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  1. I happen to agree as well. Of course I'm quite open to being proven wrong.
  2. Hey Gary!

    Congrats on your new position on SC!! How have things been going for you?


    1. See-Te-Cah NC

      See-Te-Cah NC


      Thanks, Aaron. Things are going well... lots of changes in life. I hope you're doing well.


    2. AaronD


      Same here! Movie taking up most of my time. I'll email you a short clip we shot recently...it's a rough edit so voices aren't balanced out with ambient noise, no music scored yet etc but you can get the jist

    3. See-Te-Cah NC

      See-Te-Cah NC

      I look forward to it. Thanks.


  3. AaronD - I grew up in State College, but live in Elizabethtown.

    1. AaronD


      Ah ok. I'm 45 min NE of Pittsburgh. Lot of stories of Bigfoot around here but nothing confirmed as yet. Right now I'm working on a Bigfoot fiction movie taken from my novel "A Wish for Giants". 


  4. That's an interesting conjecture! Heaven...... Dang if we could just get one of these on slab.....we could ask anything, right?
  5. Are you crazy? I'll never disclose that.....Pittsburgh is also "near me"
  6. I wasn't sure the best thread to inject my 2 cents but here goes....In the course of rallying community awareness and support for our film A Wish for Giants I've caught wind that a habber lives near me. This has been corroborated by a local law enforcement officer. So far, I'm told they're using apples as a token to interact with the "hairy giant people" and these subjects are said to have language skills, making "Indian noises". Of course, the stench of a wet dog is also reported. I'll keep ya'll posted as I learn more!
  7. Heya Aaron,

    I forgot...but I wanted to apologize for needin' the warnin' the other day. Sorry.

    "Cheers !"


  8. http://jurassicpark.wikia.com/wiki/Robert_Burke


    Gotta do one of these in your film!!! Bobo being packed off by Sasquatch! LOL.

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    2. norseman


      In the Jurassic park series Dr. Bakker doesn't play himself in the film. An actor plays the part of getting eaten by T. rex in the waterfall after a snake falls on him.


      I think it lends some credibility to the film and some humor as well.


      Doesnt have to be Bobo it could be any Sasquatch personality the audience would recognize.

    3. AaronD


      Well Bob Gimlin wants to play himself so thats a plus. We're going to work on a squatch costume. The company that produced the fur for the jack links sasquatch suit is $42 a sq ft....guess I'm not gonna get away cheap on that LOL

    4. norseman


      Holy moly! Good luck bud.

  9. How do you know you are descended from NA giants? Just curious...
  10. Jiggy? A one line post?? R u feeling ok today?
  11. Right on chelefoot! There's nothing of value here except some corny comebacks (sports teams) for those in need of a cheap laugh. We do, however, have several threads in the premium section on the same topic for those who wish to engage in a serious discussion.
  12. Would not "feral" people living unclothed in the wild eventually grow hair on their bodies through adaptation?
  13. Just curious--what make and model subs you got?
  14. I can think of a couple reasons the powers that be would not want us to see proof Bigfoot exists... 1) It would contradict the status quo--evolution generally contends that we "evolved" from simpler forms of life. Last time I saw their monkey--->modern man transition chart the concept that jumps out (at least to me) is we got taller as time went on.....Sasquatch is much bigger--so, how does this fit into the evolution of man? If we're to consider that Bigfoot is some missing link in our evolution...of course, monkeys are still monkeys after all these millions of years..... 2)Control--My personal belief is human hybrid--this would pose a big problem.... The fact that the Bigfoot population (if it exists) is very small keeps all but a fraction of a percent of us from ever seeing one--therefore, easier and far more convenient for those powers that be to just keep what they know to themselves. And yes, they know....
  15. *************************************STAFF WARNING !!!!!******************************************* Look folks--we have a problem here!! The bickering back and forth, making off topic posts, underhanded and thinly disguised personal insults--ALL HAS TO STOP NOW!!!!! This will be your only warning!!!