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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. There have been numerous reports of BF collisions with cars. In all cases in which I am aware either the BF, car, or both sped off. There is is a similar story with a single BF at Ft. Drum in upstate NY.
  2. Wow, shocked at the cougar numbers. Any idea what killed them? As they are protected (I think), they should not be shot except by the rare rancher and or random ahole. As an apex predator, nothing should prey on them. I assumed they simply got old or lame and when they could not hunt on their own crawled in to some very private spot to die. Sorry, I meant to exclude road kill. I get that but BFs are in a different league as they seam to understand roads and try to time their crossing, are very fast at crossing, and when there is an impact, strong enough to not die on the spot.
  3. has anyone run across the remains of a dead bob cat or mountain lion?
  4. Personally, I felt profound sadness when I read that post. Not sure how Sniper lives with himself.
  5. My scream was followed by some epic tree shacking that was so loud my initial thought was something like a plane or meteor was crashing through 40ft pine trees. After a minute or more everything went silent with me staring at the hill completely agape expecting a monster to come crashing down on top of us. After a minute or two of stunned silence I gabbed my dogs and decided it was best not to continue my hike and head home.
  6. Where I have lived, NC and NJ, a BF group could eat a deer a day with no significant loss in the deer population. In fact, there have been studies that conclude that the faster deer are killed, the faster they reproduce. Heck, if they picked up 10% of the deer roadkill they could probably live a hunger free life and do the public a service. You can get some sense of this by studying white BF reports. They seem to be rare enough that repeated sightings of one in an area is probably the same creature. I know of one on Alabama that seems to inhabit a localized territory and I recall another out west but cannot recall the exact location.
  7. While I am sure there are exceptions, small groups of BF's (1-4 but usually just 1 or 2) would have to have a territory in which they live some or all of the year. This is an area they know like the back of their hand including hunting grounds, safe spaces, dens, and water holes. I doubt they would survive if they spent their life wandering the country. The size of this territory is probably an easy 1 day walk for them which in rough numbers is probably twice that for active humans so perhaps 15-20 miles understanding that is not distance as a crow flies. Now I do believe they migrate once a year in to breeding zones and these migrations could be hundreds of miles. My 2 cents based on experience hiking the woods in which I have lived in 2 states and reading hundreds of cases for what it is worth.
  8. Triton - I tend to agree with you with one exception. If you are in a known BF area with multiple recent sightings, then I would review the tapes. I have never been in such a space, but if I were I would be curious enough to double check.
  9. PB - Can you do me a favor? Please do the same analysis with the 2 pics that are 1 day apart. Those two pics are just enough off that it may be slewing your conclusion.
  10. While lighting plays a big role, I do think there is something there. I was looking at all the pics again last night and I see elements of deer, bear, and BF. The most likely result is deer since we see them every day. The object is too big for a fox and it still could be coyote. We (my family) average about 1 BF encounter in the area every other year but curiously all in the winter and I do not believe any the year of the photo. We have never had a bear encounter but one neighbor believes he saw one once in his yard. So with that said, I am going deer. Here is the final pic I plan on posting in this thread as it is time to move on. Thank you for your feedback.
  11. HF - I fox exiting the den is a real possibility. I kjnow for a fact we have a local one as it woke me up a few nights ago screaming at something. MIB - I swear I have seen that photo before. I even new exactly where to look for the BF outline. Can you give us the back story on it
  12. A few things of note on the two pics I posted: 1. The cam is a Wildman Lightsout camera that I paid $99 for 2 years ago. Not a bad camera as it can shoot HD video. I think the issue is I had it set for medium or low pic quality to save space. 2. One reason for the bad resolution is the camera is about 100 feet from the object. It looks closer because of the crop. Below are 2 pics from my Samsung S6. One roughly the location of the camera and one close to the object. There are a few trees where I put the camera and I am not exactly sure which one I used. 3. There is a den clearly visible under the mound with the entrance pointing towards the camera. Thank you for your interest.
  13. So here is a pic from the camera the day before at 12:27. and here again is the one from yesterday.
  14. I am neither right or wrong. Just a pic. With that said,look what would be the left and right arms of the brown mass. Amazing.
  15. Gig - take a closer look at the brown mass above the shiny thing. i do like shiny things (especially if they are fast) but they are not relevant here. PB - I will try to re-enact tomorrow. The back story is I was deleting a bunch of old pics from a trail cam that I wanted to use to catch a pic of something that i think is a new coyote gang preying on local cats. This one pic out of 100s caught my eye in the 2 minutes I was deleting them off the card. Why I have the cam in the first place is a long story that is captured in various spots on the BFF.