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  • Have you ever had an encounter with a sasquatch-like creature?
    Not sure
  1. Probably a cell phone. Even though cell phone cameras are getting to be quite high resolution, they still don't have good enough lenses to take photos from a distance. This is why, if you are going anywhere and you plan to take pictures, always take a real camera with you that has a good optical zoom. Digital zoom only distorts.
  2. Oh good, the blurry videos really help identify it.
  3. There's got to be more sightings than just these few out in that area...
  4. I was trying to figure out why they would make a video just to show us that picture. Then it hit me, the picture literally could be anything, so the best way to get views and keep people interested in a picture of nothing is to put it in a video. I wish they would just call a spade a spade and tell us the picture doesn't show much. You can still post the picture, but just simply say that it isn't great quality. In all honesty that picture could be posted on a UFO sight and no one would question it.
  5. I can tell you I wouldn't be brave enough to throw rocks at 2 hunters in the woods.
  6. I've worked in construction for 15 years, I'm 5'11" weight 200lbs, think of my self as quite strong, and I hurt my back lifting a rock that size trying to move it from a window well I was digging. It was a big enough task picking it up and turning and placing it to my right, I couldn't imaging having to try and throw it.
  7. I live not far from there. I need to spend more time around Waterton, beautiful scenery there!
  8. Of all the groups I've looked into (and yes there are a lot of them, too many to study them all), one thing I've noticed (or haven't noticed) is whether or not they're taking notice to time of year for their own experiences. I don't mean just writing down when they were out in the woods, but actually taking notice of when and where they were finding evidence. What I'm trying to get at is, have any of these "field researchers" noticed whether or not sasquatches migrate with time of year? I know in Canada it's much harder to get out and study in the winter, and that there are substantially less people out in the woods between September and April. How many of these groups are doing year round research? If sasquatch is one of the missing links in evolution, it's plausible to suggest they move around with time of year, just like the natives used to. It could explain why so called Hot Spots go cold from time to time.
  9. I would love to see your proof backing this statement. Without any evidence showing some sort of truth to your claim, your statement falls into the category of fabrication so feel you can have authority on the subject. If your are going to make a statement like this, you better have some really big guns to pull out and back you up.
  10. I've seen that Craven video before, it's quite compelling. I'd like to know roughly where outside of Craven it was taken. That area would be very easy for something to remain undetected, right near Last Mountain Lake and the Qu'appelle River. Even though it's in Southern Saskatchewan there's lots of bush and the area is quite hilly. There's also lots of wildlife in the area, there would be ample food sources year round.
  11. That's an interesting video. I used to live in Saskatoon, SK for ten years, moved away in 2010. I know the Pike Lake area a bit; it's definitely possible for something smart to live there and remain hidden. The lake isn't far from the South Saskatchewan River valley, plus there is lots of un-farmed reserve land near there. It's a little further south than I would have thought sasquatch may habitate, but then again I now live in Medicine Hat, AB and there were a couple sighting here back in the 70's. I would never in a million years thought a sasquatch would inhabit the bad lands, but again, a look at the terrain makes is plausible one could have lived near by, or at least have been passing through.
  12. That show was terrible, it was all about ratings and Matt Moneymaker wanting cameras pointing at him the whole time. How about we get more shows on TV where people actually investigate with science. Has anyone seen the couple of episodes MonsterQuest dedicated to bigfoot? I'd watch a whole series done like that!
  13. This post should really be in the Western Canadian Sightings category.