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  1. Not really much related to this topic, but on the note about Park Rangers/officials/etc being "wrong" about certain animals in certain habitats, many years ago in my youth on a trip with my parents, we drove to the highest point you could get to (by vehicle) of a well known mountain in the pacific NW. We got up there and were listening to the Rangers talk about the mountain and mountains around the area. Someone asked about bears, and the Ranger said they had not had bears or any report of bears in the area for many decades - there weren't bears in the area according to the Ranger. We found that strange, but whatever, it made everyone feel safer maybe, I dunno. We left, and not but a mile or two down the road from where the Ranger said there were absolutely no bears, lo and behold a black bear mother and two cubs walk right into the road in front of us. I remember mom and dad talking about driving back up to inform the Park Ranger of their erroe, but they didn't. We all still recall that story vividly to this day. Just a funny anecdote i guess.
  2. I have a hard time believing there isn't snow in some of those areas that map is showing currently have no snow cover. Aren't there many ski resorts on the east coast? They all closed? The mountains on the east coast have no snow a the higher elevations? One other thing - and I have been feeling more and more this way the older I get - I am living in the wrong 3rd of the **** country (Montana). Living in by far the coldest city in the state (and a "city" here is 25K and up, and there aren't a lot of those), I am **** tired of 6 to 8 months of winter weather. Yes, I know, totally unrelated to the thread really. As far as the snow making them move - If that map is correct, there is a lot of area that is fairly mild to migrate too if they aren't adept at living in climates with consistent snow cover.
  3. Some really excellent posts and dialogue here in this thread. Keep it up folks!
  4. My grandparents had a summer home in Park Rapids, a little to the west of Remer. Beautiful area. Cold as hell in the winter (why it was a summer home for them only). Lots of cover and habitat in MN though.
  5. It's an interesting piece of film. Watching the stabilized version, I don't think it's a guy on an ATV or motorcycle. Definitely not a guy riding a mountain bike. Going through all the details - this being a Nat Geo professional production with IMAX filming crew, helicopters, a direct interview with the co-director - it seems very hard to think there was someone from Nat Geo running or doing something out in that field that wouldn't have been known to most, if not all of the people working the production that day. I do not know for sure what to think about what we are seeing. I think it is some kind of bipedal creature (that could mean human obviously) running then crouching. I am pretty sure there is something being thrown over the right shoulder at the end before the creature crouches down. Wish we had more footage, but we don't. Another enigma that likely won't ever be answered beyond what we know at this point.
  6. What I am saying is when stabilized and measured when you are told what animal it was you are like "yea, that's it". You can see it logically. I think it was a fox, porcupine, or something like that. By measuring and showing it was small and low to the ground and what you are seeing is a tail, snout and ears or something along those lines. Thanks for the info, I didn't know that, but good to know!
  7. Cryptic - are you saying it was a real animal in the timber giant video but not a BF, or a that the suit was identified as fur of a certain animal?
  8. There are a ton of vocalizations, wood knocks, etc. It's either someone hoaxing or there is some kind of ape like sounding animal in the woods. I never saw anything on the video when the guy claimed he could see them (he claimed this twice), but you could certainly clearly hear all the sounds being made. The rest of it - the tree structures, etc - can't say they are convincing to me. There definitely were clear footprints he found, and they looked realistic, but those could be hoaxed too IMO. Doesn't mean they were, but they could have been. It was the hoots, clacking and sounds that were happening for much of the video that are the #1 thing to consider IMO.
  9. I noticed the same thing, and am pretty sure that is a big variable.
  10. I actually put myself as well rounded. Having been (and currently am) a builder/contractor, coach/teacher, growing up a farm (both animals and plant farming), owning and running family operated retail stores (also doing that currently) - I have an extensive background that no option really fit. I put sales/retail as my occupation, but that is only a small slice of what I do and have done. As far as well-rounded, I am, but one thing I am not really is artistic. No big deal, poll is fine, it just left out a little wiggle room for self-employed occupations or simply just self-employed would have been OK as an option.
  11. I voted, but I having been entirely self employed my whole life, ranging from several different businesses (and two current businesses), I thought the occupation selection was lacking a bit. No big deal just pointing it out.
  12. In looking at the pics again - I look at the feet, and they aren't very long. More "paw" like. Also the "hands" don't look like they are long or have fingers, again more "paw" like. Those two things point to a bear, although I have never seen a bear with limbs that long in proportion to its body.
  13. I look at all pictures and videos with a skeptical eye. I am not inclined to believe it is a BF type creature, I am more inclined to believe all pictures and video are something else first. What I do is I look at what is actually there and try to rationally deduce what makes the most sense given what information is out there to make such deductions. I still have a hard time seeing that subject being a mangy bear because of the proportions, however that does not mean it isn't. It does make logical sense that it could be a bear given that other bears were in the area - I agree that makes sense. What doesn't add up to me are the actual proportions of whatever it is in the video. Very hard to see how that is a bear, even a very skinny, mangy one, but I have not ruled it out. I doubt much more is learned about this particular sequence of pictures, but you never know. I do know I don't know what it is and I find it hard to fit a bears proportions into what we see on the film, and that includes seeing comparison pictures of mangy bears and how they look that have been posted in another thread about the Jacobs pictures. I have not come to any conclusion.
  14. I have never seen that GIF before. I find it interesting that the first shot of the creature, before sniffing the bait, shows the pointed head / sagittal crest attributed to Sasquatch. I may have to rethink this sighting. I had always passed it off as a mangy bear before. I have not seen that gif before either, but it is excellent. Pretty hard to see that as a mangy bear. I have always felt it was not proportioned to be a bear, and still feel that way. The gif makes that more apparent IMO.
  15. With regards to Meldrum I've seen a clever hedging but never a solid "and you can take it to the bank" certainty. At the end of the day nobody can really pin him down as a no holds barred believer. Money talks and money seems to be saying a lot these days. I think what makes it solid is that he puts out a lot of ideas and thoughts, but has not drawn an absolute conclusion.