assurance the unfortunate shooter would be torn limb from limb could be in error?