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  1. I thought everyone had heard of the Meadowcroft rock shelter in Pennsylvania. And, of course those pesky south Americans had to come form somewhere in North America, inconvenient for "your" thread.
  2. Try reading the thread I was responding to and answer your own question. It was a statement of fact. A response to another statement (or insult) if you will. My thesis is earlier in the thread. Try reading the thread, think, and respond. Then you will seem less foolishly hostile. But more like an intelligent interlocutor...
  3. So the 4000 year gap in your thinking isn't bothering you, think about it a bit. There is a theory that the technology evolved in Siberia and that step nomads spread to Europe and North America carrying the culture after the end of the Ice Age made that easier. There are sites in the Americas going back to 35000 years and a site that hasn't been excavated yet where it is expected that there is a 200,000 YPB date. The discoverer of the oldest site also discovered the accepted oldest site as well. The problem with accepted sites is you need three that have survived rigorous challenge of the same age to enter accepted wisdom. Even with that the Clovis firsters who have been completely discredited still make statements of an entry of 13500 years an acceptable statement to make when it is patently false. If the people. The reason that the 200,000 site was not excavated was because it would not be accepted, I'm guessing the Archaeologist already did some dating but is waiting for an era where advances in Archaeology and the discovery of similar sites will allow for the data for a new dig to be accepted.
  4. As did I, enough of the harmonica... But wait! there's more!!!
  5. Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44. As far as insults... But not a Bigfoot... That goes double here!
  6. Clovis is older in North America, so the theory would have to be that Native Americans discovered Europe. But they got bored and came back home... Not before introducing primitive Europeans to modern technology though. And the rest is history. The problem is archaeology still does not have the timeline even near accurate for human occupation of the Americas. Clovis first still is having influence by making academics too timid to challenge a recent discovery as opposed to a much older one that is evident at this point and was pre Clovis
  7. Some good stuff showed up in my YouTube Feed. So here it is. The drive to the PG site film of the whole approach. You can see why Bigfoot are not found in this terrain easily if at all. Too bad but they do not let me embed so here is link. Ook Ook
  8. Plenty of people are killed by cars even in the back country, since no Bigfoot will be produced we can speculate as to why and you can argue. It's what keeps places like BFF going. A perpetual motion machine.
  9. So where are they? you need to address probability from a rationalistic scientific perspective, or not... 100 years of cars no Bigfoot bodies. millions and millions of human bodies. No matter how much you weight for drunkenness or cellphones you are not even beginning to comes to terms with the logic model you would need to generate a theory. One occurs to me, however, can you guess?
  10. You needed to read the original post then. Even pedestrians are frequently killed by cars and we created them. So Bigfoot are smarter or supernatural, then. The law of inevitability is they would get killed and be found since road networks are extensive in most areas and Bigfoot are frequently seen by drivers.
  11. I lived in the middle of three elk herds at my doorstep, so I'm thinking the technology and distance might have distorted a loud whistle to sound like a howl scream. Idle speculation on my part. And this was where...
  12. So the howl might be an Elk bugling, no?
  13. I have and it was a road kill mountain lion club. I also have come very close to hitting a mountain lion and a lynx. And I'm just one guy, multiply by a couple hundred million.
  14. So you missed my point entirely. Dead Bigfoot hit by a car would be picked up and in a science lab. If not it's the usual woo woo. The one in front of the logging truck would be a prime example, must have been plenty of hair and tissue on the truck, what, no samples? Of course in the Bigfoot alternate universe you are supposed to believe that all 9 collisions resulted in 0 specimens. All other large land mammals in north America have left many thousands and thousands of carcasses for each species. Available to be picked up by who ever, and what? no Bigfoot? Your answer did not address that but sought to be argumentative and ad hominem, sorry you feel that way, but not really my problem.
  15. Oddly every species of animal is found, eventually, as road kill. Isn't it odd that a Bigfoot has not been struck and killed by a car? Even people are frequently struck and killed by cars. So is it that they are supernaturally smart and superhuman abilities defy the human world?...