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  1. It's okay Twist. I wouldn't have believed it either if I had not witnessed it. It doesn't seem to make any sense.
  2. I got to see it because I looked up. I had been looking down at my watch and debating on whether to go forward or to leave. I didn't hear it at all. It made no sound when it was running and It was running when I looked up. It was running so fast if I had not looked up at that moment I believe I would have missed it.
  3. It was about 40 feet from me, when it went by me, It was daylight, Just in the tree line. Running from my right to my left. It was running as fast as my dog runs. if I hadn't looked up when I did I wouldn't have seen it. It was fall and more than half the leaves were off the trees, that's how I was able to see what it was. Even though there was leaves on the ground, it made no sound when it was running. Believe it or not is your choice. How it runs silently, I don't know, but I know that it does because I witnessed it. I can also tell you it was not huge or 600 pounds. It was about 6 feet tall and slender.
  4. I think sometimes you can trigger a reaction. The forest preserve outside the town I lived, was one I used to take walks in and look around. I have a picture of a foot print and hand print from there. I left 2 jars of peanut butter before, The first one was taken from the hollow of a tree were i left it, which was off trail.. Took me about 1 hour to find the jar. The lid was off and all the peanut butter gone and there was 3 large indents on the jar that looked like fingers pushed into the jar. I never found the other. This forest preserve wasn't well used. As the forestry person i talked to called it the most well hidden forest preserve. Hardly anyone uses it. My sighting was in another forest preserve about 10 miles straight south of us. It actually vocalized twice at me. Both times it was a grunt. But It seemed as though it was communicating. This was maybe 10 minutes before i saw it. I believe it was the same one from the forest preserve by my town and it recognized me and i was by myself. There is enough cover to go from one preserve to the other.
  5. It could be kids too. I grew up on 54th an lake park. Played on the midway and would go ice skating there in the winter. I know that whole area well. There is no place for this creature there. But there is for kids.
  6. MIB, thanks for the advice. Although I don't know about sitting down, LOL, I don't think I could make myself do that.
  7. Thanks for the information. I have some reading to do.
  8. Well MIB, I have gone back. I just don't go alone. I couldn't, not go back. I have moved since then, which brings me to the question on why you said their attitude is different in the SE. We have moved to east Tennessee. My husband had an incident while he was fixing the gate to the goat pasture. He was hammering when he said he heard 4 knocks behind him. He judged it to be about 40 feet away. He said he froze for a moment then reached for his weapon in his waistband and slowly turned to see nothing. He thought it was a person. That was his first thought. He went around the area and didn't see anyone. He said later that he realized it was the pattern he was hammering, 4 pounds at a time. We have 18 acres mostly wooded. We have not had another incident, although in the spring and this fall we have heard howling in the distance that sounds like An American werewolf in London when they were in the moors, LOL, and it's 10 times louder than the hounds in the area. FarArcher, I call them silent runners. It's amazing how quietly they can run when they don't want to be detected.
  9. I like what you said about their speed Sheri on the recent Far Archer post.  My first sighting was 12 miles from my house located in the DFW metro area along the east Trinity River bottom.  I was told if you go visit them, they will come visit you and that apparently held true.  Strange things started happening around the house, so much so that my unbelieving wife asked "What was going on here?"  I won't go onto detail, but will explain the photo.


    It was late December and I had planted a row of trees along the east side of my property lot and was watering them well past dusk.  I had installed a game cam over my front door because of the weird stuff going on along with an 8 camera video system which seem to prevent a lot of stuff.


    As I was walking back west to turn off the water hose, just as I past the front walkway, it seem like a large dark bird whoosed close by my right side causing me to duck and twist away.  My slow walk tripped the game cam flash and this is what it caught.  I am 6 feet so the guy next to me is probably a prankish juvenile showing off his speed.  As I said, it was like a fast flying bird whipping by me!


    1. sheri


      Wow, that's crazy. I can say, if I didn't look up when I did, I wouldn't have seen it.


    2. Midnight Owl

      Midnight Owl

      Yeah it is crazy for sure.   There is a whole lot of stuff I have documented that is way off the norm.  I have reached a point where absolutely nothing surprises me anymore.

  10. To answer your original question FarArcher, it was the realization that I got out of the forest safe because it let me. The speed of this creature was astounding. No one is getting away from one unless it let's you.
  11. It seems you can't have any discussion of bigfoot without arguing, labeling and finger pointing. Frankly I used to get after my kids for behaving that way. I had an encounter, and like Midnight Owl I wanted to share it with everyone. You get tired of people making fun of you or treating you like your crazy. You find yourself looking for others who have seen these creatures also. I have no desire to prove anything to anyone. It's not my problem if someone has not seen one. I don't go out looking for them anymore, I am not comfortable out in the woods by myself, and we just bought property in east Tennessee, 18 acres that's mostly wooded. LOL. I don't post much, but I do like reading the threads.
  12. Sheri, it's here somewhere.  I'm a fast type-er so here goes.


    I was hired as the special security on a mountain at eight thousand feet altitude, for almost four months.  I was asked to run one of the team members to the top switchback so he could get phone reception and call home.  It was 30 minutes maybe before sundown.  As soon as we reached the top switchback - I turned off the ATV - and began walking maybe a hundred, hundred and thirty yards toward the far end - to give him privacy.


    After piddling around, the sun was dropping and it was time to go.  I began slowly meandering back, and hadn't gone very far when I got growled at - very voluminous, very deep, and it hit me that I left every long gun in camp.  I pulled my 1911 .45 pistol, and the growling was originating on the very uphill edge of the cut in a small diameter cluster of trees.  I quickly ran through the progressions - bear?  No.  Wolf?  No. (Had a wolf)  That only left a mountain lion.  Since they're ambush animals, I was doubly concerned, as it meant this cat had to be injured, sick, or rabid.


    I looked down the cut, and my friend had his back turned to us both.  I was fearful it would leap out and in a few seconds have him from behind, so I immediately started moving as smoothly as I could, side-stepping, not wanting to make any jerky move that could precipitate an attack, and certainly not yelling out a warning that could initiate an attack.  I finally slid past it, and began very carefully walking backwards, fearful of taking my eyes off it.  My plan?  To not shoot if it came after me as it was a pistol, but to hold my fire until we merged, and try to get my hand (with the pistol) pretty much in its mouth, and then pull the trigger.  I decided to bet my life on this one shot.  If I made it - it was dead.  If I didn't make it - nothing else was going to make much difference.


    But I had to turn my head - I had to check and see if this yo-yo was paying attention yet - that something was wrong.  I threw a quick glance over my shoulder, gun still extended, and noted that he had his phone to his ear with one hand, but now his pistol was in the other hand.


    In that half second glance backward, as my head began to snap back to face the growling - I noted a huge, black critter running at me that at first sight was about 60 yards away, he was running across the mountain - not up it or down it.  A good eight feet tall, and I'd say about four feet wide - it was like a 4'X8' sheet of plywood running at me.  It looked like it was almost cross country skiing - something is wrong with the knees, and their ankles.  Their feet almost "wobbled."


    I said, "Oh ****.  What's the plan?"  It was massive - his thighs were as thick as my waist and he was all muscle.  I'd have no problem hitting it, but that .45 was just going to make it angry.  So I decided "Same plan."  Hold out for a shot in the jawline/mouth as we merged.  And that thing was very fast and wasn't even trying.


    When I gave him the bulk of my attention, he altered his track a bit, missed me by 20-30 feet, glanced at me as he ran past, and went right toward the little cluster of trees where the growling was coming from.  I started really backing up fast, because I thought big cat may squirt out in my direction when they met.  But it went silent.  Only later did I decide it was another one of these beasts, and guessed it even could have been a female or juvenile - and the big one if he wasn't coming after me - was hustling to it's family member to tell them to be quiet.


    We stayed on that mountain until the snows ran us off, but they'd throw pebbles at the tents, or just come and stand outside the tents.   Saw a deer staggering and falling, getting back up only to repeat the process as it made its way down a cut.  I called the other over to look, and Dan decided to put it out of its misery - he climbed down the crease and shot it.  Told us the neck had almost been broken, and was sorely bent out of shape.  He left it, and the next morning when he checked - it had been carried off.


    That's pretty much it.

    1. sheri


       They are extremely fast and sneaky. Thank you.


  13. FarArcher, is there somewhere were I can read about your encounter. They can be silent runners when they want to be. I have encountered that.
  14. hiflier, how do you know bears and sasquatches are equally smart ? Why would a bear have a primate body ? I have read hundreds and hundreds of sightings and encounters. There were no bears traits. They rock clack like chimps, they throw rocks and sticks like chimps. They hoot like chimps. They are omnivores like chimps. They build nests on the ground like gorilla's, they grunt like gorilla's {which I encountered myself }, they bend trees like gorilla's, they bluff charge like gorillas, many have the sagittal crest as a gorilla, and some have the same hair coloring as orangutans. So why again are they more like bears ?
  15. Your bigfoot bear theory that you pulled out of thin air is utter nonsense. you have been listening to, to many theoretical scientists haven't you. Just because you say it, doesn't make it so. come back to earth hiflier.