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  1. If you were telepathic, you'd already know the answer
  2. Rest in Peace Mr. Green. The Bigfoot World owes you a huge debt of gratitude for your many contributions to this field.
  3. If you want to discuss lawsuits, defamation or any other legal action, do it somewhere else. Any further discussion about litigation or other off topic content and the author(s) will be excluded from this thread, permanently. Stay on topic and enjoy the thread!
  4. Very well put, Thomas.
  5. She's been totally and thoroughly discredited in the field of BF/DNA research- mainly by her own actions. Anyone still waiting for legitimate results from this "study", may as well by tickets to the next RD sideshow.
  6. Rest in Peace, Ray. Anyone who has ever immersed themselves into the bigfoot topic owes you a debt of gratitude for all of your work and dedication.
  7. Thank you Joe and Cliff for sharing your personal moments with Ray, here on the BFF. He has certainly brought alot to this field and his publication "The Track Record" has inspired and informed countless researchers and enthusiasts alike. We all owe Ray Crowe a debt of gratitude for his love of and dedication to the Bigfoot phenomenon. We will keep Ray and his family in our thoughts.
  8. Going to Michigan, are ya?
  9. Please continue the discussion here.
  10. The BFF is open to anyone who can follow the rules and conduct themselves in a respectful manner. If you feel a member(s) is personally annoying, use the ignore feature. If you feel someone is violating a rule, use the report feature at the bottom of each post. The staff on this forum do an outstanding job but they are not mind readers. And let me say this- If you are an individual who believes that Bigfoot does not and cannot exist, you log on for the sole purpose of reading the content and mocking the membership here and elsewhere....I can tell you that there is a growing intolerance to that mindset on this forum.
  11. Please continue the discussion here:
  12. Couldn't have said it any better, Bravo!
  13. We don't need two threads on this, the two were merged.
  14. Please thank him and advise him that we do not post anyone's personal contact information on the open forum. Perhaps you could invite him to join the BFF and then he would be able to discuss the project with folks who would really appreciate the interaction. He may even pick up some more volunteers.
  15. Bill Munns, by a mile.
  16. I agree, he is consistent
  17. That is truly alarming. If their recreation was accurate, I would be very concerned for anyone in that area.
  18. There are going to be alot of emotional reactions to any information revealed on this area it seems, because some folks are "invested" in this research physically, financially and emotionally. In moving forward with this thread, we will seek to add pertinent information from any viable and publicly available sources to better understand what is taking place in that region. There have been video and blog interviews given by the property owner who is named, the BFRO has previously researched (and documented) the same area, so there is ample information for anyone to make an educated determination as to the location of said property."Outing" the research location is not the objective. The objective is to understand what is happening in that region and why it is happening there specifically. Geographical information and maps can shed light on lay of the land, terrain, access, water sources, etc... Having said that, I have asked and fully expect to review any property information before we determine what gets posted on the forums.
  19. When you click on the property number, it takes you back to the subscription page. So yes , I can see the owner info and parcel ID but not detailed descriptions or plat map
  20. Yes but you can't access the actual info without an account.
  21. Yuchi, If there is no alternative to the subscription link, I presume you have a copy of the information that you could post?
  22. You may link to a publicly available map/plat to show the source for what you're claiming.
  23. Yes, I found those comments by him interesting as well.