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  1. I realistically don't think there is even a third of the Bigfoot all these so called polls have shown. If these so called individual numbered polls are based on eyewitness reports, then that means probably not even a third of those reports are true, so that brings the population numbers down drastically. I'm taking a wild guess, but I think there is maybe in the range of 5,000 or less total in United States and Canada put together. Probably not near even that many. Eyewitness accounts, if true, can seriously skew a population guess when it comes to Bigfoot for a few reasons. I remember a time before facebook and youtube when Bigfoot didn't live in everyone's backyard in suburbia. I mean now we have reports of them eating food out of dumpsters in slum vacant areas in Chicago. There is a hundred homeless people going for that same thrown away food in dumpsters, so not really sure how a Bigfoot is going to fare fighting a mob of hungry people off for a piece of crust from an old pizza. If there was seriously that many Bigfoot around, one would have been dead by now and no way the government could cover anything up. Too many hunters in the woods all year long to have that many Bigfoot running around and not shot one yet. Sorry but every hunter isn't going to get that "oh but they looked so human" complex going on. If just 50,000 was running around, actually not one, but a few would have been brought in by now. And a few probably smashed by some large semi trucks.
  2. It was mostly likely a Cherokee individual or one from the Chickamauga tribe that had obtained a uniform at some point around the French and Indians wars or shortly after. Might have even fought for the french and it was a battle trophy. No telling, couldn't tell much by the uniform as it was in tatters and only pieces left. The buttons still had thread and cloth uniform pieces on them and gilt on the buttons. General uniform buttons with no designation so most like it was a state militia frock type coat. No telling why he wanted to be buried there knowing full well it was ancient even to the local tribes at that time and local tribes hadn't used mound type burials for hundreds of years. They had already been burying in graveyards by this time in the southern and northern states. The huge tree growing on top of it had to be least 200 years old itself. Had to have it cut down to work around the roots all through the mound.
  3. If so, that would have only been in the last maybe 50,000 years ago. Would there have been enough time for the world to right itself during that brief amount of time, compared to that big one that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago? Personally, I couldn't even entertain the idea that a meteor wiped out the clovis or cumberland people. The Cumberlands, were the southeastern version of the clovis people from out in western states. And most likely it seems, were here before the clovis people showed up. Also, since the discovery and naming of the clovis point, there have been many other points found since then that is considered older than the clovis. I have real examples of both clovis and cumberland fully fluted type of points found by myself along the ancient rivers in the states. The clovis is not a large spear point at all no more than a few inches long with flutes, the cumberland is a much longer and larger spear point and fluted also. Those people only followed the big rivers and hunted only the mastadons and mammoths, and other large animals of the time period. They didn't grow anything at all and moved in groups following the big animals on their routes probably supplementing their diet with nuts and berries along their routes when season.. These Paleo people, were much more equipped to dispatch a Bigfoot than the historic Indian tribes we have today. No impact halted the Mayan invasion. If an invasion is what you want to call it. Influence and trade is what I call it. This would have only happened really no more than about 1,500 years ago. No meteor has hit the earth in that time that did any damage. When the Mayans came north into what is now the United States, it would have been during what is called the Mississippian Culture in the North American prehistoric Indian history, which ran from about 500 CE to 1500 CE. This is when certain aspects of several different prehistoric Indian groups looked like they started imitating Mayan style culture. The Mississippian Culture is the time period when a few of these regional places started making huge ceremonial centers with huge earthen mounds built for ceremonies. These were not burial mounds but mounds that ceremonial buildings set on. This is a time period which they actually learned a lot during a short period, so were most likely influenced by the Mayans or even the Olmecs back as far as 3,000 years ago, who were the predecessors of the Mayans. These cultures can be found at Moundville Archeological Park in Alabama, and the Ocmulgee National Monument in Georgia and of course the Cahokia Mounds State Park in Illinois. They also still buried in mounds at this point and time. But some mounds aren't to be confused with other mounds that are much older. As a NPS Archeologist years ago I helped excavate much older mounds than the Mississippi period. These were pure burial mounds and used for nothing else, and some of them would be used for over a thousand years. Later Indians coming through 800 years later would have no clue who first built it, but would know people were buried in it and would just bury theirs on top of the ones already there, therefore making the mound much large and higher over the generations of use. I know where lots of burial mounds are right now just miles from my house, Some are in the water and can be seen when the water is drawn down and some in the fields on farms in the area. And some in peoples front yards. Never, ever once found any large skeletons in any mound we ever excavated. Thousands of them were dozed down for fill dirt back when they started building the highways across North America early part of last century. They didn't even bother looking at the bones or what was in the mounds, so wonder how many giant bones is laying under Route 66 going through Illinois and other highways of the south and midwest. One story I have about digging in one, we found a skeleton with what looked like an old revolutionary war soldiers uniform on. Complete with the military buttons still on it. This was a very out of the place mound and only about 10ft tall. On the very bank of the most dangerous part of the TN river. The rest of the burials in it, were almost 2,000 years old, dated by the pottery shards in it. So this person was buried in it only couple hundred years ago. Still kinda trip out about that one.
  4. Do you mean a "spectrogram" ? I can easily have a very thorough spectrogram analysis done of any sound you might have. Our group specializes in this procedure. Would help if sound wise they are decently recorded and clearly audible. Very far off faint sounds do not lend to a very good spectrogram analysis.
  5. But evidence shows that Bigfoot does live in some areas that is sparse on different types of food. We know they will eat meat on occasion, but they can also survive on many other things. We have no clue how they digest food or what they can actually eat. Maybe they have stomach acids like dogs, where they can eat almost anything and not get sick. I remember reports of them eating bark off a tree, they must have a strong stomach to let a big pile of bark sit in their stomach for awhile to digest. Roots, road kill, dead fish floating in a slough, bugs, ect are all easy foods. Not sure about out west, but here in the south there is enough opossums for a Bigfoot family to live quite comfortably all year long. Not hard for a five year old human child to run down a slow opossum. They are so many of them and coons, they have no natural predators down here other than yotes and cars. I have entire families of coons and opossums that raid my garbage cans every night. Maybe they can eat a good meal and not have to eat for a while. Maybe they digest their food slowly over a period of time so they don't actually have to eat every day...
  6. Not sure if I would consider what humans do as swaying like Bigfoot have been reported to do. To me, humans is more of a maybe lean to the side to get a better look only if something is blocking your line of sight.. Not a constant swaying back and forth like Bigfoot. I'm not totally sure about this but I think some apes sway for certain reasons like that. I don't look into the ape thing concerning Bigfoot so correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I'm sure Bigfoot gets vision problems just like humans and other animals due to injury or old age to make them sway or wobble back and forth to see better. I've just never personally noticed anyone that swayed like that to get a better picture. No offense taken. I just never posted any of our videos before because to be honest, once one of our members makes the new videos, I watch them and then just forget about them. We make quite a few videos. I've read about the plastic bags. We don't bother with any of that. That is old stuff and they were probably having the hide the light from the older ones that had a faceplate on it that was bright. Like the hand held ones the used on the old Ghost Hunter episodes. Ours are the newer Flir models that has a larger eye cup for the monocular. There is absolutely no light that goes out that anything can see unless you're the one looking through the eyelet. It even goes in a ways also so it's out of the way for anything to see. And since thermals gives off no projection light it's completely hid. The only light that could be seen is the on and off small red light and we cover those up with tape.
  7. It's normal behavior due to all the reports of these type encounters. I classify what happened here as an "encounter". Not a sighting. A sighting is someone driving down the freeway and sees one running across a farmers field. But the behavior shown the most common reported actions that most all these type encounters have. There was nothing outside the ordinary about what they did compared to any other encounter that has been reported by other people across the United States or Canada. A single person would have been crazy to be in this place by themselves late a night lol. But there is something to be said about strength in numbers. A single person might not have fared so well. There was couple people that walked quite a ways down the trail road and didn't see anything on thermal. Sometimes they will stay out of range, and I think that is the infrared from the night vision that was given off. The thermals gives off no light at all so they would never see those. Had both night vision and thermal going. They might be able to see the length and spread of the infrared night vision enough to stay a ways back. The same way it's hard to record video's of Bigfoot from security cameras outside of homes, they can test the infrared light length from the cameras by throwing something into the view of the camera and see how far back it triggers the camera, so they know where and how far they can reach into your yard and grab your pet for a quick snack without setting off the camera's. An infrared camera blinks when it takes a picture and is visible to anyone. The reason I think this is because a couple of years ago in another one of our research areas several of them were called in to us, no one had night vision or a thermal. They came within yards of us off the side of the small dirt road. Could hear them just walking off the side of the road. I think if we had night vision stuff going they would have not gotten so close to the small group of people. Also, since they can see so well in the dark, they probably just saw people looking straight at them and pointing at them and figured they were being seen and stayed partially out of sight. There were two groups involved in this. And lot of the members are in both groups.
  8. I understand what you are saying. I have no clue why they act a certain way like that. Seems like they would want to retreat and take off and remain hidden better. Just curiosity I guess. It could turn into a weakness depending on they do it in front of. But that is one of those traits (throwing things, vocals, actually wanting peoples attention, ect) that is collective among all Bigfoot's across North America and Canada unlike some traits which is most definitely regional . Personally I think if they are single males, they are more likely to be meaner ones and not so curious but just takes what they want to survive on their own. I think the curious ones would be a family unit. They would know enough between bad and good concerning humans, as in motherly and fatherly traits that probably takes generations to learn, as the single males/females that leave on their own probably doesn't know these things or had the time to learn properly and it takes forever to relearn these instincts in family units that starts up again. I think these were just curious, but maybe the first one that was there was a younger one that went to get the male and female. We will never know that but that's the guess due to the analysis. So maybe family units are more curious to a degree. Maybe that's why the big one stomped down the hill because his family was there and saying, yea we will play but also saying don't mess around at the same time. The object thrown was not mean or threatening, but more playful and small objects. Wasn't like it was throwing softball sized rocks at the group members. There was never any bad intentions given out by the group, maybe it was just being there where no one ever parks in the middle of the night and gets out at to stare around in the darkness. In the videos, it was thought one went to get the alpha male that came to throw the objects, and stomp down the hill. The one seen in the thermal footage. The one at the beginning might not have been the big one that came not long after. The others, maybe a female and another one were communicating to each other after they showed up. They weren't all there at the beginning. Maybe the numbers is what confused the big one, as no one ran away. Yes it does kinda make sense that they were confused the "humans" weren't doing the usual. Either camping out in the last remote campground and being normal and the occasional trout angler going up one of several very cold mountain creeks/streams. Just not a place you would ever seen anyone out looking for Bigfoot, and that night was driving some vehicles just down the trail to a nice bridge. You can see pictures of one of the streams at the beginning of those videos. I have also still photo's and lot of gopro footage taken during the daytime to show how thickly these trees are in this place. Very old mountain growth. Very quite in here and one of those places that it gets dark around 4pm due the huge canopy of the forest and pitch black at night. Creepy. This time of the year when this happened was during the no campfire season of that part of the park so we didn't have a fire. Could also be they heard the yells that were being made and they got curious. Those were the ones covered over with the old Tarzan vocals. It's explained at the beginning of each video. They are known to stand silent and very still to watch humans. So I guess they would hunker down if it's a known thing too them to do so. I don't think they all know how to do that, in the same way I don't think they know how to make teepee's. In some instances, I think it might be a reactionary thing where say for instance, one is looking at you, and you just glance over and it thinks you made eye contact with it, it might just freeze or try to act camouflaged in it's shaggy covering. But I seriously don't think they know to do this as a trait in their trying to stay hidden. When you say like, "at night when confronted by a group like yours? Toss a stone and then fold up like a stump shape?" ..... Well that brought up something I have thought for a lot of years now, We are pretty sure they can see at night like in the day time, maybe not as good but somehow their sight is amplified some at night. Well, I think they simply do not know that we can't see at night as well as they do. And that thermal shows exactly that. That one was still hiding behind a tree in the dead of a very dark night. You talked about them trying to hide and act stealthy like a stump, ect, so that right there says it's some what of a common trait. But I think it's only a reactionary thing. Ask all you want I don't mind, I can talk Bigfoot analysis all day long. Not sure if what I typed here helps any of your questions but it's 1am and I'm tired and still got about an hour of work to do before I hit the sack...
  9. Exactly.... Everyone interprets things differently though. @CR - I agree, it's certainly not disrespectful to ask. But it was the way you did it. And I made a statement, not a claim. And you mention posting on a public forum, well yes, this is a public forum. However these videos have been posting to much larger public forums, facebook and youtube. I've even posted some about this encounter and place already in the past on this forum.. A most beautiful campsite in the huge Chattanhoochie National Forest where bears and Bigfoot exist together on a daily basis. Bears were seen during the campout, but they kinda stay away from people for the most part. Some of you probably seen some of these videos already or heard the podcasts, as they were made by two different groups and had both, videos made and also at least four very well known podcasts made about this campout. So here are the videos just so everyone knows I don't make claims, I made a statement of what actually happened. Take it for what you want, it did happen and it's the kind of encounter Bigfoot dreams are made of but rarely obtained much less having video and audio of the entire encounter. If you're not technically inclined, the audio analysis might be boring, but we take our evidence very seriously and have developed a way to take other animals out of the equation when dealing with captured audio... For those that enjoys this technical stuff, you might enjoy it and if you have inquiries about it let me know... Three part series, First video shows a bit of the figure in thermal around the 1:15 mark... Other of the same figure in the other videos and you can see him actually step out from behind the tree. You can clearly see the entire right side of it's torso, kinda looks like the pillsbury doughboy on thermal. The rocks might start flying in the first video as you can very clearly hear them arching through the tree and hitting the bridge that some people are standing on. Also strange glowing lights also on video, vocals from different areas around us of them communicating, also on video and audio, and other stuff going on. Lots of known Bigfoot behavior in this video to show most descriptions of their behavior is true. Have fun with this three part video series... This isn't even our best research area just so you know. First video - Second video - Third video -
  10. Got most of it on thermal yes. Now not sure how to actually define a "bluff charge", but ours was like a deliberate heavy quick stomp towards us for five or six steps. Not like it would normally walk, but stomping it's feet into the ground on purpose coming not really slow but not fast at all, towards us. You could tell it was meant to frighten us. Group members basically stood their ground and we "think", it confused the larger one that did this because it stopped and took off back up the hill and started throwing things again. Basically we made threatening noises ourselves so this might have confused him. Thermal being what it is, it's not exactly defining, but anyone, can clearly see the outline of it's side torse, arm, legs, it's entire right side torso behind the huge hemlock tree swaying and throwing rocks/something at us underhand style. Very thick and huge virgin hemlock trees in this area and hard to see past a few of them even in full day light. The group not only got a charge, but eye shine and other lights, numerous vocals from different spots from several Bigfoot, objects being thrown at the group almost the entire time during this nights encounter, all on video and audio. A very rare and fruitful night during this campout...
  11. Hiflier, the bluff charge from this past fall was not far from East Tennessee. It happened just down in Northern Georgia inside the huge Chattahoochee National Forest. I've spoke of this place before on here. It's a place where Bigfoot and bears, co-exist on a daily basis. Lots of bears in this place.
  12. Didn't say it was personal. The only reason I've never once mentioned the name of our group or the other few groups we are also members of and posted videos is because I'm not a paying member here. I simply not the kind of person to spam all my personal stuff in a public forum. Didn't want it to look like I was here just spamming for my group. Just a few days ago after seeing that fund raiser post I think it was, I figured I'd just become a paying member and start my own thread about what our group does..... So soon you can follow all that we do... Now Hiflier, if someone had sincerely just asked me about the videos or other info, I would have readily sent that info to them as I have before. But being a grown man, I simply don't let people call me out as a liar. Which is what happened... Be glad to send a couple links personally to you though if you want to check out a few things we do...... Just so you know I'm not here yanking chains. Just let me know, I'll PM a few links to you...
  13. First of all lets make one thing clear, I don't make excuses and I didn't make one. You made up that yourself. And also, despite anything you said, I've never once stated any where's on this forum that myself or anyone else had a "Bunch of them tracked down and could get a type specimen anytime we wanted"...... Please quote the specific thread of me ever saying that... Thanks We do know where a few lives and most likely a couple of smaller groups within the entire area, this is fact. I think we even made a video of an ordeal last year involving famous members of the Bigfoot world in which some came within yards of a small group of people. Also got on video a rather nice bluff charge just this past Oct, involving members of the same two groups. Yea so no reason to lie about stuff on this forum. Our group does make a lot of videos of what we do though, so not sure I want to waste time looking back for it just to prove something here.. Just never felt like I ever had to prove myself to anyone but myself and family. But yea, our group is both pro kill and anti kill, we don't care what side of the fence you're on. But none of us is going to try and shoot one because we've seen the power of these things and the little 1911's we carry most of the time just isn't gonna get the job done in the dark... Only an eye or vital spot shot would do the trick with a little weapon like that. We just simply don't want to trouble, and besides, why displace a trust that took quite a long time to build up in these places. If you're a true researcher, you research, you don't kill. Even if you're not against one being killed. So giggle all you want, doesn't phase me in the slightest... But finding a body or body part is the hardest part. That scenario is one that plays out in every portion of the United States in which they live. If only it was that simple. Our areas aren't that small, so it would be hard to find a dead body of any kind of animal. It's a 225 Mercury Pro XS on it now. From out of the hole to around 70 to 75mph takes around 8 seconds with a full bass fishing tournament load with two people in the boat... At that speed there is nothing but the actual prop in the water, the rest of the boat is gleaming on top of the water. I mean you know, I can't let anyone beat me to our first honey hole after take off tournament morning...
  14. Just depends on who gets lucky with a body. I doubt it will happen again this year. Seems like all the people and groups thats been trying to kill one for awhile now just simply doesn't have the slightest idea what they are doing. And nothing but that body or body part is going to do it. And finding a dead one or a body part will prove harder than killing one. Our group is not going to kill one of ours to prove anything to anyone. We simply don't care if they are proven to the public. And all the tools and databases, ect you mentioned are about as worthless as that professor from Idaho state when it comes to proving Bigfoot to the public. It would be easy enough to get done, to be quite honest, if I had the heart to do it. Sadly I do not.