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  1. I would guess there was wind, but could not find the data on it. It is probably out there somewhere (everything else is...) with the right search.
  2. Temps for Ellendale, ND, 20-28 December 2016 20 - 33/18 21 - 35/21 22 - 33/19 23 - 37/14 24 - 26/14 25 - 34/26 26 - 33/13 27 - 24/7 28 - 32/22 No wind data available. Temps for this time period were well above historical averages; however, in the previous two weeks, they were well below the historical average. View of the area, mostly farms it looks like. The only other sighting relatively close, or at least reported, occurred in 1986 due south of the town.
  3. Nice! Just glad to be of service....
  4. The guy in the video stated that he lost (or stopped tracking, the video does not really make it clear) the trail in the hills. Also, he said the tracks crossed a road in at least one spot.
  5. Just my opinion, but I suspect money, rather than BF, is the main target for all involved...
  6. Kind of like the Alaska Monsters guys. They find tracks heading into the woods and leave so that they can come back at night....
  7. The plan might be to have the shooter stay in the overwatch position to cover the four (or more) "collectors" making their way to the body. If family/clan/group members show up, well, might end up with more than one specimen. And as far as a specimen goes, how many needed? Male, a female, an elder, juveniles? Specimens from different parts of the country (WA BF any different than FL BF or NY or TX or ... ?)? In other words, how many would be needed to get a good idea of what they are all about and to determine geographical, age, sex, etc., if any, differences?
  8. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Ask her how much she loves you......
  9. I would say yes, but the circumstances would have to be so perfect that I believe it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to ever occur. I wrote this up a while back as a possible scenario where it could conceivably happen. http://bigfootforums.com/index.php?/topic/48381-how-will-it-happen/&do=findComment&comment=853494 But for the average cell phone video/pic you see these days, I agree; no way.
  10. Most likely done with this and from higher ground. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrett_M82
  11. I do think the hoaxes have increased doubt in the community, getting burned time after time will do that to you. But I also think that is probably not a bad thing. For photographic evidence to mean anything, it should be able to stand up to scrutiny. For me, unless it is fairly clear and close, I do not give it a lot of thought. Does not mean it is not a authentic photo, but just not conclusive enough for my tastes. If it meets my conditions, then I take more interest in it, and usually start finding stuff that does not seem right to me or goes against the grain of standard BF lore. Again, it does not mean it is fake, just that I have unanswered questions about it. A couple of images (PGF stills notwithstanding...) have grabbed my attention over the years as being good enough to make one wonder. But I think one has been declared a hoax (but have not really seen any explanations as to why other than it just is...) and one is well, kind of weird. http://cryptidchronicles.tumblr.com/post/49740191218/the-beast-of-7-chutes-dogman-bigfoot-what-is http://www.bigfootencounters.com/images/bigfoot.jpg (looks better in my opinion when it has not been enlarged so much) Both could very well be fakes, but they at least made me take a second look and do a bit more study on them.
  12. At least you got access to some potentially valuable research tools and hopefully can use them in the future.
  13. More thinking out loud: is this area used for low level Air Force training flights?
  14. Just thinking out loud here, but perhaps the year round water supplies are too open or not near sufficient cover to keep them in the area.