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  1. Edit : G again, sorry, whilst we're on the subject here, if it's not too doffficult to implement this month by month chart, would it be easy enough to add a yearly chart also ? I think that would be highly beneficial too ? Norse, track ways, a lot lot vocals reports/knocks, never get a visual on the quarry Sir, yours included. Norse i see tens of millions of acres that aren't lit up in your map, in the east..;) Wish we could zoom on that and get some math.. Good zoom on this bad boy - https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/images/712129main_8247975848_88635d38a1_o.jpg
  2. Norse, it's a scoring system dependent on specific aspects of the data submitted from the origin report itself. For example, pre-determined parts of a report score that report points. Off the top of my head and don't quote me on these, a Class A (visual) sighting would get a point, a non visual wouldn't, if an investigator visited the report location it gets 2 points, if there was a phone follow up it gets 1, if there were multiple witnesses it gets a point etc etc. The more points the report gets the "better" it's judged to be. It's not perfect by any means but it does give you an insight in to "better" reports like i said. There is a thread with the specific in the SSR section of the forum that will give you the specifics. Thread titled "Report Ratings" Edit : G, sorry, i've got the graph coming up now and just to let you know, it only comes up the whole when you select the date box and manually select 1918 to 2017 for example. Not selecting the date box just gives you 2015/2015.
  3. The US hasn't really got " 320 million pairs of eyeballs doing the looking.........on foot, horseback, atvs, boats, planes, hot air balloons, trains, google earth, security cameras, game cams, USBP predator drones, military, CIA, NPS, state, county and city LE and wildlife agencies. " has it ? ;) Half of the 320m are on Meth these days i thought anyway so they don't count either..;) Norse look back at my answer, i always leave myself the wonderful option of citing Canada and Alaska as my reasons why i think like i do..;) G, no emoticons for me, no quoting option either, i'm on a dodgy proxy don't forget as still in a part of the world that just doesn't do the BFF.. Also, point me to where i can generate those graphs please, i can't see an option to at first glance, sorry for being a pain.
  4. I'm loving the look of these things G. Did I read right that you were cleaning up so that we will be able to generate them within the SSR ? Oh and G you've surely contradicted yourself. If most reports aren't reported unlit a few years later like you said, there's no reason at all that the recent drop off in reports won't buff up in the next few years, in which case there wouldn't be any reason to think they're going/gone extinct surely ?
  5. I know what you mean regarding similar description but I think it's dangerous ground to put any real time/effort in to personally. There's been reports of a grey animal over the last 10 years or so now in Grays Harbour and Mason County, WA (Olympic Peninsula), same general size and colouring but who knows if that's the same individual or one of a few with that hair colouring for whatever reason. Someone needs to put collars on these things, it would make things so much easier.
  6. The mangy reports are there JDL from all over the continent, and from years ago to more recent times too. They are only few in number however.
  7. Me too, but Chicagoland has a possibility, the Cook County Forest Preserves have the habitat. Walking down Michigan Ave, not so much. I'm still not convinced they're in those Forest Preserves however.
  8. Given some of things I've seen walking down near the Belmont Red Line Station on a Saturday night, don't be so sure.
  9. In which case MIB i think you'd be looking at an animal there that is constantly moving. And this is key to me. We fall in to a trap so much within this subject IMO of talking about this subject on the whole. I think that's a massive mistake. Behavoural (sp?) habits would surely differ across the continent as the continent itself differs so much. So if we are to say that it's possible that Sasquatches can inhabit Chicagoland where habitat is concerned (the breeding conundrum is a different argument) by keeping moving and utilizing different areas then yeah i can understand that as i know that the habitat is there to utilize, i have no problem with that. That wouldn't mean that a group of these things in British Columbia didn't stay put in a 10m radius year round though of course, as the circumstances change dramatically.
  10. My two cents, there is only one reason and one reason only that a Sasquatch, or a family unit of Sasquatches or whatever it would be called, would need to leave (travel) for example the Olympic Peninsula, and that reason is to breed. I'd suspect that if that is the case where the Olympics are concerned and a place with such an abundance of food sources and water then it most certainly is the case throughout the rest of the lower 48 for sure. H have you ever come across a Guy called Jimmy Chillcut (sp) ? The Guy is/was LE and a fingerprint technician and crime scene investigator if i remember rightly. Anyway he went on record to say he found footprints of the same subject 15 years apart, one in WA State and the other in California.
  11. Norseman "But obviously when dealing with witness reports we have to take things with a grain of salt. But I understand when and where to apply that salt is a slippery slope." Absolutely but i'll tell you this. At work with the soccer, we look for KPI's (key performance indicators) within virtually every aspect of a game, all recorded ok. If certain numbers appear that we want and what the coaches want in order for them to make tactical decisions, our "alarm bells" go off on our computers and those "alarm bells" aren't even based on human interpretation, they're based on numerical assurances, to a degree of course, but a very high level of assurance. What us as humans then do is attempt to interpret those numbers and why those "alarm bells" did actually go off, and then implement that decision in order to make it affect a game to our benefit. The SSR in my eyes in no different whatsoever. I say this as in the now 5 years (can you believe that G ?) of us working on this SSR, every now and then i come across numbers that i know damn well would set my "alarm bells" off if i were at work, 100%. For example, i split WA State up as you know in to 5 different Geographical Zones as i believe it was/is valid to do so given the different topography, terrain, flora and fauna and certain features of the State. The Olympics, the North Cascades, the South Cascades, Eastern WA and the Wilappa Hills in the South East part of the State. I can tell you that based on the reports we have locked and loaded in the database, if you were to go camping in the Mt Baker area (North Cascades) you'd have a 9% chance (3/33 reports) of having an actual visual sighting of a Sasquatch if you thought you had any Sasquatch activity whatsoever anyway. That number is disproportionately low as if we're honest, like i would have done before i saw this number, i'd bet a lot of us would say that camping would yield a high % of actual visual sightings of these things, but it doesn't in this specific area of WA State and that if i was working is one that my system, for want of a better term, would put *** asteriks *** next to due to it being such a low number with a decent enough sized data set. So what do you do there then as basically you've found something that would be deemed interesting but nothing else. Well if i was at work i'd look to find numbers that can support this find which would then give us a correlation which would then set the "alarm bells" off. So where the SSR is concerned, the natural step would be to look at a Geographical Zone that borders the North Cascades and see what numbers we can yield from there and if they correlate or not as the case may be in which case then we'd be left with interesting numbers from the North Cascades Geographical Zone but unfortunately, nothing that really correlates anywhere else and therefore, not setting the "alarm bells" off. I can tell you that based on the reports we have locked and loaded from the Mt St Helens area (South Cascades), you'd have a 3% chance (2/39) of an actual visual sighting of a Sasquatch if you thought you had any Sasquatch activity whatsoever anyway. ** DING DING DING ** the "alarm bells" are now going off as we have another disproportionately low percentage that is even lower than previously, and with a larger data set. That is a correlation. So yes we do have to take things with a pinch of salt, absolutely, and highly likely the majority of things, but sometimes we will find correlations within these numbers that are most definitely worthy of attempting to interpret and then action on in a tactical sense, just like we would in work. I can't interpret what/why those numbers are what they are, i can jut tell you that there is a reason for them and that reason would highly likely be to do with the subject as opposed to the people that are making those reports who quite simply could not engage in a hoax type mass report submission in the hope that somebody like me would find those specific numbers and then share them on here. I'd personally prefer it if we banged heads regarding the interpretation of numbers like these, and these are not the only numbers where the "alarm bells" have gone off and i'm sure won't be the last by the way. I'm past the stage of debating these animals existing, that part is a closed shop for me and i won't waste any energy in debating it any more as i truly believe that time and energy is much, much better spent getting my head in to the database and finding certain numbers where as a community on here, we can attempt to interpret and ultimately then action in the field to benefit our objectives which in my eyes is the sole reason why we started the SSR all those years ago now anyway.
  12. Norse i have my extreme reservations about this Chicagoland thing too you know that but i saw my one in South Florida for crying out loud, South Florida, so even though i have my extreme reservations strictly because of what i perceive to be "common sense" where Chicagoland is concerned, i'd be a complete fool to rule it out becauuse i know they are/were in South Florida and if they are/were in South Florida then yes they could be in Chicagoland. One thing i will say about Chicagoland is that there is habitat there, whether that's sustainable i just don't know, but there is habitat there for the, especially if they swim. I agree with the viable breeding population stuff too, i don't see how it could be but you know what, maybe it actually isn't, maybe in the last say 40 years, there isn't a viable breeding population any more and they are now dying out in Illinois. The SSR would support that too as we don't have an actual visual report of one of these things for the past 3 years.
  13. G i can't quote through this proxy i'm using (i'm in Asia) for some reason but i'm trying to quote you from a few above. We don't know nothing about them, right. We know they're doing very well, wrong. We don't know that, this is a poll that asks a question and one has to give an answer and a reason based on a personal opinion. My opinion and vote for that focuses on habitat and the mass availability of it in lots of places across North America. I'm 100% sure that both you and Norseman's opinions and probable vote would be completely different had you seen one and yet of course, had you seen one, it wouldn't make any difference to the poll and the answers we've been asked to give whatsoever.
  14. Norse i'm struggling to understand where you're coming from right now. Are you getting at saying that you don't think they have ever existed in places were these major cities are today because if they did, we would have found one or the remains of one ? Or are you even coming close to saying that they might not exist after all because no one can answer these questions of yours ? I can't answer these questions, i don't know why these things can't be found, where the bones are, why you can't get anywhere near them, i don't know and i'm pretty sure there's no one out there who can tell you either right now. Why that is something i don't know either. There must be a reason that the Government Agencies won't declare these things or acknowledge their existence to the masses, maybe your answers lie deep somewhere in there. And without being pedantic, there was no option for "they're EVERYWHERE and doing great.", ..;) Clusters baby, they live in clusters all across your continent.
  15. We know human capabilities though don't we, Native Americans, we know what they did and didn't do and where they did or didn't do it. I'm not so sure that the Natives were running rings around the Europeans, surely history and where you sit today would be a different place anyway if that was the case overall. Humans are creatures of habit, very, very easy to predict and i do so regularly with work in a concrete jungle, very easy. The Natives wouldn't have been different in that aspect, just in a different jungle, but equally predictable in time and as per usual its the animal with the superior brain that prevails. But these things ? We don't know abut these things, anything. We don't know if they bury their dead, and we don't know if they do, where they do it. Is burying their dead far fetched ? It might be for some, but it's certainly not out of the realms of primate, higher primate, capability and especially ones that we have difficulty locating bones of. We don't know where they sleep, where they feed, what they eat, where they breed, how they breed (don't think about that actually), how they protect the little ones, where they protect the little ones etc etc etc. I don't know why we can't get near them but you know what, even if you popped one tomorrow we STILL wouldn't know anything about them, the world would just know that they were there, but we wouldn't in fact know any more about them then than we do today.