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    subtle multi-tiered/faceted forms of humor/insights/catchy phrases and explanations, diverse and disparate cross-references, permutational pathways, conjectural contemplation, rambling on endlessly and sharing that with others(!), trying to play nice with others...helping others smile/laugh...
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  1. That one's obvious! Right under the big face in the rocks!
  2. Maybe the licking was demonstration that monkeys have yet to discover a technique to determine fracture planes... "hmmm..tastes like about a 45 degree angle from current perpendicular...." Or maybe not..doesn't meant that some time in the future (either near or far) that some monkey might realize those chips and shards could prove useful in different applications other than mere "licking stones" Who's to say our own development of knapping stone didn't arise from some similar behaviour once one of us thought "dang that rock is sharp! I just cut myself on it!.......wait a second!"
  3. Thanks for the link Norse! Looks like there could be all sorts of different reasons they might deny such permits to a "Bigfoot tour group" in accord with that list. Explorer- great article you linked there, and in conjunction with that which Norse posted it would be a simple jump to conclude that Garrett May well have set up the whole thing making money with whatever result came. That is running his tours as long as he could, but knowing that he had no permits used that as the cause of his "victimization" that prevents refunding any cash. With s approach of the BF's dark nature, that should have made permitting impossible from the get go....right?
  4. As a reigning international champion, I must confess, it's easier than it looks! Well, it's easy! Whether it's really there, might be, probably isn't, or simply can't be, with the right frame of mind, it can be found! Dedication, determination, and maybe just a bit of imaginative spark is all one really needs. Of course, it's always possible that there IS something there, and you're the only one that can see it! Just because others don't perceive it, doesn't mean it isn't there. I like the tv screen shot, particularly!
  5. I went down there in '83 or '84 (I'm pretty sure, I was attending U. of Pueget Sound at the time) coming in from the NW side, got up to the final blockade, but still surrounded by all the downed timber, an amazing sight, ran into a bio prof of mine doing amphibian population impact studies, but most everything under all those trees had little chance. I haven't been back, So I don't know if they ever did anything with the timber or if it's still there, but I'd bet there's at least one body under all that wood...
  6. Perhaps, but humans are far from equally sized with a grizzly....
  7. Interesting idea, there, SB!
  8. Fascinating article! Did you buy his book?
  9. Now if those rear facing cameras(for backing up) run continuously, (and with the depth of surveillance these days, who's to say?) then accessing that feed would be of merit. Along those lines, and in regards to what Randy' s saying, if one could somehow record/monitor such a feed while cruising the back roads, one might well catch any number of those that have sense enough to cross once the traffic has passed. Of e take a night vision sorta thing after dark..pimp my rig- sasquatch style! "In this part of the country you are better off claiming distraction from BF than your cell phone. " Too funny, but i imagine it's all too true, as well!
  10. Dontcha just hate it when that happens?!
  11. I could just see two BF's talking between themselves.... "So it starts getting darker, right, then all of a sudden, all the deer start like LAYING DOWN! I couldn't believe my luck! Got four of em!" "Oh man!(or would they say "Oh-mah!"?) Why didn't you come wake me up?"
  12. Perhaps another question worth asking is how will the deer respond? Or the skunk cabbage?
  13. But perhaps by shedding the trappings of our technological culture, clothes being a part of that, one presents oneself as more genuine, certainly more vulnerable, and less of a threat...."Oh, that poor thing! What happened to it's fur?"
  14. Hah hah hah... just as long as he didn't get it at Target! Maybe Sears and Roe-Buck?
  15. Hiflier--"Could be deer with no ears LOL. " Maybe it's wearing a hat....