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  2. Very interesting. Far from conclusive, but hopefully more reliable supporting evidence can be found. Thanks for posting this, Incorrigible1.
  3. Well, that's a bummer. One of the most disappointing behaviours in what should be sincere debate is the reflex to black hat ninja the person in discussion with you as being intellectually dishonest. Like they don't really care about the issue, they simply want to pull one over on you. Gigantor, I am a Bigfoot enthusiast. I love the subject. I love the history of the phenomenon. I love the inquiry of the subject. I do not want the subject to go away. I do not want people to stop believing in Bigfoot. I believed in Bigfoot for most of my life before becoming that evil word "skeptic". There's an REM song that comes to mind. I do want people to ask questions. Questions are everything. They are how we grow, how we progress, how we evolve intellectually. I want to know if Bigfoot really exists. If that animal is an actual living species of animal in North America the same as a mountain beaver or a spotted woodpecker, I will be absolutely ecstatic. I want that to be true. I won't accept it because someone said they saw it or because of bad footage. There is a fact of current Planet Earth that needs to be driven home over and over again to those who think Bigfoot is a living, breathing, pooing, breeding, eating, drinking species of animal in North America. People are working very hard over vast areas with the best technology available to document species that are in those areas, the ones they want to conserve and the ones they didn't expect to be there. Bigfoot is that giant, best possible example of the greatest success that all those ongoing efforts could produce. I have personally many times over reached out to these people conducting these research efforts to discuss the notion of Bigfoot/Sasquatch and their studies. Every time the response is the same. They welcome the idea, but there is nothing there in the way of reliable evidence that they can document to support the proposition. In all these places, which we are told is Bigfoot central, serious efforts with the best technology humans can employ to detect living creatures is being used to massive extent. So I ask... Where are the Bigfoots? The wolverines where we never thought any to be? They are there, on camera, DNA obtained. The wolves, the grizzlies where we thought not, they are there, documented, recorded. Where are the Bigfoots? Everywhere but where the work is being done. Everywhere where hope can persist. In the shadows, in the woods, somewhere, out there, but not where the work is actually being done in Bigfoot Central.
  4. Actually, I've been following numerous studies over many years in a wide variety of areas. Still nothing.... Where are the Bigfoots?
  5. A dodge would be my evasion of some question you have. I simply do not accept your characterization of my post as an argument from ignorance in formal logic terms. I provided what would be an argument from ignorance on the subject. 30 miles south of their position? Very limited area? That comment denotes a single position and seeks to diminish the scope of the work that is done to document the wildlife in the monitoring areas. Allow me... I do agree that giant, bipedal primates are almost certainly not in their study area.
  6. It would be an argument from ignorance if I said Bigfoot does not exist because no body has ever been found. What I posted was a question, not an argument. Mt. Ranier, Mt. Adams, Goat Rocks WIlderness. They can document and record a single wolverine moving over large distances. Where are the Bigfoots?
  7. Mt. Ranier, Mt. Adams, Goat Rocks WIlderness where Roger Patterson was said to have photographed Bigfoot. Where are the Bigfoots?
  8. In the fundamentalist cult element of Bigfootery there are still clingers. They will not denounce it because Meldrum will not denounce it... The following shows a perfect example of this cult behaviour mentality...
  9. Seriously, is this SY guy mentally slow?  

    1. jayjeti


      The way he doesn't really dialog much in his posting can lead one to believe that.

  10. This. Literally, the first thought I had.
  11. Sorry if I missed this, but tripwire of what?