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    subtle multi-tiered/faceted forms of humor/insights/catchy phrases and explanations, diverse and disparate cross-references, permutational pathways, conjectural contemplation, rambling on endlessly and sharing that with others(!), trying to play nice with others...helping others smile/laugh...
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  1. I could just see two BF's talking between themselves.... "So it starts getting darker, right, then all of a sudden, all the deer start like LAYING DOWN! I couldn't believe my luck! Got four of em!" "Oh man!(or would they say "Oh-mah!"?) Why didn't you come wake me up?"
  2. Perhaps another question worth asking is how will the deer respond? Or the skunk cabbage?
  3. But perhaps by shedding the trappings of our technological culture, clothes being a part of that, one presents oneself as more genuine, certainly more vulnerable, and less of a threat...."Oh, that poor thing! What happened to it's fur?"
  4. Hah hah hah... just as long as he didn't get it at Target! Maybe Sears and Roe-Buck?
  5. Hiflier--"Could be deer with no ears LOL. " Maybe it's wearing a hat....
  6. What's in the top right corner between the two sets of trees?
  7. "Remember, sometimes there really is a tiger. " Words to live by, to be sure..... MIB- loving the "butter"!
  8. Aww shucks, Hiflier! That word'll do just fine! Than' you ver' much!
  9. Perhaps, but realistically, that is largely conjecture, which is pretty much all most of us have at this point, and to assign the developmental level of their brain physiology, cognitive ability, and the nature of their social constructs is a bit of a stretch, especially if you're using the human fossil record as the standard or scale, in that it is so far from complete that even trying to determine such phases as coinciding, much less causitive, in our own bio-social development is sketchy at best. In that we have no certainty in regards to our knowledge of their means of communication, actual numbers, degree of cognition (for both an average, as well as exceptional cases or potentials) regular behaviour patterns, activities, range of environmental roles and functions, mobility patterns, life cycles, possible conscious intents, drives , goals(? Who can say?) and motivations, the extent of their elusiveness and subterfuge, the history of their evolution, their capacity for long distance communications, the nature of their endoparasites, what they see as a reasonable distance to travel for a date, or even why the dogmen say they're sasquatch when they're talking in yer, just to mess with the hairless dwarves or is it part of a grander agenda with effects more far reaching than the self impressed social think apes will perceive or even imagine before it's far too late "those pinks think they're so social! Once we get our numbers up, develop rudimentary technologies and then leave it all laying about the forest, they'll all be too distracted to see the Centaurian plasma transformational device as they send selfies with the "non-natural stick tools" to their ex's and debating whether a blender comprised solely of twigs and alder leaves is actually the result of last week's storm or the remnants of a practice beaver **** that just looks an old Oster, as their individual DNA samples are collected, catalogued, analysed, alphabetized, and added to the "products available" supplemental page for" We just can't make these assumptions from a non-existent fossil record, as many 5 second sightings you want to list, print casts or audio recordings(unless they think the Mic isn't on still and they start say things like"are we ever gonna tell em how many of us there really are? No.. we're still sticking with the no more than 10000, honest, nothing to see hear, just a stump...hold still til they look away!") Sure we can consider, contemplate, discuss and debate any number of possible realities but to designate what it is, define its nature, determine its social complexity, and delineate its cognitive depth, from what we have currently at hand is to limit our potential to realize and recognize what they actually are and can do, if or once we obtain actual knowledge or founded understanding of these creatures. Just my Tuesday morning rant....
  10. Gotta love a good boning pun! But no, not quoting you, just reiterating mainstream consensus like I always do! lol I think one of the most significant shifts had to have been when abstract communication began, as that opens up huge realms of cognition and social complexity..similar,to a degree, to the development of the written word, in that it represents a quantum jump in the ability and capacity to transfer acquired knowledges to others and the next generation, in a sense, the first hard drive was but a word....
  11. That, I would think, is nearly guaranteed.....
  12. Well, alrighty, then!
  13. Don't start with the original tunes....I got hundreds of hours of original tunes that'll shut this place down. Or at least shift the audience lol
  14. Norse said "Well....any primate is more intelligent than a squirrel. Just sayin......" You, my good sir, never met my ex, it would seem..... CM- bone marrow, uncooked, was the kicking off point for our brain development/heightened protein consumption.....
  15. Testify! MIB! That is precisely the point! Ape vs human is just a fine matter of degree....that being said, from what has been described by witnesses and the evidence, it seems pretty clear they sit on the "more human than great ape" side of the bleachers. Just my opinion, mind ya....