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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. I agree that sharing experiences, techniques and results without sharing locations could be productive. The concern for some people, myself included, is that if a location(s) does get somehow get out into the public's domain, you run the risk of people overusing the area. That might serve to cause a sasquatch to move away from the area and then become counterproductive. I tend to go to certain areas frequently and have "put in the hours" just like many others here. Admittedly, there is a small, but nagging, worry that I did the heavy lifting so that someone else could waltz in and get all the glory.
  2. I like sharing ideas and techniques with all the awesome folks on this forum and also talking with friends and family about the subject matter. Some believe while others aren't convinced. That's all ok. In the end, I could give a hoot whether anything I do is seen or believed by others. I know what I've heard and seen and there isn't a human alive who could convince me otherwise. Hoaxers have no impact whatsoever in anything I do related to sasquatch.
  3. If I had a choice of being on the ground or trees, I would probably default to the ground. Having said that, it would be pretty awesome to be in a tree and be able to see much farther. My 454 is a Ruger Toklat which has a 5" barrel. We all handle recoil differently. Hickok45 did a review of the Toklat and he handled recoil by letting his arms and wrists roll with the recoil. In my stance, I lock my arms and wrists down and let them absorb the recoil. It makes it much easier to stay on tarket. I would not want to shoot several dozen rounds of the 360 gr hardcast pushed out at 1,423 fps in that manner as it does rock you a little. For a single cylinder full, I'm game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll--DXOWPyA
  4. If a Sasquatch were intent on getting to me by going up the tree, the 4' might allow just enough extra time for 360grains of hardcast lead from my 454 Casull to greet him. If he is not so inclined to go up the tree, then he goes along his merry way and I have a longer time to view him with the extra 4'.
  5. I've never been in a tree stand but it would have to up there for me to feel comfortable. You hear stories of hunters up 11' or 12' and having one walk underneath. No way...mine would be up 15' or more.
  6. It's amazing how memory works, or doesn't work, for that matter. The one thing I would have bet the farm one is that a person remembers the location. Once there, it comes racing back like a video run quickly in reverse. Interesting.
  7. Most of the areas I go to are done so by backpacking in and I mostly do so solo. Those areas are usually a fair number of miles from where I left your car. I've always wondered what it would be like to that miracle sighting. I think about what those brief seconds might be like. Life changing for sure. You hear of some people, such as hunters, who have been in the woods all their lives, then refuse to go back after having a sighting. Many say they were scared to death and want no part of the woods again. For me, if that intense fear factor kicked as others have said, it would be a long hike back to the car alone constantly looking over my shoulder confident I heard something in the woods to my left or right. I'm ready for it and the feeling of being more alive than I ever have in my life.
  8. I'm not in the kill club but have no problem with those who are. I recently started trying to capture audio for my own personal use. Listen to it and let it help to relive a particularly special moment when you finally "heard it". I would definitely share any audio or pictures with friends and family. It would never be seen or heard commercially on YouTube or other places like that. I have no interest in proving it to anyone but consider it a game, a challenge, to have the blessing to finally see one and maybe even get it on audio or film.
  9. Kudos to those who endeavor to prove the existence of Sasquatch through conventional scientific means. I have no interest in that nor proving it to scientists nor to my neighbor or anyone else. The scientific community will never accept anything less than a body and that's a day I hope never comes. Those who wish for that day...that's fine. It's just not my cup of tea. I hold in great disdain the scientific community as a whole as it relates to BF. That arrogantly sit back and laugh about the subject and tell those in the field to go do the heavy lifting and let me know when you're got it. In general, the scientific community does lift a finger to do anything. Thus my total lack of respect for it. Some individual scientists do sacrifice their time, energy and money and those I applaud. I know what I've experienced and no coke-bottle bespectacled nerd from the scientific community, sitting on his ever-enlarging fanny, will ever convince me otherwise.
  10. Didn't someone say something about insufferable?
  11. Whether the OP is addressing people who confuse BF for a bear or a bear for a BF, it circles back to the same issue. Nobody who has spent a good amount of time in the woods, and especially someone who knows the fauna of the forest, would ever confuse the two. This hybrid-bear-human is preposterous; no offense meant either. Genetics simply wouldn't allow it. I would expect city boys from New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, or the like, to be completely befuddled about the woods and the dynamics that happen with the animals that inhabit it. Local hunters don't confuse a bear and Sasquatch when they have a clear view. Absolutely no way.
  12. If a "creature" is on two legs is ~7' tall or more, we can eliminate black bear. So, unless the witness is in grizzly or brown bear territory, if they see something in that range, it can't be a bear they are seeing.
  13. It's just plain silly to think that wildlife biologists, forest rangers, or experienced hunters are going to confuse a walking bear and a sasquatch. No way I am going to be confused.Those who seek to dismiss sasquatch sightings as misidentifications, which were really bear, are people who haven't spent enough time in the woods.
  14. Do you use a wind sock/screen on the external mic?
  15. I would only be leaving the recorder out on a night-by-night basis depending on the weather. It will always be retrieved the next day.