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  1. You might check the Wayback Machine to see if you can find it there. I suspect that you will be able to. By the way, a great resource for viewing old, archived, and no longer available web pages.
  2. Yes, I have run into that all too often. I have no idea what the cause is though. I do think we have a BFRO member, although I forget who it is at the moment.
  3. New report on BFRO from 2009 in central NS: http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=50446 Anybody ever been on this trail?
  4. Have any before/after pics?
  5. norse, FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) is a passive system, and does not emit, only senses heat generated by objects. It is also known as thermal imaging. You can get thermal scopes on Amazon starting at around $1000, but most start out at $2000 and head up from there. I have never used one as they are still way out of my price range for the time being, and cannot attest to the quality of these "cheaper" systems. For example, this one has a 1400 yard range and lists at $3500: https://www.amazon.com/Pulsar-Apex-XD50A-Thermal-Riflescope/dp/B00P45CJRS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473983187&sr=8-1&keywords=thermal+image+scopes MIB beat to this while I was working on this post...
  6. Anecdotal story here, take it for what it is worth... A researcher once told me of an incident where the witness was having nightly, or at least very regular, visits from Bigfoot (unsure if it was one or multiple creatures). The witness decided that they wanted to get a better look at the visitor(s). One night they stayed out on their deck to wait. They had some kind of IR scope/vision equipment and an illuminator. Sure enough, eventually the visitor arrived and was making their way across the back of the yard near the tree line if I remember correctly. The witness waited a bit and then turned on the emitter to light it up. As soon as they switched on the light, the Bigfoot stopped, looked directly at the witness, and then vacated the area very quickly. Does this prove anything, no. But it might possibly indicate that BF does have at least some sort of basic IR vision. I will admit that something else could have spooked the subject at that precise instant, but this is certainly something that warrants further study in my opinion. It would explain why game cams fail (along with probably a number of other factors) to get decent shots. After staking out a new game cam for a while, they should quickly learn that an IR light comes on whenever something moves in front of it. Therefore, do not walk into that area.
  7. Merged the two threads on this topic and deleted what was basically a duplicate post by Airdale.
  8. Pretty sure that is not a bear. I doubt that a bear can pick up leaves (as opposed to "raking" them) and put them on something as it looks like is being done on this video (maybe they can and I am just not knowledgible...). So what are the other options ? Hoax, primate video from someplace else (yes, a hoax as well) being passed off as trail cam footage, or maybe the real thing. Better than most of what you see these days, but sadly, still inconclusive.
  9. Sad story. Here is the latest from May on it. http://www.syracuse.com/state/index.ssf/2016/05/adirondacks_visitors_asked_to_look_for_signs_of_hunter_82_missing_since_november.html Guessing he might have fallen in one of the marshes or ponds, since no trace was ever found.
  10. Been a pretty normal summer here in VA weather-wise, as far as I can tell. However, for some reason, bears are much more active this year than they have been in the past. I think Shenandoah National Park has been partially closed twice due to bear sightings. Did not see it, but one came through during the night about a month ago and tore up a couple of our bird feeders. Neighbors saw one cross the road about a half mile down the road from us a couple of weeks ago. While this has nothing to do with Bigfoot, there is something going on somewhat out of the ordinary that has the bears on the move. I have not heard of any increase in Bigfoot sightings around here, but then I am not plugged into any networks where I would get "inside" information like that.
  11. I have seen a couple of reports where a grower reported a sighting, but it was to associates and not officially. I would think that if a grower were to find significant losses from BF eating their crop, they would try to remedy the situation... It is my understanding that those growing areas are very well defended and boobytrapped. Doubt that BF gets very close to them if they can avoid it.
  12. Paulides is going to be on Coast To Coast this coming Sunday night/Monday morning (31 July/1 August). From what they teased, he has a new 411 book coming out.
  13. OK, it lasted for almost 10 minutes and multiple pics were taken. Show them all, at least one has to be decent....right? The one posted might be OK if it can be blown up some.
  14. There was another TR incident where two BF were fighting and the larger one killed the smaller one by doing the same (and then cannibalized it). Copper Mountain incident, if I remember correctly. Again, as Ray cautions, use your Skepticals....
  15. I do believe that the CD has the original issues scanned in, which would include the pics in each issue. However, I have heard some say that the scan is not great and some of the issues are hard to read. I have not seen the CD so I cannot say what the quality of the imagery (text and pics) is. Three out of the four Amazon reviews are positive: http://www.amazon.com/Track-Record-Bigfoot-Encyclopedia/dp/0615321593?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Even though the online version is without pictures, I do not recall any follow-up in subsequent issues regarding this incident. It has been some time since I have gone through them, so I may have just forgotten about any follow-up references if they occurred.