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  1. I'm about 25% through it so far; an excellent read! As a huge plus, several of these skeletons were found within 5 miles of my house; I guess I will be looking at things a bit differently when I explore the woods in my area from now on.
  2. Or they saw this pic...
  3. Has anyone ever gone to the alleged shooting location and found the tree with the nail in it that held the ribs? This would at least confirm or deny that this at least occurred.
  4. Take a camera, and try to get a photo; that always seems to work well to repel them!
  5. Just a thought for a possible identity of the unknown hominid that bred with humans; the Alma. It could be that a group of these could have followed the humans into North America across the Bering Strait land bridge 16,000 years ago. Both groups would have been hunter-gatherers and would have followed and exploited the coastline for food, so it would make sense that they would be here as well. The stories of human/ Alma breeding from the East always have human males breeding with Alma females. What if the opposite occurred in the new world? The Alma sightings from the East portray the Almas as hairy wild humans; this could be the reason for the Bigfoot’s coat.
  6. Or, sitting back quietly with a big grin upon her face!
  7. If it is chipped, I would assume it was someone's lost pet. I would then bury "Fluffie", so the kids would think that maybe he's just out for a long walk and will be back. I'm sure they would rather have some hope, rather than being heartbroken. After a week or so, I'll bet they even quit putting pancakes and garlic out on the back porch for it!
  8. Looks like we got skunked on this one.
  9. Why not? most of us on this forum are anaerobic at this point anyway!
  10. Did the "Men in Black" show up to examine the Georgia Boys' freezer? If not, then there is no coverup. Unless of course they provided them with the fake one!