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  1. When I lived in the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN side, I saw/watched a cougar right in my back yard. No one really believed me until a neighbor saw it in his garden. I shake my head at these "groups" who deny their existence in this part of the country when not long after my sighting-- 15-20 years ago-- there was a show/documentary on TV about a GSMNP Ranger finding a den, setting up cameras, and getting great footage of a Mother and cubs. Revealed it to the world right there on public television... great, close-up footage. And it still gets denied??? I now live in the Norris Lake, TN area, and a neighbor over the ridge behind me saw one @ a month ago.~ And since then several of the area pets have disappeared. BUT-- closer to the logger & BF subject-- my friend has just moved to northwest Montana, will be guiding hunts down around the Yellowstone area, and is fixing to take a 2-week horseback trip. Maybe one day I'll get some interesting news from him. Or at least some interesting stories. Just realized that Williamsburg, KY is not too far north of me.
  2. *Some animals tend to know where human scent belongs and adjust their behavior accordingly, but put it where they know it DOESN'T normally belong, and it's a definite alarm. I'd stay out of the lower area.
  3. Yesterday I was in "addict mode", and was reading/watching a variety of BF comments online. Somewhere-- I THINK it may have been an interview with "Melba"-- I heard an account of a *Dogman type creature having been seen on the family farm by her Father (her also, I believe), and she mentioned that it had raped a horse, leaving it in a pretty unhealthy condition. It was also mentioned, as I have read MANY times, that BF supposedly HATES Dogman. I thought, "well Hmmm... maybe one reason BF hates Dogman so much is because DM also *rapes/tries to rape BF females, and that could account for some of the creatures that resemble both... not as ferocious-looking as a DM, but still having a snout". The sightings accounts I've read certainly sound like DM would have no problem overpowering a BF female. Just a thought, and I'm sure most of you more learned members know the story I'm talking about... --Foxfire
  4. This HAS to be it... Before, I had read only snippets of this story, being talked about by other posters/storytellers, and was mistakenly combining the 2 deaths into one event. Now, I've read the story. <g> It still seems like there's an account out there of *several campers being found, brutally torn limb from limb, that I got confused with this one... Doesn't matter at this point. I'll come across it again, I'm sure. Thanks--
  5. Not sure... gonna have to search to find out.
  6. Right, on the aggressive kills. Wasn't this the type that Roosevelt (?) wrote about? And the dog-kill stories? Also, I hadn't thought about the sex/age factor. Thanks--
  7. One difference that I'm now aware of is their manner of kill. In the beginning, I was reading reports of how their prey would be found with their throats ripped open and the organs removed through here... even a rooster was found like this, in KY, I believe. I had to scratch my head over that one. But, my point is that this manner of kill was being looked upon as a "signature" type deal by some of the reporters/investigators. THEN, I began reading reports of the victims being literally ripped apart, tails pulled off, limbs torn from sockets and flung about. I thought, now that HAS to be the dreaded dogman. Then, I read NathanFooter's report of the fawn that was dropped by his sighted BF, and how the skull appeared to have been caved in by something like a rock. So, I've given up on the "signature" manner of kill, thinking they handle it in whatever manner they deem necessary at the time for whatever purpose. Feel free to educate me otherwise, if you know/feel differently. That's what I'm here for... --Foxfire
  8. I would like to change that last measurement to 6 FEET, instead of 6 inches. <g> Didn't see an edit button...
  9. Whoa... By some accounts this would mean literally "within arm's reach"... or awfully close. 10' bigfoot... arms that hang below the knees...@/ close to 6" ???
  10. Yes, it was unsettling, but as I've said, Bigfoot never crossed my mind in those days. I was scared, but I'm now thinking more *shocked. I realize now that even though I looked down immediately at the bedspread, I KEPT WALKING TOWARD THE WINDOW. My thought was, "If I don't react, IT won't react". (pretending to be unaware of it's presence, even though I had looked right at those red eyes, so I know it saw me see it~) I wouldn't even allow my peripheral vision to see the window again. Now-- the night I realized "something" was stalking/spying on me/my cats that night from behind my garage-- THAT was me, SCARED. I have never felt that exact feeling before... like an electrical charge in my shoulders and upper arms... slack-faced and big-eyed... *not knowing what was watching me, and coming closer. Got back to the house and wouldn't let my husband go out to investigate, even though he had his shotgun. I was that scared, that night.
  11. I have *hesitated to answer this, and for that reason alone I am saying 99% as opposed to 100%. *Why-- I'm not sure. Yes I am-- it's because I haven't actually seen the full image, myself. With all the detailed reports and sightings I have read/seen, coupled with my own mysteries adding up to equal BF activity, how could I not believe, other than out of my own stubbornness. The most impressive video for me was the Russian account where the little boys followed the tracks and caught the BF on their phone video. When that thing turned and left, it was SO FAST. This was also what really made me start thinking seriously about their existence-- as recent as this past winter. As far as written accounts, Michigan Blogger's (forget his username at the moment) report leaves no question whatsoever in my mind. I just wonder why the BF dropped the fawn... it certainly didn't HAVE to. I wondered if it thought of the act as a "surrender" of the food source. The most disturbing account was the one where "someone" had the dogman chase their brother home through the woods on his bicycle, and she saw it clearly when it came out of the woods. Horrifying... ZERO reports on this thing have come close to it sounding possibly friendly.~ Earlier, after first joining this site, I said I was too afraid to ever want to actually see one. (have to avoid stress because of mild heart condition) But hey-- if it's out there, it's there, and I'm tired of wondering if even newer mysteries are due to BF. So, I would like to see one, for proof, and pray that it doesn't have a snout. At this point, I would be filing an official report and contacting several of you people on here to come and investigate if you wanted, regardless of what my non-believing husband said. I'd sneak if I had to. I just read a recent report where a woman and her son saw one cross the road in front of them, very close to where I live, but across the lake. It really worries me because this is a place where my husband bowhunts, as well as other younger people we know. --Foxfire
  12. Thanks for the info-- I appreciate learning these tidbits that are out there but hard to come by. --Foxfire
  13. The large, red eyes I saw at my bedroom window in 2005 were right at 7 feet from me, 7 1/2 - 8 1/2 ft off the ground, and had a breadth of @ 4 inches between the 2 innermost parts of the eyes. I HAD turned the light on, and that is why I could not make out the shape behind/around the eyes. My house is surrounded by good habitat, I have learned, and had been empty for 6 months when we bought it. Scared me to learn that RED meant angry...
  14. Not sure if this would be of interest to you, but here are a couple of links to a report/investigation of BF activity in Dickson County, TN, in 2001. The first link is the report w/pics link, and the 2nd is just the pics. What stuck with me about this one is the size of the supposed BF scat pile. It was said to be 2 feet in diameter, which to this *layman would seem proportionate to the size of the depositor. I wish that when samples are said to be "sent off for testing" that a follow-up result would be posted as well. Otherwise I'm left thinking everything comes back explainable. --Foxfire