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  1. But if you're speculating on a species that exists in reasonably high breeding numbers and isn't exceptionally elusive, based on the frequency of reports, then, statistically, special factors or behaviours outwith known species must be involved. You say you rarely find dead deer which is to say that you do find them from time to time...and given the proliferation of phone cameras it's hard to conceive of any individual who's out in the wilderness without the ability to document any unusual carcass. Such evidence needn't be restricted by any concerns about ridicule as it could be placed in the public domain anonymously, although admittedly, this would place it's provenance in question. I have seen one or two photo examples purporting to be remains but none that seemed to carry much verisimilitude. I'd be interested to know if there were examples I could be linked to that are at least in debate. In the meantime burial or concealment it is. I must confess I'd never really considered the possibility of designated graveyards but it's an intriguing notion. As experience and technology improves I know natural history filmmakers are documenting an increasing number of previously unheard of behaviours in the animal kingdom. Elephants openly grieving for their dead in quite sophisticated ways and such like.
  2. Granted. My original premise was badly worded. I was merely trying to compile a comprehensive list of possible reasons for there being no known bodies, at least officially accepted ones, in the public arena. Unknown factors, rather like the off limits areas described by previous poster, covers quite a lot of territory.
  3. Pondering this subject, it occurred to me that there are only so many possibilities that may answer the title question and a comprehensive list must be easily compiled. Forgive me if this has been covered before. Assuming that Sasquatch are indeed large, unclassified hominids that are real, biological creatures subject to the usual natural physical laws the answer has to be one of the following: 1) They go to extreme measures to dispose of their dead, measures that go beyond the bounds of anything that might include cannibalism but would also include deliberate ritual burial and/or actions taken for the specific purpose of concealment. 2) They exist in such low numbers and are so elusive, the possibility of finding a carcass is astronomical. 3) There is some aspect of Bigfoot biology that is unique to the species and this affects the manner/timeframe in which remains decompose. 4) Bodies have been recovered but the findings are suppressed. 5) No bodies to find. 6) Creatures did exist but are now extinct. 7) Remains encountered but mistaken for more conventional fauna. 9) Physical evidence recovered but findings in dispute. 10) Unknown factors. Anyone anything to add or speculate with regards to possible unknown factors?