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  1. Yes, but not with your excellent ear for music.
  2. Incorrigible1: "Have I mentioned that I'm married to..... oh, never mind' Aside: Your mention of your marriage had me googling "Morgan Fairchild and Harvey Korman", which eventually led to me watching "Based on an Untrue Story" yesterday. So this thread has come full circle for me. Edit: quote didn't work
  3. Forget sworn affidavit-type statements...At this point it is nothing but hearsay from one participant in a forum verses an on-record statement by an organization, essentially suggesting that the official statement is false, a statement which some forum members stand behind. I would be glad to hear the other side of the story, but I would think you need more than this before you come challenging the integrity of forum members.
  4. LCB, I'm trying to keep up with this.. First you offer the NAWAC the firearms knowledge they have been sorely missing to accomplish their goals and to crawl out of their ineptness, but then as they are no doubt rushing out to equip themselves as you have prescribed, you ask them to put the genie back in the bottle and to reconsider this course of action entirely. I hope they kept their receipts from the last couple of days. And then to top it off, you inform us that some associated with NAWAC call the "individual" a monkey for their conscious sake, rather than for the possibility that they are actually convinced that the subject is more closely related to other apes than to humans. I'm sure this is something you know to be true, otherwise it would constitute an unfounded accusation. This information is astounding. Is it possible that you are one of those meta-physical 10-dimensional forces that you have stated are manipulating us? I have also noticed recently that some forum members who are more often associated with other "pet" threads on this forum, where open-mindedness is promoted when discussing those subjects, and where it is periodically lamented how overly-aggressive challenges to the subject of those threads discourages others from offering information, have no problem coming to the NAWAC thread and basically doing the same thing here - essentially using the information presented as ammunition against those who offer it, or at the very least taking this thread off topic and into more of a morality discussion. I enjoy healthy debate and discussion, but what I just described strikes me as hypocritical. Sometimes I think that on any given day, the existence of bigfoot is more likely to be proven than the existence of an actual bigfoot community. I do thank Brian and others who have made the actual NAWAC field study discussion interesting. I had better go take cover before science commences the "lamb blasting". I don't fancy getting covered with wool and other young sheep bits.
  5. Well this was light-hearted - I just mean his MMA buddies would look more convincing than Bob Hieronimus in a bigfoot costume - so I'm glad to hear he is honest and a low risk for hoaxing. The Carlos Mencia reference was an aside to Joe's successful calling-out of Carlos Mencia for stealing his jokes (not bigfoot related).
  6. I'm glad we have at least one testimonial to his honesty, because it makes me uncomfortable to have someone in the mix who has frequent contact with large, muscular dudes who would look good in an ape suit (obviously I'm not talking about Carlos Mencia).
  7. The end goal is conservation, if I understand correctly. You don't chafe at the idea of conservation, do you?
  8. Hello But, yeah, I get it... it seems some are willing to quickly throw out everything about our current understanding for theories that are much more unlikely.
  9. I know what you are saying here, but I think it's difficult to re-write evolution because the story is still likely very incomplete. We really don't know the completeness of the fossil record - and we know humans and other apes have lived in some areas not conducive to fossilization. I would expect that our understanding of human/primate evolution will change a great deal in another 25-100 years (and beyond). There may even be some very unexpected surprises. If bigfoot is eventually cataloged by science, the discovery would likely require some tweaking in our understanding of evolution.
  10. In FL, the annual report is not due until May 1 (just a little FYI)
  11. Sounds like a wild ride ahead. I hope blindfolding is not required.
  12. Maybe they bet on the races.... gamble away their Zagnut bars and pancakes.
  13. I can't prove it, but I would be willing to bet that most willing to pay a fee to attend a bigfoot conference are neither expecting bigfoot "to show up", nor are they expecting to see a specimen (or even high quality photographs). I'm sure those attending a bigfoot conference go for a variety of reasons and motivations, including supporting the efforts of the sponsoring organization, and are willing to pay the fee to do so. I think it is reasonable to assume that some of those interested in this Operation Persistence thread would be interested in the TBRC conference, and so it is reasonable for bipto to include a brief announcement for the event. I know it was said that this discussion isn't meant to flame at Operation Persistence, but I don't understand why it was necessary to choose this particular time at the mention of this particular conference to draw a "line in the sand" regarding bigfoot conferences, to the possible detriment of this thread. RayG and RRS did bring up some interesting questions, so I feel motivated to start a thread.
  14. It doesn't look like a wood ape, because is doesn't have a red circle around it.