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  1. This is an interesting discovery, first profiled in National Geographic a couple of years ago. The remains were discovered in a sealed cave that had been more of an open crevasse at the time H. naledi apparently used it as a repository for their dead. I wonder if burying their dead, which in this case evidently amounted to tossing the remains into a natural hole in the ground, may have been more related to keeping predators and/or scavengers away from the bodies in order to prevent them developing a taste for "human" flesh. There is certainly speculation that Bigfoot may bury or hide their dead.
  2. The "Mother and Baby Bigfoot" video was originally called the "4th of July" video and has been out for three or four years. I don't recall ever seeing any attribution or locale listed. I've been a member since February of '13 and it definitely showed up after that. I'm sure it has been analyzed at length elsewhere in the Forum though my search drew a blank, but YouTube has it, showing it was first published on 3\17\13 by
  3. When you mentioned a "stuttering" sound SW, it reminded me of an interview with Tim "Coonbo" Baker on Sasquatch Chronicles a couple of weeks ago. It is Episode 300 and on the free side. Tim has extensive experience with infra-sound, both in his Sasquatch investigations and his day job. He built a microphone specifically designed to pick up infra-sound and has recorded a low amplitude sound like that when his group has attracted several males using call blasting. He speculates that they make it to silently let each other know that they are in the area. It is an extremely informative interview and well worth a listen for anyone interested in infra-sound.
  4. On Monday, August 21, 2017, there will be a total solar eclipse tracking across the entire continental U.S. from the Oregon coast to the South Carolina coast. A NASA researcher at the Goddard Space Flight Center has created the most accurate map of the area of totality ever done, taking into account the effect of ridges and valleys on the edge of the Moon as visible from Earth, as well as the topography of the ground in the shadow. Here is a link to an article in the New Atlas tech newsletter: Below is a coast-to-coast overview of the map. Here is a link to the NASA website with more detailed maps for each state: There is some prime Bigfoot territory that will be encompassed during this event, and it could provide a unique opportunity for researchers familiar with those areas to set up in advance and attempt to record any unusual activity. It will begin at approximately 10:15 am PDT and end at 2:48 pm EDT. It would also afford individuals and/or groups to establish voice or text communications in advance to pass anything of interest they might observe to others along the path. Absent written or oral history, an event as rare as a solar eclipse would likely be quite a surprise to an intelligent primate. I recall during the total eclipse in March of 1979 that dogs all over Helena were barking and howling, and there was even a rooster crowing. It would be interesting if any Sasquatch vocalizations could be recorded, and what form they might take. Thoughts?
  5. Consider how many places in the U.S. have regular sightings of animals, especially cougars, panthers, etc., that according to state wildlife departments don't exist there. John Mionczynski shed some light on that situation in his presentation at the 2016 Big Sky Bigfoot Conference. A few years ago he observed a Grizzly in an area of Wyoming that is considered outside their range (don't recall the location), and as a courtesy visited the regional office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to give them the particulars. As he worked through the details of his observation, he noticed the officer he was speaking to wasn't taking any notes and he commented on it. He was told in reply that they didn't want to know of any Grizzly in the region because as a protected species it would require them to hire and provide office space for an additional employee to handle the details involved, and they didn't have the budget for it. I don't have any knowledge of Canadian wildlife management agencies or practices, but bureaucrats are bureaucrats and budgets make their world go 'round. WRT black bear vocalizations, while they are definitely attention getting, none of them had the duration or pitch of John Bindernagel's recordings. The moose vocals in his recording also seemed too low in register, but while I've seen moose in the wild I've not heard them live so Norse is a much better source of knowledge.
  6. FLIR has a new product, Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular / Camera, available from their website for $599.00: Sportsman's Guide also lists it at the same price, though members of their Buyer's Club get a 10% discount: Here is a photo of the unit from the FLIR site: Here are three sample photos from a buyer review on Sportsman's Guide:
  7. Anecdotal evidence indicates that they can see at least somewhat into the infrared spectrum. Humans can see some of the lower IR frequencies to some extent, at least the glow of IR led's used with security cameras (typically around the 800 nm range if memory serves). Brian Brown reported that after they installed the video surveillance system around their cabins in "X", leaving the cameras on at night would guarantee that they could get some sleep. Another report, possibly related to the Honobia, OK incidents, had them marking the illumination limits of security cameras installed around a home, using sticks or similar found objects.
  8. Just finished reading this thread from start to this point. If I'm grokking hiflier's point, it is that a "hoaxer" would probably use an extra reel of film to shoot more footage of the "creature", and/or, if you were going to obtain footage of casting, the added backstory of having forgotten the casting material would detract from the perceived credibility of the "hoaxer" as a serious researcher. If that is correct, it makes some sense to me. That said, perpetrating such a deception is so far out of my wheelhouse that I'm probably not the best person to be second guessing the thought processes of someone who would. What jumped out at me is that many of the comments, as Norse alluded to, indicate unfamiliarity with Bill Munns' rigorous research work on the subject, culminating in his book "When Roger Met Patty". As with everything he addresses, Bill details the process of loading/changing film reels in the cine camera. He also explains in great detail how he determined that the film was not spliced and the footage we see of "Patty" was filmed in one take at the end of the reel. If you have an opinion, pro or con, of the legitimacy of the PGF, but have not read that book, it is opinion unsupported by readily available knowledge. The late Col. Townsend Whelen, noted soldier, hunter, writer and rifleman once opined "Only accurate rifles are interesting." Speaking for myself, only informed opinions are interesting, on any subject. Can't help it, kind of obsessive/compulsive in that regard.
  9. Retired from a technical career at 53 due to health challenges, now a month away from 65 and able to explore my wide ranging interests. My wife and best friend just put in 60 days notice to her board this morning and when we have our 39th anniversary in July we'll be embarked on a new chapter of our journey to forever together. Part of that will include exploring the many parts of Montana we've missed as well as points west. With luck, we may even meet some of the fine folks from the forum!
  10. WRT Dr. Meldrum's appearance in the "documentary", he stated after the airing of the production that he had been mislead about the content. It was presented to him as being a legitimate documentary following real researchers in the field, not a scripted production with paid actors (and I use the term loosely). The 3-D printing was spread out among many different printers throughout Idaho and Washington (not sure if all were at educational institutions or not). 3-D printers are not fast machines at this state of the art, often taking overnight to produce relatively small parts. "Crowd sourced" printing was the only way to complete the skeleton within the production schedule time frame.
  11. BFRO reports in the public database, 1949 to present: Many of the foot print icons represent multiple reports from the same area. I have personal knowledge of four encounters that are not in this database.
  12. There have been numerous accounts of Sasquatch activity in or near cemeteries. I recall one report from the south, possibly posted by Branco, about some young hunters that holed up in an old house in the woods one night and reportedly heard a door at one end of the house open, then heavy foot steps coming down a hall and the door knob on the room they were in start to turn. If memory serves, at that point one of the men yelled or did something that startled the whatever in the hall to exit the house. There are certainly many folks that, having such an experience, would credit it to ghosts or other supernatural source. Personal experience and that of family and close friends prevents me from dismissing what we now term the paranormal out of hand. I believe there are many things we simply do not understand yet and they get lumped into the paranormal file.
  13. I've heard this story several times and there are certainly lots of seemingly loose ends involved. Just the part about this young, large, physically fit former college quarterback who reportedly didn't shy from physical contact being concerned that "two guys" were following him has always puzzled me. The cell phone pings are strange, I know from personal experience that Apple was having a lot of issues with iPhone system updates during that time frame but don't know if that could have affected location reporting. Absent any other evidence however, it's a very long stretch to suspecting Bigfoot involvement IMHO.
  14. Breathes sigh of relief! If someone quotes and responds to the ignored one, they too go on the list. With the latter, if the problem is resolved in the way I, at least, would prefer and the trolls roll up their tents and depart for greener pastures, then the responders could get a break if folks are feeling charitable. WRT to differences in the ignore lists, I suspect that there is a core group that would show up on 85 to 90 percent of the lists. And 75 percent of that core list would show up on all the ignore lists. There is always the chance for a flyer, but I'm working on a standard deviation basis, more or less. If even 25 of the regular, thoughtful members participated it could turn the tide, but the more, the merrier. We don't have to be rude or call anyone out. Let them figure it out. As evidenced by my previous post, when you don't get any feedback it gets your attention. When someone doesn't get any feedback for a dozen posts it should begin to dawn on them that this isn't the JREF's (or what ever their current nom-de-plume is) BFF any more. C'est la vie! Trog, the "we" I was referring to are those following and posting in this thread rather than the forum generally. I would certainly welcome a top down solution, but in the mean time I'll keep on keepin' on.
  15. I’m not sure that we are actually seeking a solution. On page 16, post 314, I presented a workable solution that requires only the participation of those serious about keeping discussions free of trolls/scoftics/denialists, your choice, and the existence arguments engendered by their posts. It will work, either by natural attrition as they tire of not receiving responses or by simply letting them and those who can’t resist replying continue their verbal sparring in the “ignoraverse†(for the one or two who haven’t figured it out, my newly coined term does not refer to ignorance but the state of being ignored). This does not require any rule changes, reporting, or increased workload for the moderators, simply cooperation in using an existing feature of the forum. Since posting that solution, I’ve seen no comments or discussion about it. No one has even said I’m so full of it my eyes are brown (they’re actually hazel). Nothing at all. That tells me one of two things, either everyone has put me on their ignore list, or there is really no burning desire to solve the problem.
  16. This is a simple issue that has been hashed through, around and tangentially to death and beyond. The simple solution, mentioned over and over, is to use ignore. I firmly believe that the issue will resolve in short order as those who are ignored tire of bloviating in a vacuum and seek greener pastures. The problem is that a few simply won’t or can’t stick with that; two posters in this thread have freely admitted that, for different reasons, that shoe fits. They are not the only examples but are at least forthcoming about it. One is concerned that the “newbies†will be subjected to the wrong information. Ironically, that is the reason at least one of the denialist/scoftics has presented for his participation in the forum. If this continues unabated that will become irrelevant as there will be no newbies to educate or indoctrinate if there is no forum. The other thinks it fun to intellectually dominate the denialist side and sometimes can’t resist tweaking them. I don’t recall seeing the targets of such a tactic squirming in discomfort, in fact they appear to enjoy the mudslinging equally well. The only victims (other than the forum itself) are the bystanders left with the figurative dry cleaning bills. From my viewpoint, those who acknowledge the problem but cannot or will not exercise the restraint necessary to see this strategy through or, put another way, be part of the solution, are then part of the problem. It follows then that they also be placed on ignore. At best the denialists will tire of only talking to a handful of people and go elsewhere, at worst the rest of us can let the antagonists duke it out in limbo. This should have the added benefit of not adding to the workload of the moderators. For those of us truly interested in resolving the issue one way or another, this strategy will do it if there is majority participation. Otherwise, we’re tilting at windmills. For myself, I’m implementing it from this point forward in each thread I follow and/or participate in.
  17. Your last sentence says it all, OS. Took me a few months on the BFF to figure it out and start to put certain members on ignore. The irony is, those who continue to engage them in fruitless conversation simply encourage them to stay. I strongly believe that if 80 to 90 percent of serious active members, including knowers, believers and honest skeptics, used the ignore feature on the same group of a dozen or fifteen people, those folks would bail in short order. That would leave the BFF a tiny bit leaner but a vastly improved forum for serious discussion of all things Bigfoot among people who, regardless of their current position, are truly interested in advancing their knowledge of the subject. This stratagem however, would work only if the majority of members who seem to enjoy tilting at windmills manage to restrain the impulse. I am not sanguine that such will happen anytime soon.
  18. The sagittal crest that leads to the oft reported "cone shaped" head is the bony attachment point for massive jaw muscles easily capable of biting into bone. I suspect Sasquatch are much less picky regarding the texture of their meals than we are.
  19. WRT to museums, I can tell you from personal experience that things go missing. I volunteer as photo/media archivist and graphics specialist at the Montana Military Museum at Fort William Henry Harrison a couple of miles west of Helena. We are a very small institution with a paid director and all else done by volunteers, most of us Vietnam veterans or spouses/relatives of veterans. I began my tenure there in mid 2011, and in early 2012 our long time curator passed away taking with him mountains of institutional knowledge. Most of our collection not on display is housed in two small buildings and some Connex storage units. We regularly find things we had no clue were there and sometimes cannot find things we know are there somewhere. We are slowly digitizing our records but it is a slow process and at 64, I’m the youngest person on board and I have chronic health challenges, our eldest docent is a WWII veteran who just passed 93. The museum has been in existence roughly 25 years. We likely have a higher percentage of our collection on display than most museums as our display area is larger than our collections department. Most museums are like ice bergs with the display items the part above water. With most if not all major U.S. museums having been in existence since the 19th century it is not difficult to believe that things slip through the cracks with no conspiracy required. Money wouldn’t make things happen faster unless warm bodies accompanied it, we’re a pretty dedicated bunch but can only do so much. WRT to the Glacial Lake Missoula Floods and with no disrespect to SWWASASQUATCHPROJECT as they are a special interest of mine, they were more recent than, but every bit as devastating, as he relates. At its maximum, the lake backed up by a glacier blocking the Clark Fork River in present day northern Idaho contained some 500 cubic MILES of water. When the water level approached the top of the glacier dam, estimated at 2000 feet high, pressure forced water into cracks in the ice according to the latest research. The ice dam failed catastrophically and that huge amount of water emptied across Idaho and eastern Washington and down into northwest Oregon over a period of 2 to 3 days. The flow was greater than that of all the current rivers in the world combined. Some of those stones in the Willamette Valley originated in the Canadian Shield, were carried to Montana in glaciers which calved into Lake Missoula, thence carried by the floods to their final resting spots. Current estimates are that this process repeated at least 36 times during the last ice age, with the latter releases diminished as the glaciers shrank. The time period was likely from about 12k to 9k years BP, and they may have repeated as often as every 30 or 40 years. Anyone who has driven through eastern Washington has seen the evidence of this deluge in the plains and promontories of lava stripped bare of soil. Anyone interested in learning more about this subject would enjoy “Glacial Lake Missoula and Its Humongous Floods†by Geologist David Alt, available here:
  20. My pleasure Marc! The time and effort you and your group have expended in researching this subject is commendable.
  21. The shell casings were from a different video of a different camp that had been abandoned but not torn up. It was along a lake shore in the same general area as the torn up camp. There were quite a number of items abandoned at the site, I believe some kind of stove or grill, camp chairs, etc. The shell casings were found in two groups in what might be surmised to be the two corners of the camp furthest from the lake shore and closest to the tree line. If I recall correctly they were .45 ACP cases. Bob posited that a person or persons were laying down covering fire while others retreated to vehicles. I suppose the video is still up, it's been over a year since I saw it.
  22. I didn't need to see anything beyond "Time" to know that the time I spent reading it would be forever lost (pun intended). This is the same rag that published a cover story entitled something like "Men and Women are Actually Different!" about 15 or 20 years ago. I'd kind of figured that out once I passed 40 and I certainly don't require input from "Time" to form my own conclusions regarding the subject of this forum.
  23. In SC Episode 34 from 11/7/14 Bob Garrett is one of the guests. He says that they found out about two people being missing from the torn up camp while being interrogated by authorities after reporting it. This is at about 53 minutes into the program. He says that if they find the bodies it will probably be under a pile of logs somewhere or in the shallows with logs piled on top. At about 79 minutes he talks about hearing "blowing sounds" that didn't record on his video cam and seeing eye shine. He then talks of returning the next day with his wife and dog and being nervous, not wanting to fine a "body in the bushes". He talks of seeing drag marks where someone was pulled from the campsite and off into the shallows (he earlier mentions the lake that is nearby, behind the trees adjacent to the camp where folks launch their canoes). He then says they returned later, whether the same day is not clear, and that is when he saw the site being cleaned up rather than being investigated. Just took a look at the pages several other programs are on and the date shown on each one is November 7, so take the above date with a grain of salt.
  24. Great work BigTreeWalker. Of everything I've observed in the three years or so since my interest in this subject was rekindled, your fascinating research strikes me as having the most potential to make inroads with the broader scientific community.
  25. In Les Stroud's latest "Survivorman Bigfoot" episode filmed in Texas and Utah, he made an interesting comment. During the second segment, in Utah, he found the skeletal remains of a deer and examined them. After looking at a leg with some hide still attached and checking out the skull, he picked up what appeared to be the shoulders and pointed out some bite marks that, in the brief time displayed, appeared to fit with some of the things you're finding, BigTreeWalker. While displaying the bones he mentioned that he knew of some people, scientists or researchers, don't recall which, that were interested in that.