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  1. plussed on that; humans have health care even though it might just be clean water and bandages. Its easy to take that for granted; its a big deal if you are injured and don't have those things!
  2. OK- this touches on a mystery for me. I was on a bicycle touring trip recently and encountered two grizzly bears, both of which (thankfully!) fled as soon as they saw me. One was pretty big and would have been taller than me if on two legs. Grizzlies are an apex predator! Why then is it that they retreat so often upon human encounter? According to the Forest Service, this is normal as long as they are not habituated by food at camp sites and such. My pet theory is that they mistake humans for another creature with which they have encounters. Otherwise I would think they would be entirely unconcerned.
  3. The base of the pine needle is edible and the younger growth is edible too.
  4. Pine is edible. One thing we have a lot of on this continent is pine. So if you're out in the middle of nowhere and starving, if there is a pine tree you can eat. Spruces no, so you best learn the difference. I took a photo of a bit of scat in British Columbia last year in the Flathead Wilderness. It looked human but was about 10" in length and easily 3" in diameter. Right in the road (which is closed to motorized traffic), a few miles north of the US border, about 49.067051, -114.862906. A minute or two earlier I had stopped to take a photo of an unusual stick formation in the forest adjacent to the road. As I was taking the photo of that, I heard a 'whoop! from way up on the mountainside above me. The photo of the stick formation turned out to be out of focus but the other shot was OK.
  5. We see photos of individual tracks but not the trackway itself?? If I was a reporter I'd wanna see the trackway and no mistake! North Dakota has a lot of snowmobiles. It would not have been that hard to come up with something. So I'm rating this one with 2 and 1/2 Sheesh!es and a Huh?
  6. Finding a BF is really really rare. That's why the PGF is one of the few legit examples documentation (BTW one of our members here has developed a fractal imaging algorithm that may yet bear fruit on the showing that the PGF is the real thing- thread is in the PGF section). Usually BF finds **you**. All of the interactions I've had since my initial encounter have been where they (or it) found me. This usually means they find you on their terms, not yours. So it can be a little .... ooky. One of my recent encounters was on the Elk Pass in Alberta Canada. I was completely alone with no other humans for miles. That's how they like it.
  7. Regarding the original post. Simple answer: No. I had an experience with two BF, up close and personal (8 feet). I saw them in good lighting (the brights of my headlights) and there was nothing ambiguous. But I regard most conspiracy theory very much like false news. I regard it like a virus- someone who's into that- maybe you should stay away so you don't get infected. As far as this little missive: No.
  8. Upon my encounter the first thing that got me after realizing that they really were actually for real was that I was in Colorado and not the PNW yet here it was. The second thing that got me was the sheer size of it- 6 feet seated on its rear. It's arms were bigger around than my legs and its legs were massive. I figured if it was standing it would have been at least 10 feet tall!
  9. ^^ five, I think.
  10. Hey!  Interesting post, when you said:


    ^^ I can think of one example where 98% of scientists are all in agreement and yet the topic on which they all agree is still a matter of intense debate despite the science. Forum rules do not allow me to go any further on the topic as some regard it as politics which is verbotin in the General section. Given that the science is so well-understood on that topic, one on which a monster formerly of joke and myth suddenly becomes real strikes me as 'not likely' no matter how many scientists are independently involved. "


    Can you tell me via PM what that topic is that you refer to?  thanks


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      Sure, in the right situation (which would be in the premium section)! If you recall your forum rules though, they apply to PMs as well. But I can tell you that really famous people mention these findings quite frequently. 


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  11. During my encounter I realized that there are probably other things that are out there that we are told don't exist. So I guess I started to question things. Even though they were enormous (the larger of the two being at least 10 feet tall; it was 6 feet tall while seated on its rear) the knowledge that they really do exist and are probably out in the woods somewhere has never influenced my desire to go into the woods. I suspect I have had several class B encounters since that time. The latest was when I was riding my mountain bike over the Elkford Pass in Alberta (which is right on the border with British Columbia). The pass is rather lengthy, stretching several miles, a number of which required that I hike my bike. During that time I noticed that there was a rock clacking going on in the woods to my left. Since there was a power line right of way, the woods were a little ways off (about 100 feet) and the rock clacking was very distinct. I noticed that as I proceeded south, a couple of miles later the rock clacking was still with me and had been going on for the last 15 minutes as it paralleled my course. So I picked up a couple of rocks and clacked them together- after that I didn't hear from them again.
  12. Hello Twist,


    Actually if you can get on line and edit your posts you are probably qualified. The staff here will train you in on how things work if you are interested. FWIW we can always use the help- its a bit site!


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      I'd be willing to help out if the site needed it.  I just don't have experience running a forum behind the scenes.  

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      The site can use extra moderation help- which is what you are talking about. We can train you in on how it works. Experience is no needed- when I started doing this I had zero experience.


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  14. This topic in now unlocked. We had to do a bit of cleanup. This can happen when members ignore the BFF posting rules, which are found at this link: I encourage everyone to take a peek. And keep them in mind. This is not an easy site to manage. Its very large and there are thousands of threads. On top of that, we like to keep it clean. I would also like to point something out. Its a site about Bigfoot. There's a lot of implications with that, enough said. FWIW, the Staff here are not focused on proponents or skeptics and we don't have any agenda in that regard. We do however have an agenda when it comes to following the forum rules. That matters a lot to us, as those rules are what allow this site to be the best place to find out about things BF on the web. We intend to keep it that way. But we need your help- and here is how that works: 1) follow the forum rules 2) if you encounter a post that seems to be a violation, report it. 3) after reporting the post, overcome the temptation to also react to that post in any way- if you fail in this regard, it can mean that your posting privileges might get suspended, just like the original offending post of 2). Please keep this in mind while posting.
  15. So here's the thing about that- we are probably related. More: You can walk and run all day using a compliant gait. Just take your shoes off and use your toes. That's what they are for. Some helpful reading: 'Born To Run' by Christopher McDougall So that thing- BobH said he was wearing boots. People that think its a suit don't see human feet in the PGF, they see some sort of footwear that is at the bottom of the 'suit'. Now the foxwalk, otherwise known as the 'compliant gait' was really unknown back in the 1960s. Heck, its still pretty well unknown to this day!! The point is, as soon as any modern human that was programmed by the act of growing-up-while-wearing-shoes will do is they will walk by leading with their heel as soon as they have any sort of footwear. This results in a left-right gait rather than inline. This is what a human would have done if wearing a suit. But what we see is that Patty had an inline gait! The fact that this is going on in such an old film is a ready sign that something very unusual is going on. In any of the 'recreations' this simple fact has been ignored. None of the humans in any of the 'recreations' have bothered with the inline gait, probably because they didn't even know they could do it! But somehow Patty did.