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  1. Aye, Triton IS one of the good guys, and DOES share some good information. And Triton - thanks for sharing. Good hunting.
  2. BF hunter enters wood with long sleeves on, comes out with short sleeves - he saw one;.
  3. Old Dog, I live on the coast here in Florida. I see men and women - that wear very little - and some of the older, fatter ones would scare the enamel off teeth. That getting nekked may be an interesting experiment - but depending on who does the getting nekked - may run off the local BF population across three state lines. And it has nothing to do with UV. Never go to the beach with a weak stomach.
  4. In 1996, a Swiss photographer named Karl Amman visited the Congo, and found a skull similar to a chimpanzee, but had a prominent, bony crest like a gorilla. Suggesting a hybrid. Since then, reports of a large, lion killing chimp has been investigated somewhat, and a large chimp subspecies has been found, called the Bili or Bono ape. But they don't have the prominent bony crest like found on the skull Amman found. Michael Crichton wrote about them in his 1980 thriller called Congo. We keep finding things.
  5. Might have split off 400,000 years ago, but the common ancestor may have been in India or Uzbekistan, with Neanderthal migrating to northern Europe and Denisovans heading north and east.
  6. I'm not so sure some of these things have been covered so well - at least when addressed specifically in a direct question. Many here have had multiple successes, and I'd assume in their many excursions, they've just learned where some of these clans are more active. I was just curious. What am I looking for? Patterns, I suppose. I note that some who have had multiple indicators tend to return to the same areas - which would indicate some places may be more "populated." I mean, no one would likely continue to return to the same areas where nothing has ever been shown to be "active." Right? I mean, after a dozen times with absolutely nothing - the natural tendency would be to try other areas until one discerns those areas with more activity. What troubles me with these creatures? Aside from the fact that Big Boy scared the living crap out of me, I'm kinda curious how they've honed some skills masterfully, and in other measurements of intelligence compared to humans - they're so "un-needy," or uninterested. How can they be so developed in some traits, and so undeveloped in other traits? MIB This may sound awful, but killing never bothered me. I was more interested in the process as a technician might/would be. It was a job, no more and no less. When no longer on the payroll, it was no longer my job. The capacity for great violence does not equate to a preference for great violence. Big difference. On boards, I'm strictly a counter-puncher. I come here after the news boards and sports boards - and never start anything on any of the boards. But I'm all in once it starts! I can disagree with someone on certain things - Yuchi is a no-kill - and we can disagree without being disagreeable, as I respect his position on that. I do appreciate your thoughts. Since that up close - I have burned up hundreds of hours trying to learn more about those things - time I could have spent with the baby's momma! Screwed up my priorities!
  7. Oh. I was serious when I stated that I wish I'd never seen one. Some things once seen, simply cannot be unseen.
  8. You must be Welsh.
  9. Actually, you never crossed my mind when I wrote that. I was thinking of friends of mine - some who deny the possibility - some who are very skeptical as they believe they'd have been found by now - and some like I used to be - just never gave them a thought - one way or another. When I met one, it changed everything I thought I knew. I wish I'd never seen it.
  10. I looked, but not only do I look nothing like any of them, I can't even see a faint family resemblance. Now my neighbor . . .
  11. I gotta say, Norse. Those are some mighty fine looking animals. Mighty fine.
  12. That's rather amazing, if one thinks about it a second. Numerous locations that have occasional or even frequent activity - and of course the guarded generosity of some of the members here. Amazing, as so many folks don't believe in these things, never experienced anything of consequence, and yet if we went further - many parts of the country have active populations of these things. Good stuff, guys. Good stuff.
  13. Per the narratives I've read, a number of you have had lots of interaction with these critters. I'm sure some places have occasional "action," while there may be one or more locations of yours where you almost always have some "action," or have "action" frequently enough to return to for the experiences. Do any of you have a "Honey Hole" of sites that are frequently active? I don't mean you got photos, or have a game of chess with them - but when you go to these sweet spots - you almost always have them around you in varying degrees? And no, I'm not asking where they are. Just - do you have a Honey Hole or two?
  14. BS. On your best day, you couldn't find them either
  15. Sheri, you're not kidding! During my up close - accidental - encounter, this thing was (I hate to call it running, exactly) coming mighty fast in more of a crossing of the mountain slope, and I never heard anything. I was getting growled at real loud by what I assume was another one from the nearby cluster of trees, but for something that big to cover that much ground, and never make a sound - in reflection - was quite a feat. A week or so later, the team member that I had dropped off when all this happened, found another "sweet spot" with bars - and he went up the first switchback to again, call home. He came fogging it back down mighty quick, as he'd seen another. This was a bit different. There was an open area much like a meadow, and he said as he was talking with his back to the meadow, he heard heavy "thumps" and spun around to see what it was. He was shocked to see this thing shooting uphill in the meadow. He said, "You remember that scene in Jurassic Park, where the puddle of water showed the vibrations, and then the deep thumps as the T. Rex approached? That was what it was like." He wondered where it came from, as this was open ground, with only grasses and mountain flowers in the meadow. I told him that as he approached on the ATV, the thing flattened out in the field. Only after he turned his back on it, did this critter feel it was time to clear out of there. The flowers and grasses were not even knee-tall. And he wasn't looking for anything in the flowers and grasses - just a casual visual scan. Combine that ability with their natural "ghillie suit," and folks are just not going to see them. Most everyone's looking for an upright critter. No telling how many times I've been out in the wild and had one real close and never even thought about one - and it remained undetected. If you're out looking for six-foot, blue tinted, green-eyed men who wear turpentine-soaked rags around their ankles, shave their heads, and wear purple hats - if you don't see these blue tinted, green-eyed men with turpentine rags, shaved heads with purple hats - that you're expecting - you won't see them. They seem to make noise only when they want to - from everyone I've talked to, and from the hundreds and hundreds of narratives I've read. Good observation!