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  1. It would be very interesting to know if some of the reported sightings from a certain area could be of the same creature.
  2. ^^ I looked up a wind chill chart which had the temp's and wind speed in increments of 5. I don't know for sure but I would think there would be some wind blowing in later December in No. Dakota but to be on the conservative side: Wind speed of 5mph, 35 degrees feels like 31, 30 deg. feels like 25. Wind speed of 10mph, 35 deg. feels like 27, 30 deg. feels like 21. Wind speed of 20mph, 35 deg. feels like 24, 30 deg. feels like 17. Aren't the prairies known for the wind blowing a lot?
  3. Noresman, to me those kind of temperatures, plus that far of a distance would rule out a human.
  4. How cold does it get around Christmas in North Dakota? When you imagine how long it would take to walk 7 miles in the snow, I can't imagine any human walking that distance in below freezing temperatures. This thought occurred to me: If the trackway was made by a human, after making a 7 mile trackway, wouldn't the person then have had to walk another 7 miles back to their starting point, presumably their vehicle to go home?
  5. Redbone, that was great work on the height and car comparison drawing.
  6. This report is consistent with a lot of reports where witnesses have said what they saw crossed a road in just a few steps, usually 2-3 or 3-4 steps. And this witness seemed pretty certain the figure crossed the road in what they called "two-three giant bounds. That would mean at least 6-7 ft. steps, or more depending on the width of the road.
  7. Redbone, I tip my hat to you; you've put in a lot of work. When looking at the look at the southern states on the Google map, notice how sparse Mississippi is compared to the states all around it.
  8. One thing I liked in last night's "Four Corners" episode were the t-shirts the mother and son in New Mexico were wearing; the ones with the Bigfoot outline in yellow and the red sun symbol from their state flag inside it. I thought they were interesting looking. I thought the rock splashes were intriguing.
  9. Here's something very interesting. The investigator's report said this trackway came out of an adjacent field, then onto the road, then it re-entered the field and then went back onto the road again. What's interesting is this is the same thing the BCM trackway did. In the thread in another part of the forum about the BCM tracks, the BCM trackway was described as going down the road, then it went off the road into the trees and bushes, and then back onto the road again. Interesting.
  10. ^^ I hope you didn't hurt your back too badly. Even though the size of the rock alone would rule out a human throwing it; a human would have to be nuts to hide in the treeline about 25 yds. away from a couple of hunters, start making some noises, and then after both hunters get out their shotguns and one fires a shot into the air, you then start to throw rocks at them, 17 of them.
  11. ^^ I agree; a human couldn't throw a rock as big as a soccer ball 25 yds. I don't know what a rock that size would weigh but I'd bet an average human would struggle just to pick it up, let alone throw it.
  12. This went on for a good 20 minutes with 17 rocks being thrown. I wonder if the Bigfoot's arm was too worn out to throw rock no.18?
  13. The witness said the creature walked across the slope at a fast pace and seemed unconcerned with all the rocks. I don't know what size these rocks were but it doesn't seem like a human could do it very quickly. I would think a person would be concerned about the uneven surface due to the rocks and sort of pick their way across, if the slope is how I would imagine it to be. I agree with Ted's comment above about the witness' previous skepticism lends credence to the report. The witness was a skeptic about Bigfoot but he seemed very sure of what he saw and that it wasn't a bear walking across the rocks on two legs and swinging its arms as it walked and then ducking behind a boulder. I also thought this was a very intriguing comment; the witness said the legs "appeared short". The same thing we see in the Patterson Gimlin film.
  14. The witness said a Bigfoot he saw in one of his earlier sightings made the old time professional wrestler, Haystack Calhoun, look small. So, imagine a Bigfoot that made this guy look small. (I hope this works, I'm not good at embedding pictures)
  15. I agree, it's an interesting report. One aspect that makes this one unique is the witness doing a howl while actually observing the creatures; I'm assuming to see what kind of reaction there might be. It would be interesting to know what went through the Bigfoot's mind upon seeing some type of creature in the distance and hearing it make a howling noise. It's too bad the witness couldn't tell if one of the two larger creatures had breasts. I think it's a reasonable assumption that one of the two larger ones would have been a female, most likely the one that interacted more with the smaller ones.