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  1. ^^^ Not that I've had any luck at it but I also believe we are the bait. Its one of the reasons when I go out into the woods all I do is camp. I assume they will find me if they are around and want to engage. If not they will avoid me and searching for them in their habitat may be a practice in futility for the most part, like playing the lottery. I'd be happy with another good sasquatch sighting, but I'd be ecstatic about the lottery. RE: Triton - I can personally say that he has been very helpful and more than willing to work with me via PM when talking about a potential camping trip I want to make down to the TN/GA area. Seems like a pretty stand up guy to me.
  2. Joe, I apologize if this has already been asked. The theory seems to be that a BF did a low crawl or some army crawl to reach the bait. Were there any signs of this mode of transportation. One would expect there to be knee or elbow marks in and out of the mud. Short of some sort of flying, the BF had to leave some sort of coming and goings.
  3. I believe it was mentioned previously in this thread previously but at over 1knposts I'll just ask. What if any tracks were near this lay?
  4. No your dead right about how I was using the word. I do however believe your meaning to make more sense. I've only had my one possible experience to date and nada since then. I keep an eye out and seen odd things but I've left them all unclassified in my mind. No evidence to move the needle in any direction let alone towards the abnormal.
  5. ^^. That's a sad thing to hear SWWASAS, not just for BF but all fauna in that area. We truly are the most destructive force this planet has ever seen.
  6. I think this method would achieve results just as well as camping and not acknowledging BF in any form. My reasoning that BF's curiosity is peaked by us doing what we do. To them is and our actions are foreign enough that it caused curiosity. That being said, your approach is as good as any and should most definitely be employed as a new tactic. Almost anything is worth a try.
  7. Agreed, my earlier statement about misinterpretation was in regards to those that seem to find "squatchy" signs in any forest they enter. I.e. Every stick structure is a squatch or every tree broken off at "X" feet above ground is a squatch. My mindset is that entering a forest all of those signs will start off as the most basic and common explanation. For the record I have no one in mind in particular in regards to them finding BF signs everywhere, just talking in general.
  8. I do not doubt an area that has a bf hanging around for a bit or possibly long term would show signs. I'm still thinking this is rare occurrence and many of what may be suspected as BF signs are possibly misinterpreted.
  9. Well said Rockape, a rare creature indeed. I always raise a little eyebrow when shoes like Finding Bigfoot are in "squatchy" areas every episode. It presents the topic as being a common every day occurance. I would venture a guess that a large majority of "signs" are misinterpreted.
  10. They are pretty "something" for even hoaxing in the first place.
  11. Wow, I'm getting it as a single vertices line of letters as well. Think I got arthritis now in my scrolling finger. I'm viewing the forum on a iPhone wonder if that's got to do with it.
  12. Amazing the information we can gather from such old material. And to think sometimes I have trouble finding the hours of a local restaurant! This quote from the article strikes home for me. "Certainly, our findings contrast markedly with the rather simplistic view of our ancient relatives in popular imagination,"
  13. Im a quick study on in the point of washing with bacon grease .....I'm just going to wear a bacon suit!
  14. I think you hit on a good point SWWASAS. It may very greatly with what BF believes our intention to be. Casual visitor / Hunter. Who better to recognize the actions and demeanor of a "predator" than one that's presumably near the top.
  15. Kind off topic but it does bring up a question along similar lines. If what is being discussed in regards to an US vs. THEM in terms of physical appearance how does this impact BF from different regions. There are varying beliefs on this but a common one is that the BF in the NW tend to be bigger/heavier animal while the SE is proposed to be smaller/lighter. If this were true how often and how would a meeting between the two go? Would they instantly recognize them as a BF or would they avoid each other as they do us?