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  1. Wow plus for that, I'd be interested to see/hear any of it. I suppose you did size comparisons, too.
  2. Maybe they're not quite everywhere, but anywhere they want to be. IMO, the population is large and generally robust.
  3. Then you're not paying attention.
  4. Yes, somewhere I can't find right now on the BFRO site it's said that they do only occasionally. They do have a few good reports, though, like this one. http://www.bfro.net/news/arizona_cave.asp
  5. Not sure what you mean, if sarcasm then okay, I guess I understand. However, this is a behavior that has been audio-captured all over the country. Here's a quote from bipedalist, who should know. Posted November 20, 2016 (edited) ยท Report post Yes, this I missed, but the Navy cryptolinguist did not, the rate of rattling off of vocalizations such as Samurai chatter that changes into naturalistic bird calls, and then other differentially localized habituation vocals such as bird call vocals of diurnal birds used as stimuli that are then heard at 3 am. and drumming arrhythmic tonalities all within several seconds, not minutes, is nonhuman. Game changer, believe it or not!
  6. I have no idea how they make the power knocks, but they're masters of percussion in general. See some of Noel's older videos, etc. I have quite a few examples of drumming sounds made at night, and awhile back I looked it up. Found some interesting info about primates drumming, think it was chimps, IIRC. I saw a recent video by Utah Sasquatch, think it was his 20-minute sighting? He watched two critters moving around but hiding and suddenly heard a very loud knock from that vicinity, but detected no movement. He had no answers, but I suppose it could point to a vocal effect.
  7. Very interesting experiences! I'm a widespread-species proponent, suburban/urban movements aren't generally a problem for them, IMO. Hard to say about your recent observations, but overnight manipulations unlikely to be made by humans are suspicious. You could try adding to or changing something there to see what happens.
  8. Funny, that reminds me of the lady in Noel's book that saw one creeping through tall grass near her. When she said so out loud, it proceeded to crawl away backwards.
  9. Thousands, mostly part time and in groups, I'd guess. The data must be vast, but not "evenly distributed". I guess it depends on what you mean by "looking". I look at the environment, which tells lots of stuff, I think I've seen traces of their passing. Mostly I'm technically listening, which I believe tells me a lot more. I don't call it research, but educational recreation, or a hobby. Have done that fairly regularly for over two years. Earlier this month, I traveled to another state and did my thing in a number of locations. In one spot (which may be pretty well known in that area) I think I busted some "researchers". Around 11 pm, pouring rain, couple of guys talking and maybe loading a vehicle, remarking on a "big print". Pretty funny.
  10. I can recall reading such reports. Here is one: http://www.bfro.net/gdb/show_report.asp?id=45296
  11. ^I may be way off what you're asking for, but the BFRO db has geographical information in the form of heat maps of each state. When you search their site, looking for reports by region, clicking on a state gives the data by county. Then scrolling down shows a state map with counties indicated, as well as adjacent states' counties. For instance, looking at Ohio shows parts of MI, IN, KY, WV, and PA, as well.
  12. How do people manage to use their own perceptions? Not very mysterious, considering many reports of sexual characteristics. There are many illustrations of such, unless you're after only photos.
  13. Plussed. My experience is similar to your above statements. Welcome and check out Lake County Bigfoot's threads titled "Urban Bigfoot". He knows quite a bit about the area. These statements are accurate, and describe what IS so unsettling to many. In many ways they're ape-like, but in some others...just different. Don't have time to answer the original question, but maybe later.
  14. Thank goodness you and others with experience are still here to bring daylight into the murky swamp of speculation.
  15. Mr Branco's book is excellent, full of information. Was listening to a podcast the other day, forget which one. Someone had a close sighting, then found along with tracks, a pile of mushrooms and a large leaf with a bunch of slugs and snails.