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  1. I think what most animals would find edible are the seeds in the cones which are a major food source for many animals.
  2. And my answer might be...
  3. I think Bindernagel was a bit off myself. The island would be too small and to populated to hide Bigfoot.
  4. He's busy, so here is another...
  5. Speaking of which, sorry about the tooth BTW And if you have followed my past yarning about meeting a Neanderthal, this skull type is what I was seeing. Also supports my stated thesis that the lineage came from Spain or Portugal. Gather the wool while you may the sweet busting young buds of May
  6. Moved into my backyard is the thing... The story here is that it is a hybrid or a new subtype, Neanderthal and Sapiens. Most usb species are misclassified and really there is only us for the last 500,000 years and maybe something like a Australopith-Habilis boundary and subsequently an Erectus-Sapiens boundary but just really archaic as opposed to very early archaic.
  7. News from the BBC "From genetic data, the Denisovans are believed to have split from the Neanderthal lineage about 400,000 years ago - about the time of the Sima de los Huesos early Neanderthals known from Atapuerca in Spain. So one might expect some level of Neanderthal features in their morphology, added to by evidence of some later interbreeding with the Neanderthals.
  8. A new video by Steenburg. For some reason some of those on BFF came to mind. What are your thoughts?
  9. The Laetoli foot prints are not inline like they say Sasquatches are. So what you can deduce is they here not Sasquatch ancestors. However inline walking might have been a development of the extreme weight and more recent evolution. Or, conversely, it may mean that the split between our ancestors and bigfoot occured earlier than the Laetoli foot prints. Meldrum tries arguing that the evolution of bipedalism in hominins have have evolved twice although I find that suspect. Hominins have been walking upright for 5-6 million years at least. The hominin making the track is what we call Afarensis which was before what I would think of a split with a potential bigfoot relative so the evolution of online walking would be more likely be an adaptation be due to size and inertial weight.
  10. Your categories are all positive or negative but more accurately we do not know. Either because they don't and you can't prove a negative. Or they do and leave no DNA or bodies, they do leave photographic images, tracks, and mysterious hairs. Some may know, but they are a very small percentage and there are no means testing for veracity due to the ephemeral nature of the subject matter. So my answer covers they exist (yes) because the did (yes) but since I don't know they do I think that to cover the (no) I will say that what I knew existed at one point may have died out. Perhaps the Patterson film was the last surviving member. The other answer Iike is that they are very endangered. I spent a decade looking at arial imagery and the amount of logging is immense. There are very few forests that are wild enough and inaccessible enough to have a breeding population. Just fire up google earth and try and find pristine forests of a 900 square miles. Thats only a 30 mile by 30 mile chunk and there are only a handful that size. Canada is another story but logging is accelerating rapidly there all the way to the arctic tundra.
  11. Here is new Bindernagel presentation that has slides of what a true manipulation might look like. I did find a great one my self online that showed a complete structure made from spiral twists split offs a person could not do and modified into a structure that is very unlike what a human would make but made with advanced reasoning skills. It's a shame I can't find it again but here is the other one. PS: most great apes have the ability to weave nests and make sleeping platforms, it'w where our own abilities originated.
  12. Here are a couple Aaannnddd...
  13. Join thread killers anonymous, for those that... just.... can't... resist.... An intervention to extract Bigfoot from my brain. That, and helicopters.
  14. I think that scanning along river, lake, and bay margins during early morning and high altitude meadows and ridge lines and talus fields might be productive. Get the optimum conditions and hope for the occasional intercept. Patterson and Gimlin found patty in the open on a stream margin, otherwise we would have nothing to talk about. The Freeman film was in a trail opening although I admit the canopy comes into play in both instances. A related on topic follow up-- Another good quiet platform with a 100 mile range and automated video and fleer tracking.