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  1. Sorry I do not have the "substance" to post 9,000 times that by reading every report BF is a lock. All the while changing what science is to fit your narrative. I believe in BF and hope eventually science does get on board but changing what science is about is not the right means to get it proven. I will leave alone all the disparaging comments you have made about other BF enthusiasts and women, not even worth addressing more than I already have.
  2. Is anyone ever going to fess up to DWA being their alt. account created for comedic value? I always have a great chuckle at his posts and ideas regarding science and scientist.
  3. Big surprise considering the superiority complex already displayed.
  4. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Is NAWAC doing their job or not? Have they not read enough reports??? Edit: IB4 More posts in capital letters proclaiming if you do not agree with DWA, YOU are wrong.
  5. You claim it's flatly insulting and proceed to back up my post to a "T" with every sentence.
  6. And by "water" you mean a belief that strictly adheres to your already predetermined ideology?
  7. Thanks to both, I'll check that out, sounds interesting. Illlustrated by our very own Pbeaton of these forums?
  8. Clearly it's someone with a white lab coat and a clip board. Extra scientist points are awarded if it's an attractive female in a white lab coat, hair up in a slightly messy bun, black rimmed glasses and she is chewing on the end of her pencil as she ponders the BF mystery.....
  9. Do you have a link to the AK story, sounds interesting.
  10. ^^ most definitely it's the lake. The lake has a big effect on all our weather. We can have rain come out of nowhere one day and then the next it'll break up a huge storm heading our way and make an expected rain day beautiful and sunny.
  11. Living near Lake Michigan we know all about rain without thunderstorms. Last week while camping I had 4 days of nothing but gray sky's, moderate to heavy rain and high winds. Not a bit of thunder or lightning though.
  12. Thanks JDL, down the rabbit hole I go ! I've always been fascinated by the inexplicable things we find on the ocean floor.
  13. I cant speak for Norseman, only myself. I' suggest or tend to be a proponent due to the fact that I had an experience in the woods that after some consideration, I lean towards BF being a possible explanation. I am not 100% confident I was not hoaxed, or misinterpreted the situation as I never laid direct eyes on "it". It sparked an interest in the topic and now I follow it. I think there is some compelling story here regarding BF and I'd like to see it play out. I will not be shocked if its never found but I would be pleasantly surprised and feel somewhat vindicated if it does turn out to be a living, breathing creature.
  14. The where, a million dollar question. What Drew says is valid and needs to be addressed. Reports tell us it is virtually all over the N.American continent. Why can't we get legit tangible evidence? Something doesn't add up. Putting up the defenses and claiming it's an ignorant statement only stalls the process, sticking your head in the sand doesn't change the situation.
  15. Interesting, nice little glimpse into the PGF world most of us will never get to experience. That being said, to long to watch, I just skipped around to various points and watched for 10-15 secs.
  16. Well I figured you weren't buying into that story, I've come to find you to have more common sense than that.
  17. Those types of stories that Norse posted are fun to read but that's all I take them for, a story. They seemed to make a point of loading some standard cliches into it. Entertaining none the less.
  18. That brings up a question JDL. How does bigfoot view killing and does it respect the animals it kills so to say. Does a BF use all of the animal so as not to waste it? If a BF came across a herd would it kill as many as it could or only take what it thinks it needs? I do not believe there are many animals that kill for fun or sport but the closer BF is to man, does it change his propensity for "the hunt"
  19. I might be forgetting details but rather than making up a BF story I'd just keep my mouth shut.
  20. I think it comes down to risk/reward for most large predators. An encounter with another animal it's equal size or close has a greater chance of injury despit possibly winning the fight. In the animal world a serious injury could lead to death in time. Unless there is a specific motivation such as young, food etc they pick their battles wisely and probably avoid unnecessary risk.
  21. That's an interesting report and brings up a lot of questions behaviorally about BF. It really demonstrates the possiblity of them possessing cognitive thinking skills beyond that of a normal animal.
  22. I think that last line Joe is the key. Let them come to you. It would take exceptional luck and skill to stalk/hint one given our current knowledge base.
  23. ^^^ Not that I've had any luck at it but I also believe we are the bait. Its one of the reasons when I go out into the woods all I do is camp. I assume they will find me if they are around and want to engage. If not they will avoid me and searching for them in their habitat may be a practice in futility for the most part, like playing the lottery. I'd be happy with another good sasquatch sighting, but I'd be ecstatic about the lottery. RE: Triton - I can personally say that he has been very helpful and more than willing to work with me via PM when talking about a potential camping trip I want to make down to the TN/GA area. Seems like a pretty stand up guy to me.
  24. Joe, I apologize if this has already been asked. The theory seems to be that a BF did a low crawl or some army crawl to reach the bait. Were there any signs of this mode of transportation. One would expect there to be knee or elbow marks in and out of the mud. Short of some sort of flying, the BF had to leave some sort of coming and goings.