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  1. Remember that on neekid girl that disappeared in Washington in A BF AREA few years ago. BF aren't really naked as they have longish body hair. Etc got in trouble for a post like to this befores so I'll let it go. Apparently they found her according to Will Jevnings. What was left of her. Fingers toes and skull cap. 18 miles North of area she disappeared.
  2. They need elk deer etc. Large game mammals to survive as a core protein item. They cannot exceed the density of game mammals per BF per square mile etc. Its a mathematical number, as are all preditor to prey ratios. Actually I think it's a standard equation.
  3. I stated simply very basic but profound reasons why Bigfoot cannot be discovered publicly and scientifically. The monster in the woods scenario is one of the primary reasons for this they're not necessarily human friendly that is a huge huge huge gigantic issue the few replies that have been posted have ignored that posting. The other issue is that although very closely related to humans they're gigantic freaks whom are completely incompatible with modern Western value system. They simply don't fit into the social fabric. And to my knowledge there is currently no pressure on the government / scientific community to develop and integrated sociological system to integrate Bigfoot into the American psyche. So that an individual with few resources is going to do this on his own is laughable a group of people with a few billionaires behind him would be able to do it do you have any billionaires in your pocket anyone out there? no you don't ain't gonna happen then.
  4. Ok but the truth is you can't and won't. Its unsolvable. The scenario where BF becomes scientifically accepted has not been realistic postulated here. And don't forget not everyone THINKS they should be "discovered", ie: ruined. And consider that there are now "Monsters in the woods" scenario, total disaster. BF is not reconsilable with modern man. Funny thing is: THEY all know it. Only a few modern humans get it so far. American Indian culture seems to be in tune with that idea. Leave em alone. BF have enough problems with loss of habitat. They are giant freaks of evolution. They ain't gonna jive with moderns no way no how.
  5. The correct answer is "No", you can't solve the BF mystery this year or any other year.
  6. The males will mark out a territory for food/ resources. Once established then they breed like all other mammals. It might be large, or "small depending on the resources of that area. But a good area is going to be marked for sure.
  7. Remember that on neekid girl that disappeared in Washington in A BF AREA few years ago. BF aren't really naked as they have longish body hair. Etc got in trouble for a post like to this befores so I'll let it go.
  8. I thought I heard rock-ape talking about him wanting to BE a Bigfoot honey- hole, or was that Bo-Bo on fb?
  9. Would the wolf areas overlap into Arzona counties with sightings?
  10. That thermal was out of focus. It sounds like the technology is there. But yea, flying around trying to get a steady image, day after day....etc is absurd. The problem is money and people given the subject matter. It would be relatively simple to test on human subjects. But even that is not going to come from the BF world. Probably law enforcement. And no time soon. Lets see a test on human subjects under canopy. LMAO. Even that is far fetched. Can't even test this idea out on humans. But of course everyone already knows that according to a previous poster. So much pie in the sky......
  11. You could contact Brenda Harris. She might know if anything is going on down there. Could be local populations don't talk about sightings. Brenda is most active around Farmington. Could be the area is an island...not good tactically? Not enough area for retreat? Too rocky? But if it has bear and elk, that's a good indicator for them. Well looking at the Arizona map there should be plenty of overlap. Not sure why it would cut out along the border like that. Most likely non-reporting by locals due to cultural norms.
  12. Wow. Everybody knows what I'm about to say, so there is no reason to say it. Never seen that one before. I still see no plausible plan to go about finding a Bigfoots. But I already have one, and seeing as everybody knows what I know, why don't you refresh my memory? Beyond belief...
  13. I don't see any rational arguments to show my analysis is wrong. While the above posted technology is would be a great advantage, finding dozens of high skilled people who would pay for a 6 month rotation ( or even less) would not be doable because of the subject matter and high skill set needed. We saw this played out with the super defunct FALCON project. People here thinking they were going to get their money back etc. Lol. You have to pay to play. No one is going to throw $$$quarter mil min. to get a blob squatch on FLIR or whichever . Correct me when I'm wrong by all means.
  14. Well, propose something practical and then we could discuss it in practical terms. Personally, I know what I would do to "find" me a Bigfoot, but I'm anti- exposure so it won't be discussed. It's also not really a thread killer. I'm just pointing out the logistics for this type of operation are not practical. Sort of doing a favor, no?
  15. You would have to find at least 10 people with nothing to do for several months to do something like this, plus backup people for the high attrition rate. So 100 people over 12 months +. Statisticly improbable. Never, I repeat never going to happen.