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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
  1. A very real effect IMHO, absolutely. And yes Norse, stories are just stories, unless you are in them.
  2. Well, I'm just thinking of the research question at hand, which is how does BF elevation vary with season. And season can by quantified daily with some of those data items I mentioned. You don't want the temperature at the sighting - that can vary by 30 degrees per day depending on the hour, and another 30 degrees due to weather fronts from one day to the next. If the BF has changed elevation due to season, you want the average temp of the day as the variable. And temperature may not even be the best one to use since it is not even a ratio number (at least not in F or C), where the snow depth and daylight hours are...
  3. Cool! But how much trouble to change the x axis to average daily temperature, or total daylight hours, or snow depth at some altitude (for all these using some fixed location in WA as opposed to per sighting values). The number representing day of year does not have any mathematical meaning. Then plot the entire year together and lets see what the correlation is then...
  4. Did anyone else think this was going to be about the shenanigans of the BF community?
  5. Indeed, I have never plussed to irritate before, kinda fun! But seriously, thanks to the OP for sharing this find.
  6. Well, I think the only thing really associated with orbs of light is being out in the dark.
  7. That myth and legend was real.
  8. Agree with MIB - exact date and time are side details. I know the exact location as well since the encounter occurred in a familiar area, for those having encounters in some random location in a NF I can see some confusion there as well. MIB mentioned the tunnel vision effect, that is very much in play. You, the BF, and the immediate space in between are seared in detail forever, anything outside that cone doesn't even exist at the time. Waiting for years to submit a report is pretty nominal as well. Maybe I'll actually go read that report Biped mentioned now...
  9. Indeed, love full moons. Make sure and catch the rise, that is when you can tell it is a bit bigger.
  10. Here is another account, skip to paragraph 6. http://www.bfro.net/gdb/show_report.asp?id=38155 I can vouch for this report.
  11. Out of $65 Billion in University research expenditures per year.
  12. LCB, looks like you might get your wish re: Area X. http://nawac.podbean.com/e/nawac-podcast-teaser/
  13. LCB, they are doing that to increase traffic, check out their visit counts of late. Just an entertainment show now. Same with all the other shows that go this route. There are still a few decent blog talk shows out there, but their traffic tends to be a fraction of Chronicles or Outlaws. The horse "assaulting" episodes a few months back on Outlaws was truly a low point... SASwhat is something of an outlier in this trend, with serious discussion and high traffic. I think they pull in listeners since they are known for their films.
  14. This. Digging into rotten wood for grubs is not as sexy as running down ungulates, but oh well.
  15. They post reports on their public site at their discretion. I suspect they found the behavior aspects of your encounter interesting enough to keep close to the vest.