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  1. X2 Norseman...........A Miller from Millersburg OH This has been a great thread and I am so glad to hear I am surrounded by a bunch of red blooded Americans who KNOW what the 2A is all about! I have told myself that I would shoot one if the chance ever came about..................but then I tell myself, "You KNOW you wouldn't be able to pull the trigger on that Awesome creature". I love to hunt and have Personal Defense arms as many here do........Concealed weapons license holder of course. I really liked a post mentioning how Guns are Tools. That is Spot on! If there were no guns, the crazies out there would use whatever means they had to kill.......Guns dont kill, people do. Anyone tells you different is feeding you propaganda in order to keep you at their will. Bigfoot is so much "bigger", if you will, than any other creature in our forests that would be considered typical game.........................There is a lot of video footage and even though most of the videos are fake to jokingly fake, it only takes ONE for it to be real IMHO
  2. Agree I almost thought yote or Deer....but when it takes off and its right hand is well forward, it dont look like any bear or four legged animal to me
  3. This^^^^^^ To me it sounded like the bigfella was saying something.......... Still though, its about rediculous that camera was Completely out of focus
  4. X2, but I still remember when I first saw the photo........First words out of my mouth were "they got him". I have not seen anything to convince me otherwise. I give you the resemblance of the mangy bear photo except one thing. Those lumps and bumps you talk about are NOT on the head of jacobs creature, but they sure are on the mangy bear; almost bugs bunny like EARS! The ears are the most telling to me. You are also right that they can never be confirmed either way. Besides, if we got a shot of the same Creature today, it would be a LOT BIGGER =0) Maybe we'll get lucky enough one day to get his Juvy in a photo..........
  5. I saw the show that had this whole make up done, and it appears the University has a 3D printer. That is what they used to make this thing. Sure there are costs involved, but it also appears that this university also supports his work, so..........Pretty straight forward and I see no reason that Meldrum would make any part of this structure influenced by a donor or anything like that. If anyone would want to get this right, it would be Jeff. It may not be exact, but how much closer can you get? I LOVE IT! Pretty sure I too would be looking for a Hanes 12 pack if I ever saw something like this that was really alive!
  6. Not sure why it needs to be so complicated...........it is complicated enough for me merely because there is no Body in possession for all to see and touch. However, it is such a simple idea I see no reason to NOT believe its real. or at least put my "I think so' odds in the highest of the ninety percentiles. As far as differences? Same as humans with many variables. No two look exactly alike kind of features. My thoughts are leaning towards Gigantopithicus decendant. Again, we have a perfect statue of Giganto, but if there were 3 or 4 REAL ones standing next to each other, you could certainly tell major differences. Especially with a creature so immense. I'm a simple man. I totally believe simply due to it being possible/probable.........its such a simple notion a Caveman could believe it
  7. Exactly....read sig line. It only takes one of the thousands to be real, for the big fella(gals) to be real.
  8. Thanks for sharing Crabshack.......Disturbing to say the least. I have spent some time listening and reading the missing 411 info as well..........I would not go into the woods without my gun. No chance
  9. This^^^^
  10. I have been to the exact spot when it was drier and we walked all over the place a few months after the report.......there was Hog SIGN everywhere, but only one dead hog found and it was very close to the road..... having grown up close to there it is absolutely my favorite report(s). I too have been banging my head and wondering where the Photos from the BIG LENSED camera lady are................Thanks for putting some of that to rest......I still would like to know what she got, if anything.
  11. This^^^ Well said and I was thinking the same thing. I dont know if I just want to Believe him or not, but I have not found enough to Discredit the video I have watched many times......"Oh, there he goes!"..Paul Freeman I LOVE IT!
  12. Wow...........Looks like me and my buddy. Thought I saw a High rear foot lift(Gate) but after watching the original a few more times. I thought I was watching a home movie.......... The girl definitely makes you think shes about to crack up/bust out laughing at any second...............which is why I think she had to stop filming. Im a big fan of TT so this one seems kind of painful
  13. Exactly! How many have to be true for the Big guy(and gal) to be real? I think it was probably an off the cuff remark as well...............I didnt hear the quote say anything about a study
  14. you KNOW thats Exactly what I thought was gonna show up..........however, if you look at Patty's face, I bet I could put two fingers between her nose and her upper lip....only one fits on mine
  15. Its all good BR, all we have is our opinions on stuff like this...........just dont go to Youtube and type in Bigfoot caught on tape; that is frustrating. Also, the Only ones who know for sure are the witnesses and sometimes they cant be 100% positive of what they have seen; sometimes. Now as far as this short clip, I think I see a face, very close to the camera. The reason I think its a juvy that climbed up the tree is that the face does not seem too large, but is right up on the camera . A big ole 9' guy could view the camera without climbing the tree and would not have to be so close to it, as would something actually on the tree...... IMHO; cause thats all I got =0)