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  1. Big surprise considering the superiority complex already displayed.
  2. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Is NAWAC doing their job or not? Have they not read enough reports??? Edit: IB4 More posts in capital letters proclaiming if you do not agree with DWA, YOU are wrong.
  3. You claim it's flatly insulting and proceed to back up my post to a "T" with every sentence.
  4. And by "water" you mean a belief that strictly adheres to your already predetermined ideology?
  5. Heya Twist,


    This is copy of photo on back of carvin', not my copyright so I don't want to post it here, otherwise someone will copy an post it elsewhere. So do me a favour an keep it to yourself please.

    That's the carver's track on the left beside what he/they believed were sasquatch tracks. He used the shape an size of the track as the shape an size of carvin'. That's what I was told.



    Image may contain: food

    1. Twist


      Nice, thanks.  I'll not share this with anyone.

  6. Thanks to both, I'll check that out, sounds interesting. Illlustrated by our very own Pbeaton of these forums?
  7. Clearly it's someone with a white lab coat and a clip board. Extra scientist points are awarded if it's an attractive female in a white lab coat, hair up in a slightly messy bun, black rimmed glasses and she is chewing on the end of her pencil as she ponders the BF mystery.....
  8. Do you have a link to the AK story, sounds interesting.
  9. ^^ most definitely it's the lake. The lake has a big effect on all our weather. We can have rain come out of nowhere one day and then the next it'll break up a huge storm heading our way and make an expected rain day beautiful and sunny.
  10. Living near Lake Michigan we know all about rain without thunderstorms. Last week while camping I had 4 days of nothing but gray sky's, moderate to heavy rain and high winds. Not a bit of thunder or lightning though.
  11. Thanks JDL, down the rabbit hole I go ! I've always been fascinated by the inexplicable things we find on the ocean floor.
  12. I cant speak for Norseman, only myself. I' suggest or tend to be a proponent due to the fact that I had an experience in the woods that after some consideration, I lean towards BF being a possible explanation. I am not 100% confident I was not hoaxed, or misinterpreted the situation as I never laid direct eyes on "it". It sparked an interest in the topic and now I follow it. I think there is some compelling story here regarding BF and I'd like to see it play out. I will not be shocked if its never found but I would be pleasantly surprised and feel somewhat vindicated if it does turn out to be a living, breathing creature.
  13. The where, a million dollar question. What Drew says is valid and needs to be addressed. Reports tell us it is virtually all over the N.American continent. Why can't we get legit tangible evidence? Something doesn't add up. Putting up the defenses and claiming it's an ignorant statement only stalls the process, sticking your head in the sand doesn't change the situation.
  14. Interesting, nice little glimpse into the PGF world most of us will never get to experience. That being said, to long to watch, I just skipped around to various points and watched for 10-15 secs.