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  1. I asked what the backstory was on it and was only told that a friend had taken it. So I'm still stuck not knowing for a fact if it's photoshopped or not. Could just be pareidolia
  2. I dont know if it is or not. it's only a 72K file size. It's on my research groups FB page.
  3. That's funny because I don't recall either one of you being there at the time. I'm just telling what happened. Further more neither one of you know exactly how I do it or how loud it actually is. Inc1, luv ya, mean it, but clean up your own backyard first.
  4. I did get a response once from my mouth pop. I did it 3 times quick changing the pitch and got an immediate response from the other side of hill. So who knows....
  5. I appreciate the explanation MIB.... makes sense.
  6. In the fall, when hunting season begins, the deer are out in the road like crazy around here. The explanation goes "the hunters are running them out of the woods". Then I noticed this spring they were out in the road like crazy again..... but hunting season is over. Kinda makes me wonder what's up with that.
  7. Ain't that the truth. That was over at my friends house, he was all excited about it. I was like yeah I guess sorta maybe.......
  8. Nowhere is sacred. We've got Stumpsquatch, TVSquatch, and their close relative...ShippingContainerSquatch
  9. I think they have a lazy streak in them in regards to movement and migration. If they find a place they like they stay there. If they know you know they're in a certain area they won't leave much in the way of sign. Sign can be misinterpreted but I don't think it should be glossed over or trivialized either. That's my take on it but I can only draw from what I experienced.
  10. Interesting graphs BobbyO. It looks like in the first graph that Illinois and Washington state have the same trend of higher homeowner sightings in winter. Illinois is flat as a pancake, no higher elevations there as opposed to Washington. Maybe something else is driving them to private land. Maybe privacy? because there aren't as many, or any, people randomly trampling about in the woods?
  11. Well those wasp's don't get that large that's for sure. And the "long skinny tail" (as he put it) is not for drilling but for egg laying and only the females have this appendage. But the species does exist and he at least got that right. In the second video, gotta love that in line track way in the snow.
  12. Nope can't say I have heard of Ivan Marx. I'm not very well versed in the who's who in the BF world. I ignore the bsers anyway. I do like Mr. Steenburg though, seems like a level headed guy.
  13. Yeah I can see that happening. I've never heard of Ivan Marx but from what I gather from the video he found the cripple foot print, made a cast of it, got some attention, and when the new wore off from the footprint find he found he liked the attention and started spinning stories. Well I already know that someone who's full of it as a Christmas turkey can make an actual discovery. Been there. One has to be able to discern the facts from fiction which I think is Steenburgs point.
  14. That's the hardest part of it, determining purpose. The clues are there because there are some things one cannot just "undo". It took going back to the site over several days to wrap my head around the scope of what I was seeing. Probably a year or so before I put it all together and the "you gotta be kidding me" moment happened. But if anyone is interested in how early man may have utilized the environment to hunt, before fire and compound tools, I can testify that that knowledge is being used today by someone, or something closely related to us.