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    I choose not to reveal my identity due to
    professional considerations. I am trying
    to document the creatures I heard in my own
    backyard in 2013. I have recorded interesting
    things that suggest continued activity is still
    occurring. I have researched around my area looking
    for prints and other signs, and have found tree structures
    nearby. I am most interested in sightings and encounters
    near metro areas, and how this creature utilizes the
    available resources.

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  1. It is obviously done by a primate, whether human or other, because of the intentional designs. There are people who like to build stuff this way as primitive shelter or simply art. Hard to really know. Like many situations, it really takes something to confirm suspicion. My situation is no different although I have heard what I can almost positively say was a nocturnal primate using my marsh, and associated wood banging associated with coyotes. My thought, plant a digital recorder out there at night for a couple of weeks, would take a battery pack to deploy long term, or just leave one for the night. I put mine in a zip lock with direction mics poking through holes I make in the bag, I use fabricated wind socks to attempt to filter out the wind distortion. That would be my approach, deploy at sunset with good fresh lithium re chargeable batteries, I go MP3 quality as wave form eats up too much memory for nothing you will ever notice. Position the recorder at about 2-3 feet from ground, not close to tree branches or leaves. If you really want to know, deploy with a parabolic pointed at a particularly suspicious area. That allows you a much wider range to pick up hits. Some of Stan Courtney's best stuff is caught on a parabolic and digital combo. I love the whoop recordings he has captured from wooded areas, whoop 1 and whoop 3 match nearly exactly what I heard in 2013 right adjacent to my yard. The TP structure in my picture is taken from Chain of Lakes State Park, right off a walking trail. One tree pushed over, two others leaned exactly at the same point. Maybe boy scouts draped a tarp around for a real TP. My 210 pound pretty muscular frame cannot budge the two that were placed, so boy scouts might not explain the placement either.
  2. My thoughts are the upper fox river area, check out forest preserves along the route, wild areas connected to that river way, the sighting data certainly suggests them moving along that corridor all year long, but if I were to really go after it I would float the fox river late at night, slowly, avoiding dams of course, very dangerous low head dams. I used to fish the towns because they had light. I have heard what sounded like rocks being thrown at me, but could have been beaver too. I think floating the fox from below Mchenry Dam to Algonquin nice and slow with thermal capabilities might be the ticket for some action. Time frame would need to be after 12am-4am, heck I would fish along the way. stay to edge of the current to move slower, should be able to cover the miles in the 4 hours, if not you finish in the am with first light, and who knows what you might see. Nobody does this so be the first. Obviously you need to avoid the drunks that might still be on the river at midnight, pick a weeknight for certain, and not Friday, Sunday night would be my choice. I might try this myself it seems like a cool way to cover some ground, enjoy some nocturnal nature, and who knows.
  3. Just thought that the forums needed a bit of spicing up, looks pretty dead around here. I have been on a nice hiatus over the last few months, allowed me some time to put life issues in better perspective and order. Still in the hiatus mode, in regards to actively engaging bigfoot community, but I always am looking into things concerning the topic and listening to my favorite podcasts with eyewitness encounters. It does not have to be all consuming to be interesting and engaging. When I keep it at arms length I feel like I have a little say so over my life, well at least till June when I know they will most likely be back in my area for a time, and then I will be on high alert. If I don't check back in till fall don't be surprised, but I will catch up then, basically should be back in the recording mode come June. There are the naysayers to investigating these creatures, and those who will doubt your experiences, simply let that roll off you. I am taking a new approach to finding prints near my house, focusing on any elevated terrain, however so much. It was advice I received from someone I trust concerning the method of tracking them, I did not ever give that much thought, but even in a flatter place the terrain can lend itself to better vantage points and travel routes away from the softer lowland ground like my marsh. Higher ground in my case is about 20-30 foot changes, but soil types change with those elevation differences. Take care and squatch on....if anything breaks in June I will update....
  4. Check it out,d.amc
  5. Several new articles concerning a 7 mile long track way in the snow, dating back to early January, a follow up where an individual says they were hoaxed, and claims that it would not be possible to hoax given the stride and impressions. Well you decide, but I thought it worth a look .
  6. Yes that is Seneca IL. the cluster of sightings near the confluence of the Fox, Des Plaines, and Illinois Rivers, but also a bit south of that. It seems disproportionate to have so many sightings clustered in that small of an area in the Midwest. Seems to show the seasonal movement theory might have some validity. My situation further north and other sightings along the Fox river correlate as well. It seems to me that the geographical correlations alone rule out hysteria or hoaxing. It is not like people have any historical image in their minds around here about past Sasquatch sightings. Further south in Illinois that might not be the case, given the small town type monster hysteria of the 70s that affected the region.
  7. That definitely seems to correspond to the movements of these creatures approaching the winter months, whether that be for mating purposes or simple food resources. I somehow think they must gather into several family groups for a time to diversify the gene pool. In my area I suspect the Seneca area because of all the sightings clustered. It is a fascinating study of the data, that is what sealed the deal for me studying this area.
  8. Certainly elevation seems to play a role, so may water resources, meaning frozen or unfrozen, because if the water in an area is all basically frozen animals will seek the open water. Here in the Midwest I think that may play a role during harsh winters. Rivers freeze as do all the lakes, maybe they smash through a spot to drink, anything is possible. What I can note is that more of the winter sightings seem to be to the south of the summer sightings. I do not at all think there are many creatures in Northern Illinois, and if I were to venture to guess maybe 2 family groups on the eastern half, that would put their numbers somewhere between 6-8. If that number of creatures existed in this area and were forced to move about for obvious reasons, the number of sightings given the huge population sort of makes sense, given we had quite a few sightings of a lone cougar entering the area, and another was spotted after the first was killed. I will give Sasquatch a little more credit for staying hidden and only moving in low light, or complete darkness, which is when most or all sightings in this area have taken place. Many sightings seem to take place in the spring along the rivers which may indicate movement or an increase in activity, fall activity seems centered on the rivers as well so maybe they are moving up and down the river system looking for suitable conditions, not really migration but following game as they would with elevation change, but not leaving snow prints might be pretty high on their list as well, they must know the danger of doing that and avoid it whenever possible in areas where humans can detect them. I know of two very credible snow print finds listed on the BFRO website for this area, and possibly more that were not as well documented. So they do move around in the snow even in an area like this, but these prints were not in very exposed areas, and luck was needed for them to have been found.
  9. While I would agree this area is too hard for a Sasquatch to reach, It might be worth trying to figure out who or what is causing the structure. I have seen similar structures that I would also assume are human, basically a circle of larger sticks in a tee pee formation kind of tightly spaced. Could serve as a blind for a birder or someone observing nature. That would be what I think is the likely cause. I think these creatures need adequate cover and escape routes for them to work into an area, the ones that seem almost too urban to believe around Chicago are the Class A Brookfield Zoo area sighting, and the foot prints found by Morton Grove in the snow, although I found green way and escape routes that made that all possible. The Bachelor Grove stuff is easy for me to accept because the sighting history along rivers that connect by green way to that area in the South Burbs, when you drive through that area there is plenty of woodland cover and hillier terrain to shelter a few secretive individuals. I have no doubt about the creatures using the periphery of many urban areas, but they seem to need a certain amount of cover to venture into any area, that also seems consistent. Darkness is one such form of cover though, and it may surprise us if we knew all the areas they occasionally use.
  10. Where I live most of the woods bordering my marsh tend to be softer, and the wood knocks while loud are not like gun shots. My recordings capture the mushy nature of the wood around me, though I would think that they might actually have a go to knocker they might even carry around, or have some stashed. It certainly is something that I have wondered about as well, some researchers dismiss these softer sounding knocks. I understand clearly the difference between a knock and something like a wood pecker or deer antlers. Add to that the timing of the knocks and the repeated patterns of 3, 5, or 8, that seem to be followed.
  11. Just of interest, I know that Tornadoes give off long range low frequency sound, detectable from a 1000 miles. I read this in my storm spotter era, I do still storm chase on occasion but the driving wore me out as I got older. I think they discovered it in this college study where they had this really long tube that detected low frequency sounds and happened to hear the emission of a low frequency sound that was correlated to a distant tornado, so maybe that has to be on the infra sound enthusiasts radar as well. Some of this information might be useful to you in terms of building a infra sound rig, although it might be a bit dated.
  12. I might have to try that black light game camera somewhere new, I think the element of surprise is needed to capture a game cam pic of a Sasquatch. They either need to be distracted enough, or tempted enough by a food source, or not suspect a game cam in an area. I am pretty sure the juvenile has entered the area near my recorder several times. He was probably less than 30 yards from me when I was urinating and a tree went down, the one and only time a tree went down and I heard it, but I also heard something bolting through the marsh cattails, they were 5 feet high, so must have been on all fours or quite short. Tree was broken off at about 6 foot level. Any way I have thought about staking the area out from some unusual vantage point as well, there is a cell tower and building overlooking the marsh area on the perimeter, maybe the roof of that building or from a higher vantage point in a tree. It has to be a one time deal during the activity of summer. I should build a stand come spring and be ready. I do think glassing from above is a possible means of seeing one, unless they already have the high ground. Around me there is less hilly terrain so they do not quite think the same, although I think they still use every advantage the terrain can offer.
  13. Agreed that we probably will not out Squatch the Squatch, they always seem two moves ahead of us, and of course they must also be aware of what is in the skies around them, I am sure they realize humans are the source of those objects. So putting stealth aside, simply because they can out stealth anything we have come up with so far, how can we capitalize on their curiosity or draw them to us. I kind of started here on the BFF when I though I might try to habituate the ones around me, it all started out trying to make contact with them, but I realized fairly quickly that was not their intention being here. They were simply in my area due to food resources, and curiosity or not they decided it was not going to be smart to engage me. In fact, now I think they seek to avoid me in general, and add to that the fact that I have tried to flush them out...generally for my own selfish need to see one...well I am sure they are now fully conditioned to not let me. It is well beyond the point of game camera's, that is where I started and found out they were smarter than to stumble into the zone of the camera. They probably saw the camera a mile off as other animals tripped the infer red. Well I am stumped on what to do to further the situation with the ones I am dealing with, I guess I will still record and look for a mistake on their parts. The juvenile was a loose cannon for about a week or two, but his parents must have set him straight on whoooping, soon after tree knocks were all that could be detected. I think they left him here and he just did what he felt like till he got corrected after the sheriff shone a spot light at him, and he vocalized in response, the parent seemed to be sort of ticked off he was doing that by the tone of the response. It is pretty amazing that they are that bold ever..but it was 3:50am and probably only the sheriff and I were awake, of course I was too paralyzed to jump out of bed and look out my window, if I had I would be a knower instead of something in between.
  14. The Falcon Project concept was pretty much up for debate, what excited me most was that the ground crew was going to be in the field for such long duration, and the amount of equipment they were supposed to be carrying. I think that if we are to determine a means of locating these creatures with predictability, and with that having some means of observation, we need to think out of the box to come up with a solution. So I laud the effort of William Barnes to do such a thing, it is very easy to criticize something from an objective standpoint, but kudos to him for trying to make something fly. Kudos to SWWASAS to actually persevering to discover the means of detecting a pressure wave through the software. I might have to expose myself a bit more to being zapped in order to gain the needed recording, most of the time I leave the recorder on an old stump in my backyard adjacent to the marsh, it does not get any easier than that, location, location, location. Of course when I bought the property I had no idea what I would be doing 11 years or so later when I made the discovery. Last year I bolted into the marsh trying to outsquatch the squatch, we all know how that turned out. Well maybe I will just linger around after dark and hope I tick one off. In a few years, Lord willing, I plan to move to Florida and have staked out an area I like. Sugarmill Woods, it is in Citrus County and bordered by slash pine woods, a power easement, and much of Florida's best nature coast on the gulf side. Very close to Brooksville, where John Green documented a cluster of sightings back in the early 70s. One thing interesting about the development is that every house has a natural buffer zone behind it which consists of thick Florida scrub. I have no doubt that a few skunk apes roam those woods nearby and that with some research I could determine where. The power line easement would be an easy 4 wheeler track and it might be the ticket for some class A action, and maybe a year round research area. For now though I am dealing with artic cold, though no snow on the ground. I should probably give recording a try again soon, I doubt it but maybe winter is not out of the question for my area. I just have so little cover that I think they prefer denser wooded areas in the winter months. I say that knowing that 4 snow print finds, two very good ones, and one in clay right after a melt, all within the radius I think they use, which is in my opinion around 300 miles, some say 500 miles, these have all been found in the dead of winter. Plus a class A winter sighting of two adults in a forest preserve directly adjacent to the river I live on to the all lines up...
  15. Just a few minutes practice with a golf ball had me basically mastering a technique to throw without the thumb, it can be accomplished by throwing with hand sideways to the target and two fingers pinching the object against the palm and one finger behind the object being thrown, I think one could reach a similar velocity to a throw with the thumb, only the release and leverage points are different. Trust me when I say it can be done...Try it...or try it straight on with three fingers the middle on a little bit back of the others. That might be even more accurate. In regards to infra-sound signatures, I would certainly be interested in seeing how they can be detected with sound recording. I have many recordings with activity present and would like to see if a sound wave was also present during such times. I have heard animals being killed presumably in my marsh, a deer and possum. While never being zapped I had a tree go down near me shortly after urinating near this activity zone, then something bolted through the marsh. I believe that they definitely can zap you with infra-sound, an audible growl has been associated with such incidence at times, but not always. Seems to me your on to something. I know that part of the Falcon Project debacle was going to include equipment for the detection of infra-sound. William Barnes, bless his heart, he meant well.