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  1. On the subject of the bones. I am of the opinion that we may have already found many examples that may be Sasquatch found all across the US. When discovered they were called giant humans. There were many newspaper reports about them up to the mid 1940's. After the mid 40's you hear nothing about them in the mainstream. You cannot find these bones now at the museums that the newspapers reported them being sent to. If they are Sasquatch they may have changed the way they bury thier dead so that we would not dig them up. 18 Giant Skeletons Unearthed in Lake Delavan, WI In May of 1912, an archeological dig overseen by Beloit College of more than two hundred effigy burial mounds near Lake Delavan on Lake Lawn farm unearthed eighteen bizarre skeletal remains of what appeared to be a lost race of giants. As originally reported in the May 4th, 1912 edition of the New York Times, the skulls of these seven to nine-foot skeletons were elongated, with protruding nasal bones and long, pointed jaw bones. This was not the first discovery of giant skeletons buried in Wisconsin. Two Giant Skeletons Near Potosi, WI The January 13th, 1870 edition of the Wisconsin Decatur Republican reported that two giant, well-preserved skeletons of an unknown race were discovered near Potosi, WI by workers digging the foundation of a saw mill near the bank of the Mississippi river. One skeleton measured seven-and-a-half feet, the other eight feet. The skulls of each had prominent cheek bones and double rows of teeth. A large collection of arrowheads and “strange toys” were found buried with the remains. Giant Skeleton Discovered in Maple Creek, WI On December 20th, 1897 the New York Times reported that three large burial mounds had been discovered near Maple Creek, WI. Upon excavation, a skeleton measuring over nine feet from head to toe was discovered with finely tempered copper rods and other relics. Giant Skeleton in West Bend, WI A giant skeleton was unearthed outside of West Bend near Lizard Mound County Park and assembled by local farmers to a height of eight feet. More about this can be found in Washington County Paranormal: A Wisconsin Legend Trip by local author and investigator J. Nathan Couch. While a normal-sized skeleton of a supposed mound builder (the “Princess of Aztalan”) is on display at the site of several large pyramidal monuments near Madison called Aztalan State Park, the goliath remains of Wisconsin’s giants have vanished along with the hundreds of others discovered throughout the midwest. Many have accused the Smithsonian Institution of covering up these discoveries, locking the giant skeletons away and depriving the public of their findings.
  2. Crow, if the primate center is that lax and reckless with their research rules would you still deem them professional and responsible enough to handle a sample of DNA that may just be a once in a lifetime event?
  3. ^^^ Make your own decision if the Yerkes Primate Center would be a good place that would help you. Atlanta — Following reports that a rhesus macaque monkey escaped from Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center on June 15—and has yet to be recaptured—PETA is calling on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to investigate the laboratory for possible violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). In a formal complaint filed this morning, PETA asserts that the escape indicates that the federally funded facility may have violated several provisions of the AWA, including failure to ensure that personnel are qualified to perform their duties, failure to adequately supervise employees, and failure to ensure that primary enclosures securely contain nonhuman primates. "These intelligent, sensitive animals don't deserve the loneliness and trauma of life in a laboratory," says PETA Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo. "At the very least, Yerkes should adhere to the minimal standards put forth by the only federal law that provides any protection, the Animal Welfare Act." Yerkes has previously been cited for violating several provisions of the AWA. Last May, USDA inspectors cited Yerkes for a violation of the AWA in response to an incident in which a cage housing three primates was mistakenly placed in a cage washer. Yerkes was charged with three additional violations in the same month. And in 2007, Yerkes was assessed a $15,000 penalty for even more violations. Yerkes has drawn international criticism from leading primatologists, including Jane Goodall, for using more than 4,000 monkeys and apes in invasive and deadly experiments. Monkeys at Yerkes are torn away from their mothers, isolated in small cages, and subjected to experiments in which they are infected with deadly diseases, immobilized in restraint devices, and forcibly addicted to drugs. Yerkes is also one of the very few facilities in the world that still uses humans' evolutionary cousins—chimpanzees—in harmful experiments. Read more: http://www.cbs46.com/story/14960350/monkey-missing-from-yerkes-national-primate-research-center#ixzz42njEwWdf Someone should ask Jane Goodall The hypothetical question if she were to get evidence of a Sasquatch who would she trust to analyze it?
  4. Yowie, the hair evidence you have should be enough for scientist in your area to take a look. The fact that they are not in my opinion points to the fact that "science" does not want them discovered. Australia is an amazing continent for the animal life. You have the highest percentage of marsupials found on the planet in one area. There are no native hooved animals and no native dogs, cats, bears, or weasels. The dingo is believed to have been introduced several thousand years ago by Indonesian traders. The original role of the dog was filled by the Thylacine (Tasmanian wolf) which was a marsupial. The biggest reason science in your area should be all over your evidence is that there are no monkeys in Australia outside of captivity.
  5. We won our freedom from Britain and traded it for the royal family of England, being that 42 of our 43 presidents' lineage can be traced back to King John of England.
  6. Terry the member here was OHZoologist. You also did not specify if the person/people you where talking about hearing the knocking had their experience during the daylight or at night. I am not aware of any nocturnal woodpeckers. Wood peckers are actually crepuscular like deer in that the majority of their activity is early morning and late evening. Sapsuckers a type of wood ****** are well known for pecking sort of rhythmically as they go around and up a tree looking for the right spot to make their hole, if listen closely you can hear their claws scratching as they move between taps.
  7. Terry are you in possession of the failed biology test of all these "bigfooters" and "habituates" you speak of. You have no idea of the experience that another has with wildlife. You are just making false blanket statements about other people. we had a Zoologist that used to post here about what he has seen and experienced and was ridiculed just like any other "naturalist" would be. Multiple biologists with degrees have come forward with their sighting and where has that gone, nowhere. If you want to know the truth go look for it do not wait for someone to tell you what the truth is.
  8. Crow your NASA analogy is backwards. In the Sasquatch search the regular people are the ones "probing" at their own expense monetarily and otherwise, while you, government funded "science", the skeptics, skoftics, and denialists sit back and demand information at the same time ridiculing and laughing and joking about the whole affair. You should take your own advice and go out and explore and probe for yourself because it is apparent to me that YOU are the only one that you will ever believe in.
  9. Yowie as above stated several have been shot and a lot have been "drawn down" on and the people decided not to shoot. A hunter here in my state was in that position. He was a State trooper out hunting and never even pointed the gun at the Sasquatch and stated that it was to human looking. You have already figured out the gun ownership is a touchy subject. If you get your info from mainstream media in the US then there probably is nothing to talk about because you have fallen for the propaganda. They keep trying to ban what they call "assault" weapons. The semiautomatic "assault weapon" (fully auto is illegal without the right permit and very few are given) is classed as a rifle in the FBI tracking of shootings. Rifles are second up from the bottom (above shotguns) for number of people killed. On average there are almost 2 times the people killed with knives, 2 times the number of people killed with blunt objects (hammer, ballbat), almost 3 times the number of people killed each year using no weapon other than hands, feet, pushing. now the most people in at almost 30 times the number killed with rifles are killed with handguns! Why is the government trying to get rid of the "assault" weapon because if you had one of them it would not be near as easy to take you in a tactical assault type of situation. They should be going after what kills almost 16 times as many Americans every year than all murders combined and that is medical malpractice at 225,000 per year. I would feel less afraid of running into gun owner than I am going to the doctor.
  10. In North Carolina, technically you would be breaking the law unless you were being threatened by said animal or it was causing damage to your property or domestic animals/crops. Taking It is unlawful for any person to take, or have in possession, any nongame mammal or bird unless you have a collection license or collecting fewer than 5 reptiles or fewer than 25 amphibians that are not endangered, threatened, or special concerned species. (see 15a ncac 10b .0200 for more information) The collection license is The executive director is authorized to license qualified (who is Qualified to hunt an unknown humanoid?) individuals to take or collect any species of wildlife resources except that Endangered, Threatened, Special Concern species may not be taken or collected except under a special permit issued by the executive director for research purposes. (see 15a ncac 10b .0119 for more information) Good luck getting a permit to hunt what all the " officials" call a myth. Very good way to protect a well hidden species under the radar.
  11. This is what a fossil camel tooth looks like. That was no camel tooth. We also had a species of horse in North America back then and their teeth are similar to the camel.
  12. ^^^^Not a 100% factual statement. Do you know if the hairs tested were cut or shed? The hairs being a clump on a branch there is a good possibility that some where pulled out and would include roots. Although nuclear DNA cannot be isolated from the hair shaft since it is mostly absent as a result of the aforementioned cornification, nuclear DNA can successfully be extracted from the hair root. The hair root contains keratinocytes, cells which are ideal for the extraction of nuclear DNA. This is not to say that cut or naturally shed hairs are entirely unsuitable for hair analysis of nuclear DNA. In a tiny number of analyses using cut or shed hairs, forensic scientists are in fact able to extract nuclear DNA. The presence of some nucleated corneocytes (biologically dead cells or keratinocytes in their last stage of differentiation) may make it possible to extract a DNA profile derived from nuclear DNA. The existence of nucleated corneocytes is known to be due to an incomplete or absent step during the process of cornification which would normally result in the degradation or destruction of the cell nucleus and DNA. Why these nuclear remnants occur is not fully understood but the phenomenon may occur in some individual’s hair. from http://www.forensicmag.com/articles/2013/04/challenges-dna-testing-and-forensic-analysis-hair-samples
  13. There are some sightings of mini t-rex in the four corners area. There are also reports of other bi-pedal dinosaur type animals from other places. http://s8int.com/articles/157/19/dino7.html
  14. How many people are there in the United States and Canada that have "never" worn shoes? The tracks of someone that has worn shoes are very different from someone that has never worn any. People that have worn shoes, even for a short time have what would be described as a "moccasin" shape to their bare footprint.