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  1. This thread is making me wish that bones don't make me go "eww". Very interesting stuff, and thank you BigTreeWalker, for all your work! I don't wish to "hijack" or get off-track, but this is making me wonder about an experience I had. I found a bunch of bones a few years ago, in an area that had me and my running partner thoroughly creeped-out. Wish I'd poked around more. Instead, we called the sheriff's dept, as the part of a pelvis we could see looked possibly human. (To our lay-person's eyes). A few days later, my RN daughter went with me to check it out, when I hadn't gotten an update from the sheriff's "bone expert". (They said they'd call) There were a variety of bones, a pair of sunglasses, part of a swimsuit, a pair of jeans - all partially or fully under loose leaves. We didn't dig around too much. When the forensics woman from the SO called a week later, she said it was likely a poacher's dump. Coyote, elk, dog, deer were found. They had investigated because there were some missing persons in the area. They planned to set up a hidden camera.
  2. I read the bfro report about those creatures in the trees. The photographer says they definitely weren't bears. Though in the photos they look kind of bear-shaped. Whatever they are, they're bigger than a porcupine. And he was there, and knows what they didn't look like in real-life - bears. Hmm.
  3. Darn it - wish I was in Portland for this!
  4. OHZ - I saw red/amber eyes. But I always assumed I could see them because there was a full moon, 2 hrs after moonrise. If there had been no moon. would I have still seen the eyes? I had a headlamp on, but the eyes were seen by another person without any headlight shining in that direction. (And we were 30-40 feet away, I'd guess, with a headlamp that shines only 12-15 ft)
  5. I watched tonight's Oregon episode - other than the usual disappointment that the sounds they hear, we can't, I was surprised that the map showing Cottage Grove and the site of the tracks was wrong. The places were switched. Makes me wonder what else the editors and producers screw up. I sure wish they'd spent more time on the tracks. There was a lot more they could have shown. Ho hum.
  6. The Dyer thread is reopened! Now let's all behave!
  7. That pic had me going "aawwwwwwww" out loud. SO stinkin' cute!
  8. ^^^ Well no wonder I've never heard of "Bigfoot warz" . I'm not well-connected in this bigfoot world. It kind of sounds like a video game.
  9. ^ Where did you hear this?
  10. ^^^^ (or however it is I'm supposed to indicate that I'm referencing a post above) Cisco nailed it quite nicely for me. Thanks!
  11. I've stayed out of the fray, because I have no interest in my intellect or gullibility being questioned by people I don't even know. Truly, this thread has such an unfriendly tone. And I think that's a bit of a bummer. It would be nice to be able to "talk" about our points of view, and how we came to them if desired, without derision. I hope the thread stays open, and I hope people take the mod warning to heart. Just my 2 cents.
  12. What the heck, Jacki!? It's just cruel to tease like that!
  13. RD posted a video on his blog 20 minutes ago -guess he's not in jail.