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  1. My Bigfoot "Honey Hole" is here at the BFF where I get all the news and information on happenings in the BFworld. That's why I contribute to the Bigfoot Forum Fund drive, and you should too. Contribute here Questions asked and answered here... Play trivia, win a donation...
  2. LOL, I'm still licking my wounds from that last beating you gave me. That's the thing about the Tar Pit folks, we fight because we love. The key is to not take it personally. Hiflier and I might go at it tooth and nail, but he's still my bud. What happens in the pit, stays in the pit. We leave it there.
  3. Unless you are living in a cave and have no Internet access, now is a great time to show your appreciation for this great forum and make a donation to the fund drive. As little as $5 or as much as you want! Premium memberships are only $20. You can join and watch us fight with hiflier in the Tar Pit! It's epic! Link to donate here... Questions answered here...
  4. Well, if Bigfoots do indeed exist they are the rarest of creatures so encountering one would be equally as rare. I've spent many a day and night roaming these East Texas woods hunting, fishing, just wandering around and even did it for a living for awhile and I have one experience that is possibly BF related, so an encounter or experience would generally be a once in a lifetime event. Of course, the more time you spend in the woods the greater your odds are of having such an encounter.
  5. Yep, those things are life-savers
  6. Oh yeah, more of a greyish color. The thing is when it comes to saying what a BF should look like, they come in many sizes and colors according to witness accounts. If you scroll down at the bottom of this page you'll see an array of sketches done by Pete Travers from witness descriptions. Loren Coleman ponders why they look so different, some more human and some more apelike, but with them being Hominids it would make sense that like humans, they all or most would look a little different. What Changed the Face of Bigfoot?
  7. Yeah, I'm not saying she wasn't. She's just always looked black watching the film and it throws me off a little seeing that recreation in her true color.
  8. Looks like a pretty good recreation but I'd like to see more angles. Also, Patty looks black on film to me so the color sort of throws me off, even though I believe it was B Gimlin who said she actually was that brown/reddish color.
  9. Agreed Norse, and it seems obvious they were Native Americans. NA's of the contiguous USA/Canada area of the North American continent were known for being tall, just compare them with NA's of Central and South America, who tend to be on the short side. There was a Comanche Chief known as "The Man Mountain" due to his size and George Catlin noted meeting up with a Pawnee warrior close to 8 foot tall. The tallest human on record was 8' 11" so it would be well within reason that there were quite a few NA's over time that approached that height. They would be revered and most likely buried with great ceremony.
  10. Agreed, if they exist, they would have to be rather intelligent creatures, not human smart but smarter than any other know life. Much smarter. Being omnivorous would give them a huge advantage as well. I still think that if they do exist there population is very small and perhaps on the verge of extinction.
  11. Not sure how to answer this since I see these first three all as viable answers.
  12. Anyone who has a premium membership can access the research areas, read, comment, whatever. If you choose not to act accordingly however, the person who controls their research area can block you out. There are several other research areas you could still access however. Plus, the $20 bucks for the premium membership supports the forum. It also gives you access to The Tar Pit, where you can let anyone and everyone know what you think about them with no restrictions. Just beware however, The Tar Pit is where they keep Huntster chained up.
  13. I see a Bigfoot walking away from the camera.
  14. Pretty sure Bart had a rock thrown in his direction.