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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. Salubrious is quite capable of closing a thread or issuing warnings and he hasn't had a real problem with the post being made, but I see WV Footer has stepped in and bitched about any reference to trolling.

  2. Trying to get use to the new forum layout ... kinda like the old one better.


    My question is what is a " reputation "?  I have gotten this message a couple of times with this new layout and I have not a clue as to what that means - do you know?



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      I'm pretty sure (its new to me too) the reputation thing has to do with how many posts have been plussed.

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      I'm totally lost. Can't find any threads or topics - just this "Activity" list.  Is there something I'm missing? And where is everyone? 

  3. If one had the capability to put their bias aside no mater what side of the coin he or she is on - they should have picked that the documentary wasn't meant to be about new evidence, but rather an old problem of not carefully looking at the evidence. When I was first approached about being involved with it, I stated that I would only do it if they covered both sides of the issue of whether it exist or not, and that is what they did. For instance I agree with the skeptic who asked aloud how does Grover know these creatures have any more intelligence than a black bear. I go out of my way not to speculate on questions there is no data for. I won't get drawn into such questions for then I think it demonstrates someone knowing more than they could possibly be capable of based on the limited data. A common example is the asking someone how many of these creatures do they think there are in the PNW. I have friends who have given estimates of the number of Sasquatch there area to black bears in any given area. I believe the estimate was one Sasquatch to every 100 black bears. When I was then asked - I said to the reporter words to the effect that the estimate just given made no sense as that would mean for every 50 black bears in any given area there is a half of a Sasquatch running among the bears there. I think I've made my point. Bigfoot's Reflection was made to show there are two sides of the coin and that there really hasn't been a conjoined effort to look into the matter. (example - see post 5) It was said by Bindernagel that while there are people in the field looking for and gathering evidence - they really are not trained to get as much gathered as they should have. He goes on to say that they do a somewhat good job, but they really are not trained to do what all that needs to be done. In other words there needs to be more of a professional undertaking of the possible existence of the Sasquatch rather than to be so quick to dismiss the idea until someone actually produces a body.
  4. Nor a sensible post from certain individuals. Such as its 'pitch black out' just before sunrise and there is a cowboy boot heel seen in the Titmas cast. I couldn't have said this better myself, "A person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the man doing it."
  5. Track depth that was deep in the same ground as he walked on within a period of a partial day and found himself not able to sink to the depth of the track-maker.
  6. ^^ Thanks! Something has to pass the time away during those long hours - days - weeks - and months before something turns up. And for anyone who claims to find evidence on a continual and regular basis is most likely calling everything as being related to Bigfoot/Sasquatch and that is simply not the case IMO. But when we meet a witness, or come across evidence the witnesses may not have seen, or evidence we stop and look at ourselves .... we get very serious and will examine it from different angles and when its 'ify' - we will often take the time to find the actual cause just for the thrill of solving it. The 'could be' evidence we don't even bother telling anyone about.
  7. I found it worth my time Gigantor. Bill Miller has some good stuff to say. I would consider it one of the most thoughtful Sasquatch documentaries that I have seen. Regards The producer told me sometime later on and after being seen regularly on the Space Channel and then the Discovery Channel that it was said to be the highest in the ratings of any Sasquatch Documentary to date.
  8. You'll have time to get those three steps in so to get to the Ford. In 2003, I saw one of these things ..... until that time - I felt I needed to see one as well so to be totally convinced despite my having seen some really fresh tracks some 20 miles up Lake Harrison in September of 2000 that far exceeded the depth of my own footprints. The first reaction you will most likely have upon seeing one will be total surprise because as much as one thinks they may possibly see a Sasquatch while in the bush - they won't expect it to really happen. There certainly is no preparing one's self for the moment it happens. For that moment you will feel like you are frozen in time as you look at it in awe. Then, if like I did, you all of a sudden feel very small in the bigger picture of things as you start letting fear come into play. I was about 40 to 50 feet from my Jeep and while the subject was a distance away and even though I do not believe it ever saw me, my mind all of a sudden asked me what in the heck am I doing standing there and how I should get myself back into my vehicle. Then once in my vehicle - I sat there looking in the direction of what I had just witnessed and then fear told me to roll my window up. I soon reached a point that I locked my door and soon after that my mind told me to start my Jeep and get the heck out of there! Maybe I would have felt differently had someone of been with me, but we can't pick and choose when such an event may happen. And any prior thoughts of what I would do upon ever seeing one had flown out the window. I reacted and what I experienced came in short lived stages that I can still vividly recall.
  9. These guys did a good job of busting that hoaxer! http://media.texasbigfoot.com/SylvanicVideoExamination_Poling&Falconer_Aug2014.pdf
  10. Meldrum said to me when I told him what I thought about messing with Standing that there was things Standing was saying that didn't pass the sniff test, but he said there was some things he wanted to take a clloser look at. One of the things that comes to mind was that Jeff wanted to see where Standing took his photos of an alleged Sasquatch in the tree. I believe I uttered that Standing will never deliver, but Jeff wanted to give the guy a chance to back up what he had been saying.
  11. ^^ The one I saw from behind and slightly to the right looked a lot like the Sasquatch in the Patterson film. It certainly didn't have a head that was nearly as wide as its shoulders. (sigh)
  12. You got that right in my view. I want to know what camera takes such poorly pixeled images like that so I can avoid ever getting one.
  13. The images didn't even deserve a second glance IMO.
  14. She was the one that looked to have a black sheet over her. (sigh)