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  1. I've even all but given up on the idea of debate. I have found that conversation where each side is genuinely interested in gaining insight into the others viewpoints is much more productive. On the part in red-- I almost never even engage with people who are arguing against something I know to be true or real. I love to hear peoples perspectives but dislike arguing against them. Its just not worth my own time or theirs either.
  2. I agree with the general thrust of the OP and it worries me not only in this field of Bigfoot research but in research in general. The scientific method of inquiry IS warped and damaged by our human ego's, by dishonesty, and by the need to prove ones own position based on feeling threatened emotionally and not just based on the facts. I think we all do it to some extent and it is the elephant in the room in most debates and MANY internet forum discussions. People tend to hide all of this behind the pretense of logic.... I think civility is a great starting point but honestly if the underlying motives behind incivility are not rooted out then much of the problem will still remain, but just hidden better. In order for our sciences to flourish we all need to grow spiritually, or psychologically and emotionally if you prefer.
  3. That is a pretty compelling story you have there. It reminds me of Les Stroud (and others) saying that he had had this type of thing going on for years but it just never clicked as out of the ordinary. It is amazing to me how something new, or different, or outside of the collective body of knowledge of humanity can be happening all around us and we can not notice it.
  4. Hello overyone. I am pretty new to the forum but wanted to put on my two cents worth. I have not had a direct sighting but THINK I may have had two experiences. I really cannot know for sure though. I am very open to the existence of them, in fact, I think they do exist. I know two people who have seen them both of whom I trust-- one is a close friend. I have had other types of experiences that fit outside of what is accepted as reality though and they have changed me pretty deeply. I am much more open to the "possible" rather than the "probable" than many people. My experiences have allowed me to think outside the box in many areas of life because when you know something is real and there are lots of compelling personal accounts about that subject and yet a large segment of the population cannot or will not see it, then you start to realize that they are all missing something big about life. After a while you start to realize that we all are probably missing a lot about reality and I think that opens the door to a sense of wonder about life. I saw a UFO once and I told my cousins about it at a family reunion and one of them made fun of me for a whole day about it. Later that night she said she had once seen a flying man at early dawn.....
  5. I am new here and dont have direct experience with Bigfoot- I do have what I think are POSSIBLE encounters though. I do have certain knowledge about a different but similar subject akin to Bigfoot. I no longer feel frustrated by people who dont have experience and who do not believe. Honestly how can I blame them if they do not have direct experience? If someone cannot take my word for something then conversation that is interesting to me is somewhat limited. Debate about the existence of something I know is real but cannot prove is real is absolutely not interesting at all. How could it be? I dont care at all if the scientific community discovers these kinds of things and wont be waiting on them to do so before I explore as fully as I can. It is easy to detach from that community and needing them to understand or know something as yet unproven. It's a little harder when it is someone you know and care about that cannot take you at your word-- but still totally doable. For me live and let live is the motto to follow in these instances. I cannot afford to be invested in someone else seeing things the way I do or else I am just asking for disappointment. I still do get invested sometimes and it never leads me anywhere good.
  6. That would be really helpful but also daytime animals would be nice also. I recently went looking for signs of Bigfoot in the Uintah mountains in Utah. I have had a feeling about this certain place for a while now so I went with my dog off trail for a good long hike. I walked dead quiet and on that hike I felt like I was near them (no way of knowing if that is just my imagination though). But also I heard two or thee whoops that sounded human to me and two tree knocks but since I have never gone out with anyone in the know I really have no way of knowing what it was. I also felt after a while like I should leave so I did. I picked the place based on a feeling I get there-- just slightly ominous and spooky but the hike off trail I sort of followed tree falls just exploring the idea that maybe the trees were pushed over and as I have heard maybe they are signs pointing towards something, The trees were very possibly just natural falls-- none of them were uprooted and moved from where they grew. There is a local smoke shop right at the base of this mountain range and being there one day on a whim I asked the teller if she had ever seen Bigfoot-- I think it is funny to do that sometimes and also sometimes people have and they tell you. She said that when she was 11 walking home on a dirt road in that area she and her friend did indeed see one just as clear as day.