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  1. Just curious--what make and model subs you got? SVS PB-2000
  2. It's called "infrasound," which is sounds/frequencies below what humans can hear, but that doesn't mean that's what it is. This is something that is much more complex than sound. I have expensive subwoofers that hit below 20hz, which you can't hear but feel the very deep bass. That type of sound doesn't cause these type of symtoms no matter the amount. Giant lungs and mouth from a distance isn't going to make you feel this way no matter what tone it is.
  3. The eye photos were weird, but I still believe him. I'm into audio/speakers and the voices sound authentic to me.
  4. Man, you guys really like going off topic.
  5. I don't understand what's so hard to believe about "urban Bigfoot." The dated idea that Bigfoots are these super rare creatures that only live in remote areas of the Pacific Northwest just isn't true. In my experience any many others, Bigfoots live right next to humans and neighborhoods. I had a group that literally lived a few feet in the thick woods behind a col-de-sac.