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  1. Was fine on my computer, but on phone it's one long line of type. Very Matrix-esque.
  2. Man, Yuchi, that was tough to read. I went back through the thread and did not see the original story from 14 months ago, but your recap here seems sufficient. What a waste. What's done is done, but the whole notion of trying to collect a "specimen" is full of ugly realities. It seems clear the "sniper" was not up to the job, and the recovery process was not all that it should have been. I'm not trying to point fingers so much as to acknowledge that was just an ugly, ugly event. As a hunter myself, I sense that risks were taken that needn't be. Another way to put it is that I'd expect more respect is typically given trying to take a trophy whitetail. As I said, just a waste. When I began my investigation into this phenomenon some four plus years ago, I'm certain that I leaned toward the pro-kill line of thinking. With all the study I've done and my own interactions now (no sighting), I am decidedly in the no-kill camp. To know that this creature--and its mates--suffered unnecessarily just saddens me. Not intended as a flame--as I said, what's done is done. I just think your story should be a message to all wanna-be "collectors" that their chance for success is extremely low. While their chance for getting someone killed is extremely high. But thanks for bravely putting your account out there. I hope others do see it for what it is--a cautionary tale.
  3. Well damn! Good thing you had TP handy
  4. ^Am I following you correctly: are you saying "something" raided your "privvy" area for TP? Sounds more like human behavior, but who knows?
  5. ^Neighbors just subtly suggesting you keep it down so they could sleep? I keed. Very interesting account.
  6. Interesting thread and new information about turkey behavior. I did not realize they made these sounds, either. Still, I would guess the sound is really more of a loud "cluck" than a true "knock" sound. And as the poster writes, he observed the bird making the sounds in succession. But yes, I imagine there are lots and lots of natural "knock" sounds made outdoors that have nothing to do with our big friends (as SWWAS suggests, above). I experienced my first "knock" while camping in the Sierras this summer (I awoke to hear the second of two; my brother who was awake heard both knocks coming from the ridge about our campsite). Its sheer volume and resonance alone suggested no human (or bird) was capable of such a sound. Really a cool event!
  7. Randy, you wrote, "The tree that served as a marker for the location had moved, and the bank of the cliff right above where the cairn was had collapsed." Moved how? Uprooted and replanted, or simply the appearance of it having moved due to the collapse of the bank you mention? If the former, what would be quite noteworthy. Either way, your whole description of the well-ordered cairn is noteworthy. And yes, I would imagine you were under surveillance for sure. Great stuff.
  8. Thank you for that reference. I had not heard about that so just found this story. Is this the same one you refer to? I don't mean to hijack this by any means, by my attached story is in line with some current paranormal stuff I'm reading. I still maintain the big fella is Flesh and Blood. But as this Daniel Boone story and others here are relating, that may not exempt it from being multi-dimensional. Curious stuff! (Daniel Boone story here)
  9. Well hot damn! Game changer stuff. Thanks for sharing and i hope it comes to fruition.
  10. Ontario, could you possibly elaborate on the claim that "were not far from official disclosure on a key aspect of this phenomenon." Specifically, what (presumably) gov't agency would be able to make such a disclosure (or academia?), and how is it that you have this insight? And hey, while I'm rolling the dice, just what aspect are you referring to? I wanna know what you know, Sir! And yes, I accept PMs
  11. I agree this thread might get more traction under the paranormal section. Simply, that there may be more leeway to talk about what it "might be" over there, and not just what it's not. Apologies if i wade into taboo areas. Personally, I don't know why BF can't be Flesh and Blood, while still having abilities that we don't yet understand with our own flesh and blood limitations. Really, our Human prejudice is what's holding most research back. For example, they have an incredible ability to hide and elude us. That's hardly up for argument. Some have put forward theories of "cloaking," but such notions are typically dismissed out of hand. Why? Because it makes us uncomfortable due to the fact that we (as Human flesh and blood) can't understand it. And that always cracks me up. We're talking about a completely unclassified animal, and yet we focus on what it CAN'T be for our own sense of security. Admittedly a weak analogy, but not so long ago we had no idea how bats did their bat thing at night. People (I'm assuming here) likely thought bats could see (optically) at night to find their insect prey. Or in ancient times, that they might be "magical." It was only through the advancement of science and (open minds) that their sonar was discovered. Yet it's a physical ability that we do not possess. This is all just a long-winded of saying that yes--I agree that the Big Fella is flesh and blood. But there may be numerous abilities they possess that we do not share. That does not mean those abilities are beyond the realm of possibility. I think this whole field is paralyzed by Human prejudice. To Hiflier, I think you nicely illustrate the Human prejudice I am referring to (not intended to be a barb, btw). You suggest that because their shape resembles ours, that they are somehow lesser because they don't exhibit technology. Last I checked, our technology is polluting the very air and water and total environment we depend on. No, I suspect their intelligence is extremely high. But in ways that we do not appreciate, or care to. Good topic! I just feel handcuffed trying to talk about it here. We're trying to put a very big Bigfoot into a very small box. Not gonna work...
  12. Jumping in here late so not sure about the June incident, but wondering if you looked for the torn-off branch the next day that was used to make the knocks in this recording? Very impressive show of strength, to say the least! Would be interesting to see how high the branch was, etc. But very cool recording. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Ahh. Got it. I think I read into it that the sound of the expanding metal roof HAD in fact been the sound of the rock being placed. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Thanks, Tal. That was indeed a story worth waiting for! Pretty impressive (and spooky) that the big fella would place and push the big rock with all your guests nearby. Practical joke or warning? All in the interpretation, I suppose. Good stuff!