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  1. I'd venture a guess that bigfoot, if it were to average say 6'6" would not reach a mature(ish) size until about 9 - 12 years old. I could see it being 15 or so before it reaches its peak height, then a while at of prime ststus, say 16 to 30. From there it could start to age until about 45, 50 being an old BF. This is based on nothing but my own thoughts and ideas.
  2. I tend to side with resurgent animals side. In Michigan where I reside and travel there is definitely an up tick in animal activity, both common and "rare" in these parts.
  3. I want to contribute to this conversation but Norse is doing a better job expressing my concerns and thoughts better than I can. I believe it is out there but that's about the best I got regarding the subject.
  4. My vote was for existence and viable. My guess would be that their population while at its lowest is able to sustain as necessary based on its ability to go deeper into seclusion if needed. I'm not sure how much we can "protect" it given we've yet to even prove existence. It's been doing a good enough job protecting itself.
  5. Well by the way people are looking into the NCBFr picture nothing will go without scrutiny, It may get tossed out into the hoax basket but you can count on it still being brought up every few months or year depending on how much debate it spurs. I believe most of it is out of boredom.
  6. I grew up in the country, camping, exploring, being in the woods because I was not allowed in the house before dusk, especially during summer break! I built forts and structures with saws and hatchets. I built them out of old structures built by kids a few years older than myself. We salvaged their old stuff or our own at times. Structures that are 100% unknown in origin to me that resemble something I may have made as youth get filed under "likely human". I know of a documented species, me, that exhibits this trait. If I observe a BF making a structure similar in nature then I am open to that being an observerd trait.
  7. ^^ About sums it up for me. I go camping in Michigan about 4-5 times a year. The lengths and means of gear vary but all of it is about me being out in the woods and enjoying nature. No gear to capture or record BF with the exception of my own eyes and brain.
  8. I've heard it mentioned ( a few thousand times ) that BF will leave tracks 5X deeper than a normal man can. There should be footprints if BF all around these structures.
  9. BIgfoot has a natural ability to blur a camera when it chooses to.
  10. I don't get exactly what you are seeing as an arm or leg.
  11. WSA, your assumption is that the builder returned to dismantle the teepee. Supposing kids did it, it could be just as simple that other kids came and removed it and built a bigger and better version, the one that appears 2nd. Same goes for a hunter, a small crappy teepee/blind could be 50% of the next one.
  12. ^ I see what you did there. Cougars.
  13. ITT conspiracy theories abound.
  14. I think or hope that most of us here realize how close we are genetically with apes. I can say for me personally, I have no means of guessing where BF land genetically in relation to us or apes. Maybe it would be better to state that I believe them more animal than human. I will leave their relation or spot on the tree open at this point.
  15. I agree with CR. I lean towards the pro kill side in order to get A specimen. I'm fairly confident that when one is obtained it will not be a Neanderthal. I believe as CR stated it'll be some sort of ape, gorilla etc. I sway on this from time to time but that's where I stand currently. To many unknowns about BF to be 100% on anything.