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  1. Never heard of Ivan Marx? Read up on him. Some of his "footage" is laughable. Some say it was his wife in a suit. You'll be entertained for sure. I think Tom Biscardi was a pupil of Marx also.
  2. Filming takes up a lot of their time I'm sure. I believe I've heard Cliff mention his off time is still spent in the woods. ( Yooo Hooo Cliff!) The best we could hope for is a team to set out to film one and hope a network picks it up as a special documentary. That's a big dream! P.S. A REAL documentary, not the History Channel mockudrama.
  3. Yep. Last night's episode. I believe the 2 "rookies" were scripted. Over the top style stupid.
  4. One thing bothers me about the show. I've only seen 2 episodes so far so maybe I don't understand. Why do they extract a member as soon as he reports activity? Their goal is to collect one, right?
  5. I voted they're doing great. The number of reports from around the country and their intelligence to be close to humans and still remain hidden is my reason for voting this option.
  6. 2000 yards in my neck of the woods means three ridge tops over. The woods are thick and have steep ravines.
  7. I'm at the other end of the spectrum, in a way. My outings are casual. Just NV and a parabolic. No cameras. (Any more.) If I were to post experiences people would want more than my word obviously. No photos or recordings to share. I guess I'm out there for my own satisfaction.
  8. If things got real would his guys hear his truck getting the heck out of Dodge?
  9. They don't seem to concerned about having their flashlights on all the time , I noticed. Mr. Lansdale plays the General well staying in camp instead of the bush. The jawbone they found was found to be 100% human? They mentioned it in the closing credits.
  10. That object doesn't appear in the previous days picture . I don't know what it is. The thing at the fallen tree looks like another tree leaning over it. Could you get a picture with a regular camera at the same time of day?
  11. It's just to blurry to say what it is. Bigfoot, coyote, bird, or Batman. It can't be paranormal. TV has taught me paranormal only happens at night.
  12. If they are close to a population center they're raiding our dumpsters and trash cans eating our leftovers. Beware the bigfoot having a Big Mac Attack!
  13. The Cohutta is so huge. It'll take luck on my part to get a definite area to look around. My other area is small enough to cover in one evening, hence the secret spot. Thanks!
  14. I go to the Cohutta wilderness. It has potential. I once heard an extremely loud , deep howl there. We camped in a hardwood stand once. We got up the next morning and a pine bow was next to the tent. Our other spot is HOT. Many interactions over the years. It's further west closer to Alabama. It's a secret for certain reasons. Thanks!
  15. Kudos to Bobo! Keep the producers in line Cliff! I enjoy your participation on the show and the forum. Please come back to North Georgia soon!