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  1. I'm fully aware of memory retention and its limits too, i can assure you, i just completed the toughest memory retention geography test on the planet. Do/Did i write down info on every Sasquatch video i watch ? Absolutely not. Can anyone back me up on this ? I have no idea. Is there anything in the BFF Archives about this ? I don't know, have a look. Anyone willing to check ? Not me, i couldn't care less if anyone believes what i'm saying or not, i'm just telling you that the first time i saw that video it was purported, by whoever and wherever the video was being put out there, to be from the Olympic Peninsula and i know it was well before LFTBM came out for sure. I take an interest in all WA related Sasquatch bits and bobs and this one for some reason, stuck. If you're so interested in this for whatever reason, i'm surprised you're asking if there are others willing to spend their own time finding x and y for you. That's not really how it works. In the words of my great late Nan, "Get off your **** and do it yourself."..;)
  2. Definitely NW, well it was definitely purported to be from the Olympic Peninsula when I first saw it. Can't be certain of the year's however but certainly before LFTBM came out, most definitely. I think it could most definitely be 10 years back I first saw that vid. I have a geeky, warped ability to remember certain things like this where this subject is concerned for some reason..;) The original video I saw had it titled as such if I remember right, or at least in the description of the video. Possibly YouTube but I can't recall for sure.
  3. The subject in the screen shot above from Night Walker is from the movie " Letters from the Big Man." 100,000,000%. The subject with the alleged baby however is from a video shot way before that and i'd say i first viewed it around 8/10 years where it was proposed to be from the Olympic Peninsula. So whether that was shot (film wise) by them, with that same costume, maybe so, but it would have been done years before that movie came out.
  4. I agree in the main, belief isn't my cup of tea whatsoever and I struggle to understand it to be honest, in many walks of life in its many way, shapes and forms.. A sighting on the other hand is a different ball game altogether though and knocks belief in to orbit.
  5. I'll have a guess. In the year or so that you've been interested in the subject, you've come to the conclusion that they don't exist for a number of reasons that are logical to you and enjoy the feeling of being superior to other members who do "believe/know" because you know best, hence the "knowing wink"emoticon which suggests that something is a joke or a secret ?
  6. There's a tonne of human activity that can be attributed to these "knocks" etc that we assume is being done by Sasquatch. Took a friend to the airport the other day and was talking about Madagascar where he sometimes spends time off the boats, he said that the locals had a kind of unwritten language that they use that involves pops and clicks of their mouths that he couldn't believe how much noise was actually generated from it. I'd bet my bottom dollar that these "knocks" we hear aren't just wood on wood, and come from all sorts of actions like clasps and pops done physically by Sasquatches.
  7. It would be if it was true, but I highly doubt it is. Theres no way for me that this hasn't happened already. Why it then therefore hasn't reached the public domain is a different subject altogether. My belief is that this is the way the "mystery" will be solved and soon with the relative ease across the board to pictures/video now from smartphone technology that increases by the day. However, I will say and I will go to the grave on this, seeing one of these things is one thing, but hitting one on a road and having it spread across the road in front of you, having to immediately accept its existence and then letting the fact that you've just killed one sink in, I highly doubt that your smartphone is going to be one of your top priorities even though you may like to think it would be.
  8. Monster thread here with some great info.
  9. Yep, and yet they apparently fight on Sasfooty's porch.
  10. Good answers, thanks Guys. It's the noises that the young would make and how they'd be concealed in the main that i'm most interesting in i guess.. Good shout with the tree's SWWA.
  11. Been thinking about this recently, what do you think/know they do to conceal them, their noises and all round stimulation, and keep them safe ? Not interested in non knower/believer comments, they'll offer nothing constructive to the topic of this thread. Fire at will.
  12. Again, again, again, we are the bait. Lure them in, they will come.
  13. Two full moons after so I've read MIB, and that's what I'm working on..;) So we have October and November since the mid 90's that I've looked at. Apologies for not being clearer, my bad. I bought this last week too. I don't notice aggression as I don't re-read the reports but just try to siphone numbers. Specific regions though yes and like I said, whitetail heavy regions too appear to be top heavy.
  14. Not sure about a total solar eclipse but i'm looking in to the Fall Equinox (Rut time) right now and finding some interesting numbers across North America, and specifically Whitetail heavy regions. It's ongoing.