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  1. A whistleblower with photos (to document the provenance) and forensic evidence (piece of flesh) might be compelling.
  2. Why not focus upon trying to identify potential government whistleblowers. After all, if the gov't truly doesn't know of their existence (or has piles of bodies on ice somewhere) then Russian Hacking is the least of our worries.
  3. And, the banjo & guitar Deliverance theme begins....
  4. I see a Charmin commercial somewhere in there....
  5. At least many of those (upon seeing a BF for the first time) wouldn't have a pair of shorts soiled.
  6. Cousin in Alabama has mules, his latest one was doing that while tied to a tree during a recent hunt and one of his hunting buddies made the grave digging comment. I understand they hold grudges and never forget about rendering payback!
  7. The one in front, pawing the ground...digging Norse's grave?
  8. Not if we find one trying on sneakers at PayLess Shoes!
  9. I suspect once more of the actual foot characteristics and physiology are learned, answers will be forthcoming.
  10. This is a common position for those that have yet to experience such an event. The paradigm you thought was relevant simply gets shattered. IMO, they do make audible noise going through the brush, when they want us to hear it.
  11. FWIW: what if their "silent mode" of running in the bush involves use of infrasound to shield/confuse the homo sapien(s) in the vicinity? IIRC, one of the effects of infrasound exposure is gaps in time continuum recall by the subject thereof.
  12. SB, If your post was directed at me, we didn't know it was gut shot until well into the thicket when the evidence of such was discovered. It was just a few minutes later when the wounded one began growling at us. With all that transpired to that point and Lansdale ordered us out, one of the guys was so apparently traumatized we had to literally take him by the arm and walk him out. Another guy in there with us was armed with only a flashlight and camera. IMO, M. K. Davis has balls the size of grapefruit and has always impressed me as a person of candor and honesty. All I will say to those postulating upon how they would handle such a situation....be very careful what you wish for, pilgrim.
  13. ^^^ Call us crazy but that's basically what we were doing much of the time, crawling through a coastal plain pine forest plantation with box elders thickly interspersed and which had caught the shower of pine needles so efficiently they look like dressed out Xmas trees with visibility of 3' or less at times. That's where we kept hearing things moving but there was no way to ascertain a target and the instances of where the poser among us exhibited his true characteristics.
  14. ^^^ IMO, because they had been looking during that time and likely calculated that if anyone could find it we would being as we were the only ones that would go into the thicket(s) alone in a search pattern although one of our three did show his true colors (same one that sent my samples back to Lansdale) by bailing from the thicket 2X that weekend, when things started to get "interesting". A bloated body was probably worth more than what they had...no body. I totally concur with FA's assessment as this endeavor is totally unlike any sort of game animal tracking/hunting venue however, I would suggest they are much more difficult than hunting a human based upon the level of woodcraft these entities certainly appear to possess.