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  1. Remind me never to hire you as a handyman....
  2. Ivan Marx took footage of real Bigfoot people. Lindi Smith points some out in a new video. Nobody has a better eye than Lindi Smith.
  3. You made your post at 11:11, Branco! Too cool. And some of us have seen that thread on Arkansas Hunting and learned a lot from it. And it's always fun to hear about the fun you're having!
  4. That's a great picture, MIB. When I zoom in, it sure appears as if there's a head and face on that 'stump'. And I'm always curious, too, when I see dogs looking off into the woods so intently. And that's really interesting, that there's a den there.
  5. FarArcher, would you mind uploading those cropped and filtered pics for us to look at? I'd be really curious to see them (and I'm sure others would be, too).
  6. Interesting pic, NCBFr. I'm not as good as some at picking stuff out in photos, but I do see some faces in that dark area in the middle -- and the intense darkness of the area right at ground level seems very likely a part of a body of something.
  7. That white thing is weird.... Loved the knock in the second video! That was super loud!!!! And loved all your thoughts about flashlights, safety, etc. And there might be some other stuff in that second video. Possible eyeshine at 00:00-00:02, lower left corner. Eyeshine on the right at 00:27. Stick break at 1:06-1:07 (unless that was you). Thanks for sharing those vids with us!
  8. Totally. I just meant that I had never heard anyone refer to the arms of a BF as his or her "front legs". People usually speak just as you did: "Is it possible that the shot damaged its arms?" Even when we talk about gorillas as gorillas, we talk about their arms; we don't say a gorilla has "front legs". Scientists, normal people -- pretty much everyone understands gorillas to have arms. So I thought that was interesting.
  9. Never read (or heard) a description like this before. Strange.
  10. That's awesome, that you're introducing your daughter to the idea of Bigfoot in such a nice way. My bumper sticker (when I have the courage to make one someday) will expand on the "believe" thing. My bumper sticker will say, "Know that, if you are kind to them, they will be kind to you". And then it will say, "and you don't have to do anything special to be kind; you just have to be a generally peaceable person who respects living things -- no special bending-over-backward effort required." And then I will run out of room and will have to rent one of those digital billboard things.
  11. Yes! As DWA points out, there are many such accounts.
  12. I agree.
  13. It's fun to see Bobo's new (?) haircut.
  14. Hey, someone has a new username. Cool.
  15. Thanks, jayjeti. I think that some people believe they have real reasons to think poorly of others, and that's fine. Everyone has their own yardstick, their own litmus test to determine whose observations will be persuasive to them. The problem comes when the doubter thinks the failure of his own personal litmus test entitles him to broadcast that "failure" to the public. It doesn't. Failure of a personal litmus test is a matter of interest only to the person administering the personal test. It is not a "fact" that could hold up in any investigation, as this particular case clearly illustrates. (Subsequent investigation has proven that the initial accusations were unwarranted.) And a public statement of suspicion -- in other words, an opinion -- offered as if it were fact risks damaging the reputation of an innocent person. That's just plain irresponsible. You need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you're saying is true before you attack someone's reputation publicly.