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  1. There's a juvenile sitting up in the tree.
  2. Here is an aerial image of the area. The location in question is the lake that is located just below timberline. As you can see there is far more cover there than in the surrounding areas and it also offers a rapid means of descent to the east (top center) and the relative safety and greener pastures of the forested canyon below.
  3. I'm glad you brought this up, Explorer! My brother and I both read the book "The Last Season" (excellent read) quite a few years ago and it stirred us to research whether or not the events described there were related in any way to what we had experienced. We were able to positively conclude that our journey took place in late August of 1995. So it was a full year prior to Morgenson going missing. We even spent one night at Bench Lake in '95 and walked right past the unoccupied camp of the ranger who was stationed there, who undoubtedly at that time was Morgenson. We had chatted with him a time or two in previous years as he had patrolled that particular area for many years As a side note, our stay at Bench Lake was rather unusual. We had set up camp and hunkered down in our tents that mid afternoon to avoid being eaten alive by the massive mosquito population there. As we looked out through the mosquito netting we saw a procession of perhaps twenty people dressed in immaculate flowing white robes, carrying flowers etc, marching purposefully down the trail to the eastern shore of the lake, this at over 10,500 ft. and a very difficult day and a half hike in! We concluded that it was perhaps some kind of new age wedding or retreat trip for some odd cult. Who knows? Getting back on track here, Yes the NPS does indeed use helicopters in the wilderness area but it is their policy to keep that to an absolute minimum so as not to spoil the wilderness experience for others. In all the time I have spent in Kings Canyon I can recall seeing just two of them, the one I described in my piece was an unmarked military type chopper. I observed it at very close quarters and it was certainly not one of the much smaller rescue evac type helicopters I had seen previously. The chopper also landed at a barren out of the way area that made no sense whatsoever as a re-supply drop-off or staging area for a possible rescue attempt. For many years I was close personal friends with one of the summer Rangers who patrolled the Mount Whitney area, just south of Kings Canyon. We never discussed the topic of bigfoot specifically, but I did notice that he would often shut down the conversation if it drifted to anything of a paranormal nature. He would clearly become uncomfortable, tight lipped, and sullen. This would happen even when he was far away from work, visiting at my home. So yes, I believe there is specific training and policy regarding these types of issues and the avoidance thereof. In my honest opinion though, I don't believe that the wide open expanses of Kings Canyon's high country would offer the best habitat for sasquatch. Most of it is well above timberline which in this area is around 10,600 ft or so. The highest peaks are 13 to 14 thousand.ft. There is little or no cover and most activity can be spotted from as far as a mile away. Its not the best elevation for abundant food sources either. Could they have adapted to life scraping out an existence on the scree slopes and boulder fields? Possibly... but the lush green valleys just west of this area would provide a far more lucrative alternative. .
  4. Yes, you are in the correct area and thanks for the link!
  5. The area I am referring to is well south of Tahoe. If you are back in the mountains here though, check out Plumas County sometime...
  6. I prefer not to use specific names and locations on this forum for personal reasons, maintaining one's privacy etc. However, there is enough information in my post that with a good map you could pinpoint the location with a bit of work. I have not been there since, but the same two men that I was with in '95 repeated the route about 5 years ago and stayed at all the same places. They had a fine time and reported nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever... No. it doesn't start with an "L" JDL. Where you also in the Southern Sierra's?
  7. No, i have not shared it on this forum before. If someone had a similar experience in that area, it would be interesting to hear from them!
  8. Since we are discussing infrasound, I would like to share an experience that I had a few decades ago. I have discussed this previously with Far Archer and decided I would share it here as well... I believe it was the summer of '95, my brother and a mutual lifelong friend (who worked for the defense department) were doing a roughly 70 mile 6 day backpacking trip with shuttle between trailheads A and B, in the south eastern portion of the Sierra Nevada range of California. The route was ambitious but doable as we were quite experienced and still relatively young men in those days. Our journey started out at 9k feet and then climbed to over 12k, then down to 8 and back up to 12k and so on, as we would summit 4 high passes during the hike. Up and down - up and down. It didn't help matters that I dislocated my kneecap during an acclimatization climb on the day prior to starting our route, I decided to do the hike despite considerable pain and impairment, my thinking being that perhaps I could walk it off in some way. it turns out I was right but it took most of a week to do so. The important thing to note here is that because I was injured, I was usually lagging a mile or so behind my partners, and saw things that they didn't see that came into play later on... We got over the top of the first pass late that first evening and spent a frigid night in our camp, as some unseasonably cold air had moved in even though it was still late summer. In the morning our water was frozen and frost glistened on the granite. We slogged on for the next few days down into a magnificent lush green canyon, walled in by granite towers - then up an interminable 3,000 ft. climb, the Golden Staircase. I numbed the pain in my leg by drifting into the "zone" of solitude and clear thought (or so it seemed) inside my head, caused by the exertion and repetitive rhythm of climbing. Another couple of cold nights and then a planned early morning ascent of our penultimate pass, would be followed by a mild descent to XYZ lakes, a lovely hospitable place to camp that I had fond memories of from the early 70's. As I neared the top of the pass, I could see my partners silhouetted in the morning sun, already resting in the narrow notch that defined the low point of the col. Two scruffy looking men approached from the switchbacks ahead and as we passed we engaged in the normal backpacker banter of "How ya doin'" Where ya headed etc." I mentioned that our destination was XYZ lakes and their expressions seemed to change. "We were going to stay there too. but its not a good place to go. there's a massive bear problem there." said the dirtier looking of the two men, his sidekick nodded in agreement. I didn't think much of it and moved on to meet my companions on the pass. The men had told them the same thing... We reflected on the previous days hike and started putting things together. That day we had also ran into two men but hadn't thought much of it - but they had seemed rather odd and out of place. One was wearing a Ranger cap but no other uniform or identification, the other was a sparklingly clean, snazzily yet inappropriately attired man wearing what appeared to be FBI issue sunglasses. He looked as if he had shaved and showered that morning even though we were some 35 miles in from the nearest paved road. They had also advised us to not go to XYZ lakes, "We don't really want people camping there anymore, there are better places to camp," the "Ranger" suggested without identifying himself. As we sat and rested on the pass we talked about this for a bit, but decided that we weren't going to change our plans at this point. We moved on and my partners swiftly commenced to descend the pass as I straggled along far behind them. At a point perhaps halfway down the pass, I heard a droning sound approaching from behind the peaks to the west and before I knew it an unmarked military helicopter passed a few hundred feet directly above me and made a direct line for a small group of tarns somewhat north of XYZ lakes and perhaps a mile from my lofty vantage point. I sat and rested on a large boulder and watched as the chopper landed in a tiny flat area and was greeted by a figure that emerged from behind some large rocks. The figure was joined by a man who disembarked from the chopper and for the next 15 minutes or so they proceeded to unload what appeared to be some very large wooden crates from the vessel. The chopper then re-ascended and flew off to the east. My thoughts were that this was all highly unusual... I arrived at XYZ lakes a short time later. My partners had arrived at this deserted and rather eerie place a while ago and had begun to set up camp in one of the few remaining flat areas, the same spot coincidentally that I had set up in over 20 years earlier. But something was different now. Gone was the good feel and idyllic ambience of the place, instead it seemed grim and foreboding. My buddies mentioned that they hadn't seen the helicopter but agreed that the place was a little spooky. Later that afternoon we watched in amazement as what appeared to be a massive military aircraft flew high above us at top speed. It appeared to be larger than the size of a football field, as we saw commercial jets later that day for a size comparison. We chatted about this at sunset as we sipped the last of our remaining whiskey, then we each got into our own tents at dusk and fell asleep. I awoke in the middle of the night, and heard footsteps on the scree not far from our tents, slowly cautiously and deliberately moving about. They were not the steps of a bear or deer, besides we were well above the elevation of their usual habitat. I felt a fair amount of fear and a strong reluctance to investigate further. The next thing I knew it was morning... My partners had heard the sounds as well, and they too, were spooked but reluctant or unable to do anything. None of us seemed to want to talk about it much, as if admitting fear could be seen as a weakness. We broke camp and moved on, our destination being XXX Lake some eight miles distance away. It would be the final night of our trip as we would hike down to the high desert the following morning and head home. We arrived at our destination and set up camp, our tents about 20 feet apart on flat gravely shelves above the lake. Afternoon came and went and then we fished for a bit, I remember arguing with my brother over who would clean the fish... We were exhausted from our journey and decided to get an early night, besides we were out of whiskey. It was dusk and we each got into our tents. I crawled into my bag and luxuriated in the fact that my leg was feeling much better and that we would be back in civilization sometime the following afternoon and looked forward to having a real bed to sleep in as well! It was then that I heard a slow shuffling right outside my tent, perhaps two feet from my head, a step and then a pause, slow and deliberate, again and again encircling my tent. I was frozen in terror without the power of speech. I heard my friend cry out my name in a quaking voice, "Mort, is that you"! I heard a low guttural sound from the direction of my brother's tent. I could not answer - the terror was too intense. The next thing we all remember was waking up the following morning. There was no recollection of tossing and turning all night as you normally do sleeping in the mountains, there were no memories of getting up to **** or having a drink, there was just a blank gap after the terror at dusk. Nothing but a long sound sleep...We talked about it as we packed our things. We were still creeped out in a major way over the events that had occurred, but try as we may we were unable to fill in any details. Both of my partners said that they too had also heard footsteps directly outside their tents at the same time as when I did. Then, for all of us, it all went blank... We hit the trail, and I lagged behind, stopping near the end of the lake to **** before the long descent. I took off my pack and walked a few yards off the trail to what appeared to be a very old and abandoned camp from a bygone era. As I stood there I had a feeling come over me that I have never experienced before or since. It was a feeling of utmost melancholy and tangible despair, along with a sense of evil, of death and decay. I looked around one last time and then was quickly gone, The feeling though, stayed with me for the next several hours as I descended 5,000 vertical feet to the high desert. During the last mile or so I could see the parking lot still far below, it contained what appeared to be several shiny black or white government vehicles. Feds. What was more alarming was that our car was no longer there. It was gone! I was in a fair panic as I finally reached the parking lot and confirmed that the only vehicles that remained there were all of government agencies. "Its odd that we never saw any of these guys on the trail," I thought to myself, "Or maybe we did!" But what was even more alarming at this point was that my partners were nowhere to be found. They were gone as well... I threw off my pack and sat silently on a boulder among the sagebrush, contemplating what had happened and how to proceed. A lot of crazy thoughts went through my head as I stared out at the wide expanse of desert where somewhere the road home lay. Had my friends been abducted, "detained" or arrested for some reason? Were they injured or had they just vanished? Had the car been stolen? Where they playing a cruel joke on me perhaps? After perhaps an hour, I saw from the dirt clouds being thrown up from the desert road that a car was approaching but perhaps still five miles distant. I was cheered at least by the knowledge that I would have someone to share my dilemma with. Finally, as the car emerged through the dust and sagebrush, I could make out that it was our car and that it was occupied by my companions! We had a fine reunion - it turned out that they were far ahead of me and had driven to a small town to pick up a half case of ice cold beers to surprise me! I was immensely relieved and pleasantly surprised! Soon I waved goodbye to the lingering paranoia. We took this seriously for a lot of years. My brother even went so far as to have his body checked for metal implants prior to a full CAT scan. They turned up negative. After a while my DOD friend claimed that none of these events ever occurred and he would often become angry if we ever talked about them. Then after he retired early and started receiving a massive pension he again was able to acknowledge that they did occur and was in full agreement over the timeline of events. As for myself - it will always remain a mystery, but at least now I have some idea of possibilities...
  9. Not all of us here on the forum have made "proving the existence of bigfoot" there life's mission or take it quite as seriously as others. We all have different comfort levels.... I wish FarArcher all the best. My apologies for wandering into the wrong woods.
  10. "There will be two .338 WM AR's, and Dr. E said he's bringing his .458 WinMag AR. Synchronous shots, multiple aim points, one target. Can't afford this thing to drag itself off. Additional AR's in .308, shotguns with special ammo, and of course large caliber handguns. For our purposes, and our purposes alone, we've all carefully discussed needs, and with what we know, once we drop one, we are 99.99% certain we'll be facing three to six additional others, intelligent, tactically sound, and very, very angry, who will resort to aggressive tactics. Their first move will be to recover the dead one - and we're 100% certain we're not going to allow that. We're over 50% confident that before the night is over, we'll have a break, and then later there will be yet others" This is truly one of the most sinister posts I have ever read on an internet forum, prize-winning scary stuff. Congratulations. and good luck with your "harvest." Its back to the warm and cozy confines of the PGF thread for me.....<Shudder>
  11. Greetings! You posted this question in the developing thread:


    Old Mort....It was a fellow named Leonard Tall that has been quoted as saying Kodachrome film could get processed on a Saturday. It is my understanding he was something of a fixture in the photo/film lab business and was tied to a Portland lab called SAWYERS. Have you run across any mention of SAWYERS being able to process Kodachrome film? Probably not but I have to ask.


    I haven't come across the name Sawyer's Lab before, but I have heard the name Leonard Tall before, in that he was tied somehow to the developing of the PGF.

    Here is his obituary from 1998, listed in the Seattle Times http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19980808&slug=2765293 and there are a few relevant nuggets of information contained in it.


    1. Tall was the founder of Tall's Camera Supply and CX Corp.

    2.  Mr. Tall made his name as a film-processing pioneer. He founded Tall's Camera Supply in 1948 and CX Corp. 20 years later.

    3. By 1976, CX Corp. sold about 70 percent of the photo-finishing equipment in North America.


    As the major supplier of photofinishing equipment in the nation, Tall would have known the exact capabilities and probably the business hours of each and every lab in the Seattle area at that time. Its too bad he is no longer with us. I am certain he could have resolved many unanswered questions... Tall was the man.


    I am going to look into CX Corp. and see if there is any relevant historical information available, unlikely but worth a try... I am in contact with a gentleman from Kodak in Rochester NY as well as another from the Kodak Canada Lab in BC, but they always seem reluctant when it comes down to specific questions regarding capabilities or were and when such and such was available. I can't push too hard...


    If you have any further info regarding Tall that you are willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated...






  12. So let's take it a step further: Gimlin allegedly got up in the middle of the night and rode a few miles in the rain in order to cover the tracks with bark or whatever. Did they still feel that despite the film and casts that they had insufficient evidence and needed other witnesses to corroborate their story? That part seems a little over the top as if it were contrived...
  13. My only point was that the PGF is not unique as far as a filmmaker supplying corroborating evidence.
  14. Have you watched the film? Freeman finds tracks, follows them, casts them and then films a sasquatch. Same thing - reverse order. Why go to the trouble as you said.
  15. The 1994 Freeman Film also included footage of tracks and the casting of those tracks. http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/bigfoot_video/freeman_bigfoot.php