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  1. Kiwakwe,


    Not sure if you've seen any of my posts concerning the database I'm doing for the northeastern US; if not, check out the Vermont thread for my first tract on sightings.  


    While I've been quiet on the forums recently, I haven't been dormant on my own work.  I've expanded to include Maine and your two sightings are now #'s 47 and 48 in Maine (and 890 and 891 in the northeast).  I would, however, like to add a good more detailed data, if you're willing to share that with me.


    I have no need nor interest in your identity, just want to get a better fix on location, date, etc. and some other data.  I'm willing to do it by PM or to ask the questions in the thread were you described your encounters.  And I'm willing to shut up and go away, w/no hard feelings, if you don't feel like answering questions.


    Feel free to give me a shout at your convenience.


    Trogluddite aka Trogs aka Dan 

    1. Kiwakwe


      Hey Trogs,

      Are you referring to the sighting reports from SnowWalkerPrime I posted in the Maine Sightings thread?

      If so, they weren't mine, I was just sharing those.




    2. Trogluddite


      K (Makes you sound like a Man-in-Black)


      Thank you for getting back to me.  I was referring to the rock-clacking and tent circling reports that you wrote about on page 3 of the Maine thread in the northeast section.


      I realize that these are "?" incidents - no real way of knowing what they are or are not.  But, if when I put in the specifics and a good location  on Google Earth, there may (or may not) be a nearby encounter.


      Right now I have 78 encounters from Maine mapped (where info is available) from 10 different sources (BFRO, John Green, etc.).  I'm not saying that I know your incidents will tie in to something but ... only the shadow knows ... wait, wrong forum.


      I'd be much obliged for the info. 



  2. Coincidentally, I found that video this am and have made it a third of the way through. I would guess a group of primitive skills folks built all the lean-to type structures but the prints look good so far. It's interesting. I'll continue on with it as time allows. He does seem passionately engaged in the search.
  3. Ok LeafTalker, not literature but how about music? Possibly, maybe:
  4. I'm looking. Whether I find or not, I've never felt a moment to be wasted while out in the field.
  5. Its very likely that scouts coming to Earth would have no DNA. Francis Crick thought they would:
  6. A couple of trackways in ME from Bigfoot encounters, a conundrum nonetheless: Gardner, Washington County, Maine 2005 Richard "****" Brown of Sidney, Maine and a Windigo researcher for 40 years reports the last tracks he found was on 12 January 2005. They were 1 mile north of Route 201 in Gardner, Maine. They measured 16" long, 7inches at toes. The stride was 7 ft. It was at 2:30 pm. The tracks went for a mile then I quit. **** Brown via Ron Schaffner January 19, 2005 Sagadahoc County, Richmond, Maine February 2000 On February 15, 2000 bigfoot investigator Richard Brown, while out looking for bigfoot sign, found two sets of tracks in Richmond, Maine. These tracks were about one mile apart, the first going east, it was a 16 inch track; these were just off the White Road in Richmond. The second set of tracks were also 16 inches; one mile away going west to White Road. Both sets a tracks were over a mile long. Investigator Richard Brown
  7. IIRC, the ordinance in question was passed not so much because any officials believed in or knew of bf but to dissuade taking shots at what is in all likelihood a Homo (notso) sapiens sapiens.
  8. I can vouch for hiflier being a stand up guy who will deliver the goods. I was going to offer the same to SMM but hiflier's Tascam may produce better results. I would love to hear it. There was a copy that sold on that site for $5 a month or so ago.
  9. Some of these cave insights from Ray Crowe have been mentioned already but here's the link:
  10. Anyone see the film Spotlight? Most know the story but a similar conspiracy of complacency is not hard to imagine. Edit to add, because some elements of the issue seem relevant: He said USDA is essentially saying: “ ‘You can do whatever science you want, as long as it has no real-world applications.’ The rules allow for scientists to be silenced based on the content of their science.†From:
  11. Looks to be the flared buttress of a tree.
  12. BeachNut Some surprisingly loud and powerful growls can come from a little bobcat Check out "Bobcat growl 5" and "Bobcat snarling growl 1" Either one of those heard close by on a solo nightly bushwhack would send me packing.
  13. I respectfully beg to differ, those who recklessly abuse public or private roads/spaces can get them closed to those of us who don't. If given the opportunity I let them know that as respectful a manner I can muster. If folks feel the need to tear things up with their vehicles they can find a gravel pit. Keep it off our roads and trails. Carry on.. and thanks for the update BC