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  1. Why are we concerned about LFTBM? The suit used in the mama bigfoot video does not look like the one used in LFTBM. The image that Night Walker posted does not claim to be from the mama bigfoot video. It also has a ufo in it. Note the lack of ufo in the mama bigfoot video. I don't see any connection between LFTBM and the mama bigfoot video.
  2. You are mistaken. Edit: My apologies. You mean his second post. I thought you meant the one with the trail cam pics. Yes, the other is most definitely from LFTBM.
  3. But it's not clear enough to rule out costume or video editing.
  4. Do you believe HD photos or HD footage would make a difference? I am confident that you do not. So why are you nit picking that difference in this thread?
  5. Do you think anyone doubts the photos presented in these studies. I get so tired of the whole photos and video won't matter lament. It's hogwash. Let's see some clear photos or video of a Bigfoot and see what happens. The game would change quickly. Sad that is not very likely to happen.
  6. I care not at all what you believe, only what you can prove.
  7. Poppycock. Alleged bigfoot evidence has been examined in detail--at the DNA level. It was found to be many things, but not a one of them a bigfoot. The oddity you want dismissed is the absence of evidence that strongly supports the possibility of bigfoot.
  8. I agree with Dkeeng. This thread is an excellent example of where the proponent special pleading engine gets put into high gear. A scientific study, smack dab in the middle of reportedly bigfoot country, turns up zero evidence of any bigfoots. Yet that same study succeeds in producing convincing and unambiguous evidence of even some highly rare animals in that study area. Why no bigfoot evidence? That is the question this study raises. Answers to that question invariably involve all the time worn special pleading excuses that proponents have been leaning on for years upon years. Even in the face of studies such as this, the proponent belief meter nudges not one bit in the other direction. Belief is unwavering. I am positive that there is no number of similar studies that could ever be published that could ever put a dent in the armor of belief. If something like this does not make a proponent stop and wonder, to question somewhat their belief, then nothing ever will. It remains interesting, however, to observe how belief remains steadfast even in the face of objective science.
  9. I think from your pov your leaving out a third option D, hoaxed. I've watched Mike Dodge on TV dress up in a Bigfoot ish hairy "suit" and whoop and holler and scare campers to death. Lucky he hasnt been shot. Dishonesty includes hoaxing, but I get your point. The hoaxer or the hoaxee could be the dishonest party.
  10. LOL. Yeah, I'm real worried about that one. If bigfoot was revealed to the world as a flesh and blood animal, that would be great. I would not be traumatized in the least. I would be shocked that such a creature managed to avoid detection and leave absolutely zero objective, biological evidence behind for so long. But since bigfoot is imaginary, I'm not holding my breath that is ever going to happen.
  11. It's got nothing to do with reported or not. There is a stunning lack of bigfoot evidence where there should be an abundance. This has nothing to do with the 6 PM news.